INTERVIEW: Shin Hye Sung, “My real goal is to pursue singing steadily”

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Singer Shin Hye-sun, a member of the group Shinhwa, recently released his second album “Keep Leaves” in his third album collection. In the first album, he attempted various genres including alternative rock, British rock and swing, but the sale results proved unsatisfactory.

But Shin, smiling, said, “My company doesn’t think of it as a failed album. My initial strategy was to have two albums from very different genres comprise my third regular album collection. I wanted to do something new, maybe unfamiliar to the public. But fans loved the album (laugh). So thankfully, now I hear demo tapes not only of ballads but other music genres. My choice has expanded.” His second album features ballad songs, as he planned.

The title number “Why did you call,” composed by Ha Jeong-ho, tells the story of a man who can’t forget his love even after parting. Shin is particularly proud of his recording of “Even if it’s a Lie” written by a member of his concert band. The magnificent string sound of “I’m dying” composed by “Wanted” member Kim Jae-seok is comparable to a film O.S.T.

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K-POP SUPER LIVE Concert, Hallyu Wave in Tokyo

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Super Junior Happy at the K-POP SUPER LIVE concert in Tokyo.

The popular Korean wave, or “hallyu,” of Korean dramas may be on thin ice but the hallyu of K-pop is well alive.

Six Korean singers (Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, Wheesung, Tei, SG Wannabe, Super Junior-Happy) held the joint concert entitled “3rd K-POP Super Live” in Tokyo on Jan. 31.

The singers talked with the audience in Korean and Japanese and the viewers cheered passionately with glowsticks and signs when their favorite singers came to the stage. Despite the lack of any fancy stage setting or special effects, audience members stood up and cheered from the very first song.

The most spectacular response was for Shin Hye-sung and Jun Jin, members of the Korean idol group Shinhwa, who command a large fan base in Japan. Japanese fans spent the night at the hotel lobby where the two singers stayed and cheered their performance waving luminous orange-lit glowsticks.

Jun Jin, who performed the concert’s closing, showcased powerful dance and ballad numbers including “Wa” and “Love Doesn’t Come” throughout the show. He said, “If Japanese fan support for Korean singers continues, we can continuously visit Japan to perform.” He also earned applause when he promised to learn more Japanese.

Shin Hye-sung took to the stage with a band and sang his hits “Awaken,” “Because It’s You” and “Same Thought.” He said, “I recently shot the second mini album music video for my third album in Sapporo and will visit Japan again with new songs.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior-Happy opened the day’s concert. After delivering greetings in Japanese, they sang “Cooking Cooking!,” “Sunny” and “Pajama Party.”

Tei and SG Wannabe, who have already held solo concerts in Japan and boast a solid fan following, featured their signature powerful vocals. Tei showcased his hits “A Miracle-like Story” and “Love leaves its scent” as well as displayed superb stage manners and fluent Japanese.

Many audience members sang along with SG Wannabe’s “Timeless” and “Partner for Life” in Korean.

Korean and Japanese entertainment business officials at the concert said the event was meaningful in that it showed that K-POP can revive the hallyu boom, which started because of Korean dramas and is said to be losing steam.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Source: Newsen

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Shin Hye-sung Wows Japanese Fans in Concerts

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Shin Hye-sung, a former Shinhwa member and now successful solo artist, has successfully wrapped up the 2008 SHS Live Tour Side 1 Live and Let Live in Japan. His solo concert in Japan took him to three major Japanese cities – Osaka on November 26th, Nagoya on 28th, and Tokyo on 30th. The latest tour was Shin’s second solo concert in Asia since last year. All four performances in the three cities were sold out.

Shin’s concert repertoire included “Everything” from his first album, as well as “After Effect,” “Island,” and “I Luv U.” He also sang hits like “Love Actually” and “Peter Pan’s Serenade” from his third regular album, “Side 1 Live and Let Live.” His heartfelt and all-out performance drove some 10 thousand fans wild at the Tokyo International Forum Hall.

Shin said that he thought the second tour concert would be easier, but he was just as nervous and moved when he stepped onto the stage. He thanked his fans for their steadfast support and promised to come back again next year. He plans to release “Side 2” of his third regular album in December.

Picture Source: Newsen

Wonder Girls Yoo Bin ‘S-Line Sexy Dance’

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On the evening of October 18th, Wonder Girls Yoo Bin danced a sexy dance in her one piece mini dress at Shin Hye Sung’s Concert, ‘2008 SHS LIVE TOUR SIDE 1-LIVE AND LET LIVE” IN SEOUL.’

Shin Hye Sung who released his 3rd album in August performed his title track, “Because Of You” along with other hit tracks from his first and second albums.

Other highlights include performances by Kim Gun Mo, Yoo Se Yoon and a duet between Hye Sung & Sun Ye.

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Shin Hye-sung Sings for “Tetris”

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Shinhwa member Shin Hye-sung, will be singing the main theme song “Tetris Together,” for the popular video game “Tetris.”

NHN game portal, Han Game, has cooperated with The Tetris Company for the past two years on a new version of Tetris, which will be released to the public at the end of this month.

The Tetris official website features video footage of Shin recording the theme song.

Shin is currently working on promotions for “Because It’s You,” the title track to his third album. He is also preparing for his October 18th concert at the Olympic Park, entitled “2008 SHS Live Tour Side 1-Live and Let Live in Seoul.” In November, his Asia tour will continue through Japan and China.

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‘A Good Day To Love’ For Shin Hye Sung & Tae Yeon

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Shin Hye Sung & Girl’s Generation member, Tae Yeon take the stage to perform a duet.

Promoting his 3rd album, Shin Hye Sung was recording an episode on ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ where he performed the song, ‘A Good Day To Love (사랑하기 좋은 날).’

On his album, the track ‘A Good Day To Love (사랑하기 좋은 날)’ is a duet between himself and Honey Lee. However, Girl’s Generation takes the stage and adds a different charm to the song. There are also performances of ‘Love Actually’ from his album and and the old classic, ‘Aspirin’ by Girl.

Source: Review Star
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Shin Hye-sung to Kick off Asia Concert Tour

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Singer Shin Hye-sung will hold his second concert tour in Asia, starting in Seoul. Shin, who recently returned to the K-pop music scene with his third studio album, will hold a concert entitled “2008 SHS Live Tour Side 1 – Live and Let Live in Seoul” at the fencing stadium of Seoul Olympic Park on October 18 at 6:00 p.m. Following his Seoul concert, Shin will go on to perform in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Shanghai.

Unlike his past concert, which mainly featured ballad songs, Shin plans to perform a wide range of pop genres including British rock, R&B and big band. Ticket sales for the Seoul concert began on September 18th. Shin plans to hold a fan meeting to celebrate the official launch of his Japanese fan club “Always Hyesung” on September 28 in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo and Shin Hyesung to Hold Concerts in Korea & Japan on Sept 28

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Lee Minwoo & Shin Hyesung: which one is your favorite?

Shinhwa members Lee Min-woo and Shin Hye-sung will hold solo concerts in Korea and Japan, respectively, on the same day. To celebrate the release of his fourth studio album, Lee will launch his “M Rizing Tour” by performing at Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. He will then go on to perform at the JCB Hall, located within Tokyo Dome City in Tokyo, Japan for two days from December 17.

Meanwhile, fellow Shinhwa member Shin will hold a launching ceremony for his official Japanese fan club “Always Hyesung” in Odaiba, Tokyo on September 28. He will hold two concerts entitled “Always Hyesung Le Petit Chambre” in front of the members of his fan club. Reportedly, all of the tickets to the event have already been sold out.

During his first solo concert in Japan held last year on August 25, Shin told audience members that his friend and fellow Shinhwa member Lee Min-woo (M) was also holding a concert in Seoul.


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