2NE1, Big Bang’s “Lollipop” Sweeps Music Charts

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“Female Big Bang” 2NE1 and Big Bang’s “Lollipop” has been sweeping the country’s music charts for #1. Released on March 27 to the public, it has won the top spot of #1 on music portals Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs, and Cyworld.

The “Lollipop” CM for the LG Cyon was released online on the 30th, and will spread to the public on TV on April 1. The music video is set for April 3, which is expected to draw an even bigger audience from the public.

A YG Entertainment agent said, “‘Lollipop’ has drawn attention not only because of Big Bang, but because of the interest in the 2NE1 group members, so therefore ‘Lollipop’ has become even more popular.”

2NE1’s music producer is the trend leader of the music industry and originally from 1TYM, Teddy, and also Big Bang’s leader and producer G-Dragon. 2NE1 will officially debut in May.

Source: Newsen
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Watch the Lollipop CM below, courtesy of YGLadies.com!


Solbi, Dae Sung & Seung Ri Say Goodbye

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Singer Solbi shed tears as she said goodbye to hosting MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core.’

Hosting alongside Big Bang’s Dae Sung and Seung Ri, Solbi said in her farewell, “I was very happy to be an MC. Now I will return to being a singer once again,” passing the torch onto Girls’ Generation members Tiffany and Yuri. Consoling Solbi, Dae Sung and Seung Ri were also moved to tears by Solbi’s sadness.

In the meantime, Girls’ Generation also held their farewell stage today wrapping up all ‘Gee’ album activities. Girl’s Generation performed ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ and ‘Gee’ for their fans and gave their farewell.

New MC’s Tiffany and Yuri eagerly await their turn beginning on the 4th of next month.

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2009 Sparkling Concert In Seoul

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Dong Bang Shin Gi & Big Bang meet at the 2009 Sparkling Concert.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea National Tourism Organization, The Korea Tourism Association, Annex Telecom and G-Market, the 2009 Sparkling Concert will be held on April 11th and 12th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Hallyu stars Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and others gather for the concert through the initial support of the government.

Tickets are available through G-Market.

Source: Ibtimes
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Lee Juck’s “It’s Fortunate,” Top Love Confession Song

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Lee Juk’s “It’s fortunate” (above in video) has been named the best song to confess one’s love.

Ahead of White Day on Saturday, a day meant for men to confess their love to women, the music content firm Kumyoung surveyed men on the song they most want to sing to their girlfriends, and women on the song they most want to hear from their boyfriends. Both men and women chose “It’s fortunate.”

Both genders also chose the same song for second place: “May I Love You” by Glass Case, and then Kim Dong-ryul’s “Saying I Love You.”

The ten day survey from Feb. 25 was conducted on 873 (454 men, 419 women) members on http://www.feeltong.com, a Kumyoung portal, and on the online karaoke club “Nolbangpa.”

As for the song women want to sing to their men, and men most want to hear from their lovers, was Lee Eun-mi’s heartrending ballad “I have a lover.” Men also thought singer Sung Si-kyung had the best voice for a love confession love.

As for the best male star for a White Day love proposal, actor Kim Bum was chosen. He is playing a philanderer in the hit drama “Boys over Flowers.” Singer Rain ranked second and the main lead of “Boys,” Lee Min-ho, came in next.

Men chose Girls’ Generation, and women Big Bang, for the idol group they most want to spend White Day with.

Crying Nut’s “Let’s ride a horse” was named the song to be avoided most on White Day.

Big Bang, Singers G-Dragon & TaeYang VS Actors Top & SeungRi

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Big Bang will now dedicate time to their individual activities as singers and actors.

YG Entertainment said on March 6, “G-Dragon is working very hard to release a solo album in April. After that, there are plans to release TaeYang’s solo album as well.”

G-Dragon is currently working on his first solo album, and as a producer. TaeYang released a mini album last year, so this will be his second solo project.

After finishing solo activities for “Strong Baby,” SeungRi has finished his movie “Why Did You Come to My House” and has been casted for “71.” He will also be in the joint drama telecinema “My 19-Year-Old.”

Top will be acting with in the drama “Iris,” starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, and starts shooting in mid-March. Top is also in “My 19-Year Old” with SeungRi and they are currently waiting to be cast and for shooting.

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Big Bang’s Self-Development Book Ranks #1

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Top idol group Big Bang’s self-help book “Shouting to the World” has beat out other authors to top the nation’s bestseller list.

The book outlines how each member ― G-Dragon, T.O.P., Victory, Dae-sung and Tae-yang ― overcame difficulties to live up to his dream of becoming a successful musician. Pre-orders of the book before its official publication date of Jan. 28 also surpassed those of other books.

More celebrities have been publishing books recently, but Big Bang is among the first to top the bestseller list.

Shin Kyung-sook’s novel “Take Care of My Mom” ranked second after remaining on the top spot for six weeks straight. Author Kong Ji-young’s essay followed in third place.

“Dewey,” a heart-warming nonfiction story about a stray cat that lived in a small public library, moved up to eighth place, while Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” ranked 16th.

Source: Korea Times
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Hwayobi’s New Music Video Banned from KBS

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Ballad diva Hwayobi’s music video for her new release, “Half,” was ruled inappropriate for broadcasting by the KBS review board, said the musician’s agency on Thursday.

Her representative said that the decision was rather unexpected, because all the questionable scenes were edited out. The music video supposedly contained some nudity and kissing scenes, which were cut out voluntarily prior to the review. The agency said it took special care to edit the video for public viewing, because KBS has already banned the music video of Seung-ri’s “Strong Baby” from public waves. KBS officials said that the music video’s overall ambience was the issue, not specific scenes. Video will be edited again and submitted for another round of ruling by KBS. Korea’s other two main TV stations, MBC and SBS, had given an okay to the same video.

Meanwhile, Hwayobi’s new title song, “Half,” was opened to the public on February 5. It is now steadily climbing up the music charts.

Source: KBS World
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Watch Hwayobi’s new music video for “Half” below with English subs:

Seung Ri ‘Strong Baby’ Remix First Performance On 14th

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Big Bang member, Seung Ri plans to reveal the remix version of his solo track, ‘Strong Baby.’ Activites for the the remix version will begin starting on the 14th on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core.’

Gradually, with the display of every different stage Seung Ri was not satisfied, “Having been active with the same track for a month now tiring the fans, a new remix version was revealed,” and “with the immense help of 1TYM member Teddy, a new sound featuring the distinct style of YG was created.”

Moreover, now born as a powerful new track, the ‘Strong Baby Remix’ will feature a new choreography once again and colorful clothing.

Busy with the promotion of their book, ‘Shouting Out To The World!’ it has been rumored that Seung Ri practices until dawn with his dancers to prepare for the new remix stage.

Source: Now News
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Big Bang’s Seung Ri Cast in Film “71 with Kim Bum

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Seung Ri (19), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, has been cast in the film “71.”

“71” is based on a real life story of 71 student soldiers who fought hundreds of North Korean commandos outside a Pohang girls’ middle school on Aug. 10, 1950 during the Korean War. Yu Seung-ho and Kim Bum have also been cast.

Seung Ri, a native of Gwangju city, will speak in a Jeolla dialect in the movie and play student soldier “Yeon Chi-wuk,” who harbors strong hostility toward North Korean forces. Yeon will also have conflicts with the 71-strong unit chief “Park Han-seob” (played by Kim Bum) and the more compassionate of the characters, Yu Jin (Yu Seung-ho).

YG Entertainment says it is Seung Ri’s second film role following his first film “Why did you come to my house?” starring actress Kang Hye-jung. It said the boy band member was cast through an open audition and the role in “71” will be a helpful acting experience for him.

YG also cited several role calls for Seung Ri from TV, film and musicals ever since his acting skills were recognized in the musical “Shower” early last year.


GALLERY: Big Bang’s 2009 “Big Show” Concert

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Big Bang performed in front of 13,000 fans for three days (January 30, 31, and February 1) at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul for their 2009 “Big Show” concert.

They performed their hit songs “Day By Day” (하루하루), “Sunset Glow” (붉은노을), and “Last Farewell” (마지막 인사) for a total of 23 songs. These included Tae Yang’s “Look Only At Me” (나만 바라봐), which he released as a solo artist, and Dae Sung’s first performance of his trot song “It’s A Big Hit” (대박이야), released on January 29 as a digital single.

YG Entertainment reported that 30 fans fainted and were treated immediately, and said that some even came back to the concert with high spirits.

The concert also included a “Beethoven Virus” (MBC drama) parody.

Source: Newsen
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Check out more pictures from the concert below:

200902021411101002_11 200902021413251002_11 200902021404051002_11

200902021417111002_11 200902021419121002_12 200902021421211002_11

200902021423431002_11 200902021425591002_11 200902021431521002_11

200902021432511002_11 200902021433501002_11 200902021408051002_11 200902021429281002_11

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