Jo In-sung On the Challenges of Playing Gay

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The production team for a film called “A Frozen Flower” held a press conference in the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, on Nov. 25.

“I was afraid that the set for this movie might prove unfamiliar because I have mostly been doing modern movies,” said actor Jo In-sung. “I had to wear the old-fashioned clothes and makeup of a person from the past dynasty and speak differently, as well. I wondered if such a character would suit me. I am heavily indebted to the director because I relied on him every time I felt insecure and he gave me support and strength along the way,” admitted Jo In-sung.

“The director advised me to always ‘think out of box.’ I think this opportunity has helped me become a more versatile actor.”

Jo plays the role of Hong-rim, a captain of a 36-man squadron of royal guards who is so loyal that he is prepared to follow the king’s orders — to sleep with the queen.

Actor Joo Jin-mo, who plays a king in the Koryo Dynasty, will appear as Jo’s homosexual partner. The film will be released on Dec. 30.

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Jo In Sung & Joo Jin Mo Bare It All in “Frozen Flower”

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Korea’s two top male stars, Jo In-sung and Joo Jin-mo, have revealed their hunky physiques in their new film, “Frozen Flower.” The film’s preview showed some very tantalizing scenes involving the two actors in bed.

“Frozen Flower” is a historical film about the love and betrayal among a Goryeo king (played by Joo Jin-mo) at the end of the Goryeo era, his queen from China (Song Ji-hyo) and his bodyguard Hong-rim (Jo In-sung). Based on a song from the Goryeo period, the film depicts the king’s homosexual relationship in an unprecedented manner.

Riding the recent gender-bending trend in Korean movies as in “Antique” and “Portrait of a Beauty,” director Yoo Ha of “Frozen Flower” does not flinch from showing what goes on between gay men behind closed doors. The film is currently waiting for its rating, which is likely to be an R-rating, as it contains sizzling scenes between Joo and Jo. Korean film lovers are eagerly waiting for the film’s release, which is slated for December 30.


Antique, “Handsome Men-Homosexuality Wave” Leads The Way For Fall Movies

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Autumn is the season for romantic movies. And especially this year, ‘homosexuality’ once again became a part of popular culture due to the entertainment industry titles such as ‘The King And The Clown,’ and ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.’

Upcoming movies such as ‘Ssanghwa Store’ in which The ‘King of Koryo’ (Ju Jin Mo) and the Royal Body Guard (Jo In Sung) share a love and betrayal and “Boys Meets Boy” in which Kim Hye Seong and Lee Hyun Jin attract the same sex all gear up to greet audiences in theaters.

Also, the Director of ‘The Most Beautiful Week Of my Life’ who is releasing the movie, ‘Antique’ which is based on a Japanese comic that tells the story of the secret of 4 men.

Since the announcement of movie, many women have taken an interest especially because of it’s cast. Just like the original comic, the handsome and tall actors, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Ah In, and Choi Ji Ho seem to be the completely ideal cast.

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Winter Lovers: Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri’s sudden transformation

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Jo In Sung and Sung Yuri who are active as models for the Korean casual wear brand ADEN currently participated in filming a new commercial for ADEN’s new line of clothing, in which the atmosphere calls for the two to play the part of tenderhearted lovers.

On the 30th last month, the filming for ADEN’s Winter advertisement took place. The Winter collection’s concept calls for a dreamy chic look in addition to a love-mode type atmosphere. This time, Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri are stylish winter lovers who present a softer, gentler and warmer appearance.

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