Jung Woo-sung Wins at Asian Film Awards

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Top Korean movie star Jung Woo-sung won best supporting actor’s award at the third Asian Film Awards for his role in kimchi-western “The Good, the Bad, the Weird.” Directed by Kim Ji-woon, the star-studded blockbuster was the highest grossing film in Korea last year. The film received eight nominations at the Asian Film Awards – best film, best director, best actor (Song Kang-ho), best supporting actors (Lee Byung-heon, Jung Woo-sung), cinematography, visual effects and best composer. Na Hong-jin’s thriller hit “The Chaser” followed with three of its own nominations, but the film failed to win any. Another Korean film “Rough Cut,” directed by Jang Hoon and starring So Ji-seop, also came away empty, but its star So did garner international attention by being nominated in the category of best newcomer.

In the meantime, Japanese films swept top honors at the Asian Film Awards, winning best film for “Tokyo Sonata,” best director for Hirokazu Koreeda of “Still Walking,” and best actor for Masahiro Motoki of “Departures.”

Source: KBS World


Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub, Kim Rae Won: 2009 ‘New Troika’

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This year’s new threesome takes over the theaters. They are Kang Ji Hwan with ‘Seventh Grade Civil Servant,’ Kim Rae Won with ‘Insa-dong Scandal’ and So Ji Sub with ‘Sophie’s Revenge.’

Movie goers will first meet actor Kang Ji Hwan who returns with ‘Seventh Grade Civil Servant,’ which opens on April 23rd.

Kang Ji Hwan brings his killer charm to the screen as the character, Jae Joon. Romance and laughter await as Kang Ji Hwan and actress, Kim Ha Neul realize they had been hiding their true identities from each other only to become partners at the National Intelligence Service.

On the other hand, Kim Rae Won plans to showcase his intellectuality as well as charm in ‘Insa-dong Scandal’ which is about Lee Kang Joon who is Korea’s top arts specialist. The movie will open on April 30.

After starring alongside Kang Ji Hwan in ‘A Movie Is A Movie’ and making a succesful comeback with the current drama, ‘Cain & Abel,’ So Ji Sub also stars in the joint Korean & Chinese production, ‘Sophie’s Revenge.’

Escaping his usual portrayals, much interest is on So Ji Sub’s new role alongside his Chinese co-star, Zhang Zi Yi.

Source: Now News
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Daniel Henney, “Park Joon Hyung’s Entry Into Hollywood Is A Success”

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“It seems to be successful” said actor Daniel Henney as he commented on Park Joon Hyung’s recent entrance in Hollywood.

After screening the movie “Dragonball Evolution” which opened at the Coex Megabox in Seoul on the 20th, Daniel Henney said that “Park Joon Hyung played the character perfectly and his acting was highly impressive.”

Playing the character Yamcha, “Dragonball Evolution” is Park Joon Hyung’s Hollywood debut. Daniel Henney also stated, “I’ve never seen a Korean actor performing in English,” and “Park Joon Hyung’s entry into Hollywood seems like a very successful one.”

Source: SPN
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Han Chae Young Becomes Jang Dong Gun’s Lover in “Good Morning, President”

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Han Chae Young will become Jang Dong Gun’s lover in the movie “Good Morning, President.”

“Good Morning, President” officials said, “Kim Yi Yeon was one of the best women in beauty and intelligence. Han Chae Young is thought to be the most suitable out of eligible women to portray this beauty and dignity.”

Source: Newsen
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Big Bang, Singers G-Dragon & TaeYang VS Actors Top & SeungRi

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Big Bang will now dedicate time to their individual activities as singers and actors.

YG Entertainment said on March 6, “G-Dragon is working very hard to release a solo album in April. After that, there are plans to release TaeYang’s solo album as well.”

G-Dragon is currently working on his first solo album, and as a producer. TaeYang released a mini album last year, so this will be his second solo project.

After finishing solo activities for “Strong Baby,” SeungRi has finished his movie “Why Did You Come to My House” and has been casted for “71.” He will also be in the joint drama telecinema “My 19-Year-Old.”

Top will be acting with in the drama “Iris,” starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, and starts shooting in mid-March. Top is also in “My 19-Year Old” with SeungRi and they are currently waiting to be cast and for shooting.

Source: Newsen
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Jang Dong-gun’s New Role as President

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Stud actor Jang Dong-gun will make a comeback to the big screen in a film titled “Good Morning, President.” Written and directed by Jang Jin, the film introduced three presidents with very different styles. Jang will play Cha Ji-wook, a dashing president with charisma and a kind heart. Besides Jang, the film will feature two more presidents with distinct personalities – a president near the end of his term who wins a lottery and Korea’s first female president. Director Jang Jin is expected to incorporate his humor and political satire into the movie. The filming is due to start sometime in April.

“Good Morning, President” will be Jang’s first film in four years since “Typhoon.” His fans are already excited to see Korea’s most handsome actor back to work in the Korean film scene. Jang has been filming his first Hollywood film, “Laundry Warrior.”

Source: KBS World
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Jang Nara in New Film “Sky and Sea”

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Yoo Ah In, Junie, and Jang Nara for the film "Sky and Sea."

“I only had several acting roles in the early days of my career but my onscreen image became so fixed I was perplexed. But now, I’m not. I don’t choose drama roles for the sake of changing my image. More important is the quality of the script and whether I am able to do it.”

Jang Nara (28 ) returns to the big screen in the film “Sky and Sea,” her first movie role since her last 2003 film “Oh! Happy Day.” In a press conference at an Apgujeong club Thursday, she was responding to a question on whether she was wary of an image transformation.

Jang shot to stardom upon her debut with her cute and jovial image. She is now 29 in Korean age but still maintains the same adorable look. She plays a pure-hearted 23 year old in the new movie “Sky and Sea.”

“I turn 30 next year. I needed makeup to look younger in the film. Looking at my made-up appearance in the mirror was embarrassing (laugh). I think staying young at heart is most important. Staying away from excessive dieting is also a key to looking young.”

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Big Bang’s Seung Ri Cast in Film “71 with Kim Bum

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Seung Ri (19), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, has been cast in the film “71.”

“71” is based on a real life story of 71 student soldiers who fought hundreds of North Korean commandos outside a Pohang girls’ middle school on Aug. 10, 1950 during the Korean War. Yu Seung-ho and Kim Bum have also been cast.

Seung Ri, a native of Gwangju city, will speak in a Jeolla dialect in the movie and play student soldier “Yeon Chi-wuk,” who harbors strong hostility toward North Korean forces. Yeon will also have conflicts with the 71-strong unit chief “Park Han-seob” (played by Kim Bum) and the more compassionate of the characters, Yu Jin (Yu Seung-ho).

YG Entertainment says it is Seung Ri’s second film role following his first film “Why did you come to my house?” starring actress Kang Hye-jung. It said the boy band member was cast through an open audition and the role in “71” will be a helpful acting experience for him.

YG also cited several role calls for Seung Ri from TV, film and musicals ever since his acting skills were recognized in the musical “Shower” early last year.


Korean Film Remake “The Uninvited” Ranks 3rd in U.S.

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“The Uninvited,” a remake of the South Korean horror movie “A Tale of Two Sisters,” ranked third in the North American box office in its opening week, drawing $10.5 million between Jan. 30 and Feb. 1.

The Dreamworks adaptation of the Kim Jee-woon film is directed by British brothers Charles and Thomas Guards and stars Arielle Kebbel (“The Grudge 2”) and Emily Browning (“Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”). The story is originally derived from a Korean folktale, a spooky ghost story of two sisters who are murdered by their stepmother.

The action movie “Taken,” starring Liam Neeson, placed first with $24.6 million, while “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” came in second with $14 million, recording a total of $83.4 million in three weeks.

Renee Zellweger’s romantic comedy “New in Town,” had a mild opening week, ranking eighth with $6.8 million. Oscar-nominated movies such as “The Reader,” “Milk” and “Doubt” retained their popularity at the box office.

Source: Korea Times
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Below is the trailer for the original “A Tale of Two Sisters”:

And this next one is the trailer for the remake “The Uninvited”:

Have you seen “The Uninvited”? How does it compare?

Lee Byeong-heon homepage brought down by too many users

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There’s now a way you can send a text message to actor Lee Byeong-heon.

His management agency BH Entertainment said, “The feature is included on Lee’s official homepage, newly revamped as of last Friday. People can type in their messages which will be delivered to Lee.”

On the day of the renewed launch, the Web site went down due to excessive access by too many users.

BH said, “The server was rebooted but the site was up again less than another hour. Fan interest is high. The firm administering the server is still on vacation so the homepage operation will resume early next month.”

Lee begins his overseas activity in full swing this year. The Korean blockbuster “The Good, The Bad, The Weird” (in which Lee played “The Bad”) opens in Europe, the Americas and the UK on Feb. 6. He also appears with Josh Hartnett and Takuya Kimura the joint U.S.-French film “I Come With The Rain,” which will also hit theaters soon.

His management firm said, “Timed with his overseas debut, his homepage has been made multilingual, and in that setting, Lee is inviting worldwide fans to his homepage.”


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