TVXQ in Guinness World Record For the 2nd Time

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Idol group TVXQ put its name on the Guinness World Record Book for the second time. The super hot quintet was listed in the world record book as the most photographed celebrity in the world. From the day of their debut to March 19, 2009, the five members are estimated to have been photographed about 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials, etc. The total figure includes individual photos as well as group pictures.

This is the second time that TVXQ made it in the Guinness World Record Book, following the one in 2008 for having the largest official fan club. Cassiopeia, the male band’s official fan club claimed of having more than 800 thousand members.

Source: KBS World


2009 Sparkling Concert In Seoul

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Dong Bang Shin Gi & Big Bang meet at the 2009 Sparkling Concert.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea National Tourism Organization, The Korea Tourism Association, Annex Telecom and G-Market, the 2009 Sparkling Concert will be held on April 11th and 12th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Hallyu stars Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and others gather for the concert through the initial support of the government.

Tickets are available through G-Market.

Source: Ibtimes

TVXQ & Lee Yeon Hee to Participate in Super Junior’s 3rd Album

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TVXQ and actress Lee Yeon Hee will be featured in Super Junior’s 3rd album “Sorry Sorry” as participants.

TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Micky Yoochun add rapping to the song “이별…넌 쉽니 (Heartbreak),” which completes the harmonic vocals of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.

Lee Yeon Hee, lead of movie “M,” will add vocals in the song “Club No.1.”

Super Junior’s title song “Sorry Sorry,” dance-pop styled “니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you),” British pop song “앤젤라 (Angela),” oriental melodies meet trendy instruments “리셋 (Reset),” plus other songs make a total of 12 songs on the album.

In this album, Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, Park Chang Hyun, Yoo Young Seok, and Cho Joon Young, some of the best composers, will contribute colorful high quality to the album.

Super Junior makes their comeback on March 13’s KBS 2TV “Music Bank” after one year and six months.

Source: Newsen
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TVXQ Sets Record for 5 Consecutive #1 Singles on Japanese Oricon Chart

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TVXQ’s first Japanese single in 2009 dominated the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, setting a new record as the first foreign artist to have five consecutive singles hit #1. The single released on January 21, and includes three songs: “Bolero,” the main theme song for the Japanese movie “Subaru,” “Kiss The Baby Sky,” written by member Micky Yoochun, and “Wasurenaide” (Don’t Forget), written by member Hero Jaejoong.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s third Asian tour kicks off on February 20 and will last for three days.

Source: MyDaily
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TVXQ 4th Album Sells 5-Year-High 500,000 Copies

January 9, 2009 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

The 4th album from the idol group TVXQ, entitled “MIROTIC,” has sold over 500,000 copies.

The group’s management agency, SM Entertainment, said that since the album was released on Sept. 26, it sold 167,697 copies online and 335,140 offline for a total 502,837 copies as of Tuesday.

This figure, reached 103 days after the album’s release, is the highest figure of all Korean single albums that were released last year. It’s also the highest in five years since Kim Gun-mo’s 8th album sold 529,416 copies in 2003 (tallied by the Music Industry Association of Korea).

MIROTIC posted 300,000 copies in advance sales even before its release, and the album topped charts in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

TVXQ will hold the “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Concert-Mirotic” on Feb.20-22 at the Olympic Park gymnastics stadium.

Source: KBS Global

Censoring Popular Korean Music Continues

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Censoring authorities have been busy recently, sticking adult-only ratings on Rain, TVXQ and Big Bang member Seung-ri’s new songs. The Division of Child and Youth Protection under the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs ruled 110 songs as harmful to youths in late December and banned TV stations from playing those songs on the air.

The first censored song that fired off the debate was Rain’s “Rainism.” TVXQ changed problematic lyrics in their “Mirotic” from “I got you under my skin,” which supposedly implies a sexual act, to “I got you under my sky.” Big Bang’s Seung-ri, who has gone solo with the song titled “Strong Baby,” also changed the word “crack” to “clap.”

Music critics say that the government’s censoring has boosted, rather than suppressed, the sale of these supposedly improper and harmful records. As a matter of fact, Rain’s agency said that album sales jumped 10% since the song received a harmful material rating. Industry insiders claim that the times have changed and today’s teenagers are exposed to materials more explicitly sexual than these songs. Although they understand the government’s effort to protect children and youths from the influence of harmful materials, they say that specific and more lenient guidelines should be provided to keep pace with the current trends.

Source: KBS World
Picture Source: NewsWay

Although I’ve noticed that many people scoff or complain about these “clean versions,” I also invite you to also look at the other point of view and how Korea conceives things, being an Eastern cultured society.  In addition, I see some KPop fans complaining about how dirty and prude American mainstream may be (that being the reason they don’t like listening to it), but it seems that KPop has been turning in that same direction, even slightly.

BoA’s U.S. Endeavors Alongside Rain & SE7EN

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Singer BoA (23, real name Kwon Bo-a) says she is looking forward to performing in the U.S. along with Rain and Se7en, because–despite their different music styles–the three of them can cause a bigger stir in the U.S. pop market together rather than individually.

This year, several K-pop artists including BoA, Rain (27, real name Chung Ji-hoon) and Se7en (25, real name Choi Dong-wook) will establish their presence in the U.S.

BoA released her U.S. debut single album “Eat You Up” in October last year and is to release her first studio album targeting the U.S. market early this year. Rain, for his part, will debut in Hollywood in July-August in the movie “Ninja Assassin” and will release his “worldwide album” in August.

Se7en, who last year announced the song “Girls” by famous American producer Dark Child, will launch promotional activities in the U.S. in February along with Lil’ Kim, who is featured in the song, and will release his studio album early this year.

In a recent interview, BoA said she looks forward to this “goodwill competition” with other K-pop artists in a foreign market. “I hope we’ll all meet up in the U.S., because we’re going to feel very lonely. I know Se7en personally and we’ve been keeping in touch while he’s been staying in Los Angeles. He tells me about his life in the U.S. and how he’s learning English,” said BoA.

She also added that she prefers to maintain close relations with a small group of people rather than with many people and that she will need good friends in the U.S. more than ever.

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TVXQ’s Fan Club to Release Special Album

December 30, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

A special album will be released to mark TVXQ’s first appearance on the prestigious Kouhaku Song Festival in Japan organized by NHK.

TVXQ’s official fan club “Bigeast” will release the album to mark the band’s participation in the 59th Kouhaku Festival on December 31. The event will be broadcast live. The album will comprise TVXQ’s 22nd single “Beautiful You” and the 23rd single “How Did I Fall In Love With You?” The latter topped the J-pop Request Category of the 2008 annual ranking announced by Japan’s largest cable broadcaster USEN.

At the 41st Best Hit Song Festival last month, TVXQ won the Gold Artist Award for the second straight year, and will receive the prestigious Japanese Music Records Award on December 30.

Source: KBS Global

Top Singers Gather For 2008 ‘Music Bank’ Year-End Special

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This week, the top singers of 2008 will gather for a year-end special for ‘Music Bank.’

Firstly, a chance to see World Star Rain is included in the event. Rain will feature ‘I Do’ paired with ‘Rainism’ on stage.

Kim Jong Kook and Baek Ji Young will unite on stage singing to the beautiful harmony of ‘Like Being Hit By A Bullet’ and ‘Today More Than Yesterday’. Also, Girl’s Generation Tae Yeon, SeeYa’s Nam Gyuri, Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In and Wonder Girls Sun Ye who have come together and prepared a special stage.

Also, the new stars that conquered 2008, SHINee and JYP’s new group 2PM will reproduce Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’ and Rain’s ‘Instead Of Saying Goodbye.’

Special stages presented by the hosts Seo In Young and Yoo Se Yoon also lies ahead. With her sexy charm, Seo In Young will lead with ‘Lady Marmalade’ and Yoo Se Yoon prepared a special stage not as a comedian but as singer ‘Doctor Fish.’

Broadcasting for the last time this year on December 26th, ‘Music Bank’ features performances from Rain, Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Baek Ji Young, Kim Jong Kook, MC Mong, Jewelry, Girl’s Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, Nam Gyuri, Davichi, SHINee, 2PM, K.Will and others.

Source: Break News
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Highly Curious U-Know Yunho, What Kind Of Fashion Will Be Out Next?

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The fashion show for designer Choi Bum Suk was held on the December 12th in Seoul. Dong Bang Shin Gi members Micky Yoo Chun and U-Know Yunho attended the event enhancing the show.

His collections are repeatedly filled with original and experimental ideas and due to his sense & skills he has earned the reputation as the designer of the next generation in South Korea.

Source: Newsen
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