Jo In Sung & Joo Jin Mo Bare It All in “Frozen Flower”

November 25, 2008 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Movies | 3 Comments
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Korea’s two top male stars, Jo In-sung and Joo Jin-mo, have revealed their hunky physiques in their new film, “Frozen Flower.” The film’s preview showed some very tantalizing scenes involving the two actors in bed.

“Frozen Flower” is a historical film about the love and betrayal among a Goryeo king (played by Joo Jin-mo) at the end of the Goryeo era, his queen from China (Song Ji-hyo) and his bodyguard Hong-rim (Jo In-sung). Based on a song from the Goryeo period, the film depicts the king’s homosexual relationship in an unprecedented manner.

Riding the recent gender-bending trend in Korean movies as in “Antique” and “Portrait of a Beauty,” director Yoo Ha of “Frozen Flower” does not flinch from showing what goes on between gay men behind closed doors. The film is currently waiting for its rating, which is likely to be an R-rating, as it contains sizzling scenes between Joo and Jo. Korean film lovers are eagerly waiting for the film’s release, which is slated for December 30.




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  1. I just can’t get into the hair

  2. i saw the trailer to this!
    it seems very interesting…
    but i applaud them for doing a movie like this…
    i don’t think its very easy for them to play a homosexual man when they’re straight…i hope they don’t get scrutinized by netizens…

  3. Gay or whatever the character is, I trust that you are the best!
    Go Jin Mo Go!

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