Lee Min Woo, Music Bank Goodbye Stage Is Full Of Charisma

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M (Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo) revealed his last stage on ‘Music Bank.’

On KBS ‘Music Bank’ broadcast on the 30th, M (Lee Min Woo) presented his fans with performances of ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘I’m Hero’ as part of his goodbye stage. He revealed a black and white concept as part of his refined attire along with a gallant stage presence.

M (Lee Min Woo) released his 3rd album in September of 2007 and a year and 3 months later began activities with his 4th album, ‘M RIZING’ featuring the title track, “Don’t Trust Men.”

This edition of ‘Music Bank’ features Girl’s Generation, Baek Ji Young, Gavy NJ, SS501, Lee Seung Chul, K.Will, Lyn, Tae Goon, Kim Kyung Rok, Brand New Day, Blue Spring, May Doni, Wink, Jessica H.O, Untouchable, Ran, Tae.1, Dear Cloud, and MARIO among others.

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Son Dam Bi’s Fantastic “Sofa Dance” Perf with Lee Min Woo

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Son Dam Bi and Lee Min Woo’s “Bad Boy” fantastic performance has become a hot topic.

On December 10’s broadcasting of SBS “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate,” sexy female singer Son Dam Bi’s chair dance became a sofa dance to “Are You Crazy” remix version as a brilliant opening performance. To further upgrade Son Dam Bi’s sexy dance, she also did “Bad Boy” from her last album.

At the end of the “Bad Boy” performance, surprise guest singer Lee Min Woo appeared holding a rose, and Son Dam Bi’s song responded to his own 4th album title song, “Don’t Trust Men.” A story was portrayed onstage.

Afterward, MC Kim Jung Eun said to Lee Min Woo, “I’m curious that on Chocolate, Shinhwa members had performances with beautiful women (Kim Dong Wan and Younha, Shin Hye Sung and TaeYeon).” Lee Min Woo said, “That’s right. All the members are like that,” which drew big laughs from the audience.

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Lee Min Woo, “Before Shinhwa’s Debut, Lee Soo Man Offered Me to Be Solo”

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Singer Lee Min Woo (M) of Shinhwa revealed on cable TV tvN talk show “Taxi” that Lee Soo Man offered him to be a solo artist before Shinhwa debuted.

Lee Min Woo said, “At the time that Shinhwa members were forming, Lee Soo Man told me, ‘You are really hardworking. Would you like to be in a group? Would you like to be a solo?’ he asked.” But Lee Min Woo was already familiar with being in a group and he felt pressure so he turned down Lee Soo Man’s proposal.

The episode will broadcast on November 20 at midnight.

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Lee Min Woo & Amy, ‘Kko Kko’ Couple To Lovers In Real Life?

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Singer Lee Min Woo and ‘Bad Diary 3’ Heroine, Amy become a real couple after forming a connection as a couple on KBS Happy Sunday – Kko Kko Tour.

Lee Min Woo’s fans have observed the two in the middle of what seemed like a date often and therefore formed the conclusion that they were involved.

According to the representatives of the two on the 18th, right after ‘Kko Kko Tour,’ the two were spotted at the Seoul Apgujeongdong Cafe and other places on what looked like a date.

Hosted by Tak Jae Joon and Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Min Woo and Amy formed a couple on location in Saipan on the love concept variety show ‘Kko Kko Tour.’

However, Lee Min Woo and Amy’s management denied their involvement, stating that the rumors are ‘groundless.’ On the 18th, Amy’s manager stated, “Amy and Lee Min Woo are not intimately involved” and made clear that they “Only produce the lover-like atmosphere as the characters of the program.”

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Lee Jun Ki’s Smile Captivates Female Fans~

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The 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival was held on the afternoon of October 25th at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium.

The celebration opened with traditional folk performances followed by performances from artists such as Super Junior Happy, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Min Woo, Jang Nara, FT Island and other top stars.

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Lee Minwoo’s surprise confession, “Kim Shin Young is my ideal type”

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Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo has revealed that his ideal type is Kim Shin Young.

On MBC “Introducing a Star’s Friend,” Lee Minwoo said, “It’s between Kim Shin Young and Shin Bong Sun.”

Kim Shin Young asked again, “What if you could only pick one in this world?” and Lee Minwoo surprisingly answered, “I’d pick Kim Shin Young.” At his surprising confession, she said, “Let me think about this for a moment,” causing great laughter.

Lee Minwoo, Jung Sung Un, Boom, Kim Shin Young, Bae Seul Ki, and Park Young Rin will be on this episode broadcast on October 4 at 5:25pm.

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Lee Minwoo, “I missed my fans and the stage”

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After 1 year and 3 months with his 4th album “M RIZING,” Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo is back to full-time solo activities, and spoke of his experience.

Before his 4th album concert on September 28, he held a press conference at 3pm at the Chungdam Club in Seoul. “It’s been a while since I was on stage. I really missed my fans and the stage,” he said before the concert.

On this day, Lee Minwoo said in the press conference, “I was here at last year’s Christmas show, and I can’t forget the appeal that this club has. After 1 year and 3 months being on stage, I want to breathe together with the fans.”

In Lee Minwoo’s album “M RIZING,” a bad man’s mentality is expressed as a dirty south genre in the title song “Don’t Trust Men,” and includes the trendy style in its 12 songs. It gives a more sophisticated sound than his previous three albums.

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Lee Minwoo made his comeback through Mnet MCountdown on September 25, performing “I M U” and the title song “Don’t Trust Men” featuring Big Tone. Watch the performance below!

Lee Min-woo’s concert: M Rizing Tour – Step. 1 Club

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Date : Sep. 28, 2008
Place : Club Answer, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

Lee Min-woo, from idol group Shinhwa, is back as solo artist M in a concert that celebrates the release of his fourth album. Already having established himself as a powerful singer and dancer, M will solidify his place as a real artist with two rounds of charismatic and satisfying performance on September 28th. Watch him undergo a fantastic transformation from an idol star to a true musician at M Rizing Tour.

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M – Don’t Trust Men Music Video Released

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Minwoo’s new music video released today. What do you think? There’s been comments about the track not being his usual style …but in my opinion, his sound is sinfully sweet.

Lee Minwoo’s 4th album “M RIZING” comeback after 1 year & 3 months

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Minwoo is ready to make his comeback! Click the above thumbnail for the full picture.

M (Lee Minwoo)’s 4th album will be released.

On September 23, Lee Minwoo will make his comeback in the music industry after 1 year and 3 months with his 4th album “M RIZING.”

In this album, Lee Minwoo himself has bene in direct control of all the songs and has been working nonstop for 8 months in preparation. The album title “M RIZING” is the name of the record label founded by Lee Minwoo, and will present a new leap in strong musical expression to the public.

This album especially has collaborated to work with producer Lee Hyun Do, Brave Brothers (who have produced with singer Tae Yang), and JYP (creator of Rain and Wonder Girls)’s producer Kwon Tae Eun.

Lee Minwoo’s broadcasting activities will begin on September 25 through Mnet ‘Mcountdown.’ On the 28th, he will have a concert to celebrate his comeback in Seoul, Kangnam at Enswer Club.

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