2009 Sparkling Concert In Seoul

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Dong Bang Shin Gi & Big Bang meet at the 2009 Sparkling Concert.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea National Tourism Organization, The Korea Tourism Association, Annex Telecom and G-Market, the 2009 Sparkling Concert will be held on April 11th and 12th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Hallyu stars Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and others gather for the concert through the initial support of the government.

Tickets are available through G-Market.

Source: Ibtimes
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K-POP SUPER LIVE Concert, Hallyu Wave in Tokyo

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Super Junior Happy at the K-POP SUPER LIVE concert in Tokyo.

The popular Korean wave, or “hallyu,” of Korean dramas may be on thin ice but the hallyu of K-pop is well alive.

Six Korean singers (Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, Wheesung, Tei, SG Wannabe, Super Junior-Happy) held the joint concert entitled “3rd K-POP Super Live” in Tokyo on Jan. 31.

The singers talked with the audience in Korean and Japanese and the viewers cheered passionately with glowsticks and signs when their favorite singers came to the stage. Despite the lack of any fancy stage setting or special effects, audience members stood up and cheered from the very first song.

The most spectacular response was for Shin Hye-sung and Jun Jin, members of the Korean idol group Shinhwa, who command a large fan base in Japan. Japanese fans spent the night at the hotel lobby where the two singers stayed and cheered their performance waving luminous orange-lit glowsticks.

Jun Jin, who performed the concert’s closing, showcased powerful dance and ballad numbers including “Wa” and “Love Doesn’t Come” throughout the show. He said, “If Japanese fan support for Korean singers continues, we can continuously visit Japan to perform.” He also earned applause when he promised to learn more Japanese.

Shin Hye-sung took to the stage with a band and sang his hits “Awaken,” “Because It’s You” and “Same Thought.” He said, “I recently shot the second mini album music video for my third album in Sapporo and will visit Japan again with new songs.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior-Happy opened the day’s concert. After delivering greetings in Japanese, they sang “Cooking Cooking!,” “Sunny” and “Pajama Party.”

Tei and SG Wannabe, who have already held solo concerts in Japan and boast a solid fan following, featured their signature powerful vocals. Tei showcased his hits “A Miracle-like Story” and “Love leaves its scent” as well as displayed superb stage manners and fluent Japanese.

Many audience members sang along with SG Wannabe’s “Timeless” and “Partner for Life” in Korean.

Korean and Japanese entertainment business officials at the concert said the event was meaningful in that it showed that K-POP can revive the hallyu boom, which started because of Korean dramas and is said to be losing steam.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Source: Newsen
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Singers Say No to Illegal Downloads

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Jewelry, SG Wannabe, Brown-eyed Girls and other top stars have come out to wipe out illegal song downloads. Fifteen musician groups have attended Wednesday morning a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the movement to eradicate illegal downloading. The movement has launched five rounds of massive campaigns to inform the public about the seriousness of illegal downloading as a crime. As a result, a number of ordinary citizens, some as young as elementary school students, have volunteered to keep their eyes out for illegal downloaders.

At the ceremony group Jewelry was given a plaque of appreciation for taking part in every campaign in 2008 and working to discourage illegal downloading. Song Dae-kwan, a noted singer and chairman of the Korea Singers Association, has been appointed the advisor of the movement, and Brown-eyed Girls, Davichi, and 2PM as honorary ambassadors. The movement’s executive committee thanked the musicians for eagerly leading the campaigns to protect music copyrights.

Picture Source: Joy News
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2008 Big 4 Concert Line-Up: SG Wannabe-Yoon Gun-Lee Soo Young-Ha Dong Kyun

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Every year, a team of 4 of the best artists give a join concert performance in Big 4 Concert. In 2005, it was SG Wannabe, Kim Jong Kook, M To M, and Vibe. In 2006, it was Wheesung, SG Wannabe, Vibe, and SeeYa. In 2007, it was Wheesung, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, M To Me, FT Island, and others.

This year in 2008, it will be SG Wannabe, Brown Eyes’ Yoon Gun, Lee Soo Young, and Ha Dong Kyun. It will be held on December 24-25 in the COEX Atlantic Hall.

Source: Newsen
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MKMF 2008 Highlights!

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MKMF 2008 is officially over! View the highlights in form of pictures below, then click the cut link to see the winners. Did your favorite artist win?

Big Bangs TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

Big Bang's TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

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MKMF nominations, TVXQ vs Big Bang!

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The final nominations of 2008 MKMF have been announced.

On November 15, popular music festival “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival” will take place. On November 17 after the awards are given, nominations will be announced on cable network Mnet “Wide Entertainment News.”

There are 7 sections for singer awards, 5 sections for genre awards, 13 sections for music video and other special awards, and 3 for DaeSang awards, to make 30 in total.

This year’s awards is especially expected to close with a fierce group of guys. For the first time in MKMF, TVXQ and Big Bang will face-off.

Source: Go News
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Who will win? You can cast your votes here at MKMF. View the full list of nominees by clicking the link below!

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Seoul is Full of Festivals in October

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In October, Seoul will be in full swing with a number of “art” festivals. It’s part of seasonal fests ― palace in spring, Han River in summer, art in autumn and light in winter.

The 23-day festival, incorporating dozens of different festivals such as Seoul Performing Arts Festival, will center around the main venues of Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza and Daehangro.

For visitors, the organizers will set up a Festival Information Center for the three main venues. The center opens between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. to offer information on the 72 different festivals. A Total Guidebook and Festival Map are available to offer a brief introduction about all the festivities on the go as well as various promotional and marketing materials about each festival.

The opening ceremony of “Hi Seoul Festival” is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Friday at Cheonggye Plaza with top artists to offer various performing arts. The ceremony begins with a parade of 72 flags, followed by a concert of the Korea Symphony Orchestra.
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SG Wannabe to Hold Encore Concert in Seoul

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Talented ballad trio SG Wannabe is holding an encore concert in Seoul on October 3rd. The group is currently in the middle of a nationwide tour marking the release of its fifth album “My Friend.” The tour was launched in Gumi in southeastern Korea on May 24th and has so far stopped at 15 cities, including Seoul, Daegu, Busan and Gwangju. Two rounds of concert in Seoul were held on June 28 in front of a sell-out crowd.

However, fans flooded the management company of SG Wannabe with requests for another concert in Seoul. Consequently, Mnet Media decided to hold an encore concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park on October 3rd.

Besides being the last stop of SG Wannabe’s 2008 national tour, the Seoul encore concert is expected to draw a huge crowd, as K-pop diva Lee Hyo-ri has been confirmed to appear as a special guest. Kim Yong-jun, Kim Jin-ho, and Lee Seok-hoon of SG Wannabe thanked the fans for their passionate support and promised to present the best show ever.

Picture Source: Break News
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Former SG Wannabe Member Chae Dong Ha will Release Solo Album Next Year

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Singer Chae Dong Ha has signed a 4-year exclusive contract with The Box and is preparing for his first solo album. On September 11, a The Box official said, “Chae Dong Ha has plans in the future to be active as a singer, actor, and MC.” He added, “He plans for not only domestic activities, but to widen throughout Asia, including Japan.”

He has received much love from his past SG Wannabe activities, and has announced his solo album in the first half of next year. Chae Dong Ha is expected to reach the public in different ways, like music, drama, musicals, and movies.

Starting from September 12, Chae Dong Ha’s new look will be starring as the wonderful and loveable vampire ‘Kyun’ in the musical “Hello, Francesca.”

SOURCE: Review Star
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