The 45th Annual Baeksang Awards

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F4 Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Kim Joon were among the attendees who stepped onto the red carpet kicking off the 45th Annual Baeksang Awards held in Seoul on the 27th.

Hosted by singer Tak Jae Hoon and SBS Annoucer Jung Mi Sun, the two hour long program is being broadcast live tonight.

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Four 22 Year-old Star Actors Up and Coming

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From left to right, top to bottom: Lee Min-ho, Jeong Il-woo, Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok.

Lee, of the hit new drama series “Boys over Flower,” has shot up to stardom. Jeong is also getting significant attention, and his drama “The Return of Iljimae” has yet to start.

Moon, who won the Grand Prix at the SBS TV awards late last year, was the heroine of the historical drama “Kingdom of the Winds” while Jang cemented his popularity for his role in the hit music drama “Beethoven Virus.”

All four were born in 1987. The talented foursome of 22 year olds is set to rule 2009.

◇ Tall, handsome, born stars
The four all have handsome looks and long, slender legs. Lee is 186cm, tall, Jeong 184cm tall, and Jang 182cm tall. Moon appears small but she is in fact 165cm tall.

Lee is well built. In the drama, his character sports curly hair so his head looks bigger on screen but strong facial looks match his masculine figure.

In contrast, Jeong and Jang have more of a feminine flair. They have smooth, small faces while Moon is close to a real-life fairy tale character.

◇ Big career break
Moon first gained attention playing the childhood character of actress Song Hye-gyo in the hit 2000 series “Autumn Tale.” The Moon syndrome began with her 2004 film “Young Bride.” In the latest “Kingdom of the Winds,” she was comparable to her co-star, veteran actor Park Sin-yang. Her role of a woman disguised as a man was also well played.

Jang played the rebellious younger brother of actress Jeon Do-yeon in the 2005 “Lovers in Prague.” He continued to appear in “Hwangjini” in 2005, “Hong Gil Dong” last year and in the latest “Beethoven Virus” in which he played a genius musician.

Jeong was another case of overnight stardom through the hit sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick,” which ended in 2007. In the lead role of the new drama “Return of Iljimae,” he is anticipated to play a character compared to Lee Jun-gi’s performance in the 2008 “Iljimae.”

Lee Min-ho is the latest heartthrob and teen superstar thanks to “Boys over Flower.” He debuted in the EBS drama “Secret Campus” in 2006 and appeared in a number of movies including “Public Enemy 3” and “Our School ET” but didn”t gain much attention. His role of the wealthy and cocky “Gu Jun-pyo” in “Boys” has earned him explosive popularity.

◇ Only 22, ready to soar
Receiving the grand prize at last year”s TV awards, Moon said she feels more sorry than grateful. She said “I want to continue acting but I’m greatly burdened by this award.”

Lee has confessed to difficult times in the past 3 to 4 years when he was unknown and things didn”t work out as well as he thought they would.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Credit: Yonhap News

Anonymous Donor Revealed as Moon Geun-young

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Community Chest of Korea, a network of locally governed charity organization, has revealed actress Moon Geun-young as the anonymous donor who has given 850 million won (roughly $620,000) over the past six years. In marking the 10th anniversary of its founding, Community Chest of Korea had released Wednesday the names of top donors in the last decade. It listed a 20-something actress as the top individual donor, generating speculations about who she was.

Community Chest of Korea has decided to disclose the identity of its greatest donor, because some people were giving credit to other actresses and the charity group wanted the facts straightened out.

Moon has been widely known for her philanthropic works, such as offering financial assistance to build a library and a scholarship fund and treat young cancer patients. Besides monetary donations, she has taken time out of her busy schedule to visit children in hospitals on many occasions. Those immediately following Moon on the list of top individual donors are former soccer star Hong Myung-bo and former Kookmin Bank chief Kim Jung-tae.


It’s really generous of her to give such a great donation, and to do it anonymously as well… even though her name eventually got out. XD;

Moon Geun Young breaks nose while filming

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Actress Moon Geun-young broke her nose while filming “The Painter of Wind.”

Actress Moon Geun-young broke her nose while filming “The Painter of Wind.”

Actress Moon Geun-young will stop filming scenes for the SBS drama “The Painter of Wind” for one week, after she fractured her nose last week.

Moon sustained the injury while filming an argument scene with actor Park Shin-yang, Oct. 9 at the Korea Folk Village, Yongin. Park accidentally hit Moon on the nose with his elbow, and the actress had to be rushed to the emergency room for immediate treatment.

In a press release, SBS Drama said X-ray results showed a slight fracture of her nose. Doctors have advised Moon to rest for a week, so she stopped filming the drama temporarily.

Moon is starring in the drama as legendary artist Shin Yun-bok, who lives as a man to figure out the mysterious death of her family during the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). She earlier suffered minor injuries on the set when she fell into a well.

Park was quoted as saying he was worried about the Moon’s health, and wishes her a speedy recovery.

SBS will air re-runs of “The Painter of Wind” this week. New episodes of the drama will be aired next week.

Source: Korea Times
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We hope she gets better soon and that everything will be fine!

Stellar “The Painter of the Wind” brings in poor ratings

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Despite its top notch cast, stellar script and near cinematic perfection, SBS’ new Wednesday and Thursday night series “The Painter of Wind” failed to win audiences over last week.

The period piece drew in nationwide viewer ratings of 10.6 percent (AGB Nielsen Media Research) following its first episode, which aired last Wednesday. Its low ratings placed it below rival dramas MBC’s “Beethoven Virus” and KBS’ “The Land of the Wind,” which scored nationwide ratings of 16.5 percent and 15.9 percent (AGB Nielsen Media Research) respectively.

The second episode of “The Painter of Wind” fared only slightly better, with a mere 0.5 percent increase in ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research).

But the drama’s poor track record hardly does it justice. While ratings may reflect a viewer’s preferences, they do not represent a series’ level of quality. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of “The Painter of Wind.”

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, this drama — which reinterprets and rewrites the lives of leading Joseon Dynasty painters Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok — manages to fuse the artistic and human beauty of rival series “Beethoven Virus” with the sweeping epic proportions of KBS’ “The Land of the Wind.”

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Moon Geun Young Becomes a Mysterious Artist

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Actress Moon Geunyoung will play Joseon Kingdom painter in “The Painter of Wind.”

Actress Moon Geunyoung will play Joseon Kingdom painter in “The Painter of Wind.”

Actress Moon Geun-young started her acting career at the age of 12 in a low budget film “On the Way” in 1999. The aspiring actress then appeared as the young Eun-Seo in the hit drama “Autumn in My Heart” the following year.

Now, 21, Korea’s sweetheart is returning to the television screen for the first time in five years as a gifted artist who lives as a man to figure out the mysterious death of her family during the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) in the drama “The Painter of Wind.”

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