Winter Lovers: Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri’s sudden transformation

September 11, 2008 at 9:03 am | Posted in Fashion, Stars | 2 Comments
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Jo In Sung and Sung Yuri who are active as models for the Korean casual wear brand ADEN currently participated in filming a new commercial for ADEN’s new line of clothing, in which the atmosphere calls for the two to play the part of tenderhearted lovers.

On the 30th last month, the filming for ADEN’s Winter advertisement took place. The Winter collection’s concept calls for a dreamy chic look in addition to a love-mode type atmosphere. This time, Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri are stylish winter lovers who present a softer, gentler and warmer appearance.

Source: Newsen
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  1. Wow they definitely look warm in these advertisement, they are so lovely to look at, hope to see them in a new drama or movie soon. as they are so HOT.

  2. I think the two of them look Hot in their Winter clothes though I think Jo In-Sung look so thin. And the long hair look does not complement his face. He look better in a nice clean cut..Hope he could come here in the Philippines soon bec alot of his Fans here are dying to see Him! Lots of mwuahh to In-Sung!

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