SS501 ‘U r Man’ on Mnet M!Countdown

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On the 27th, members of group SS501 performed their new track, ‘U r Man’ on Mnet’s M!Countdown.

With Alex and Chae Yeon as MC’s, this edition of M!Countdown included the comeback stages of Baek Ji Young, Tei, Lee Soo Young, Eun Ji Won, and Norazo. Other performances included ‘Rainism’ and ‘Only You’ by Rain, Eun Ji Won’s ‘Dangerous,’ SS501’s ‘U r Man,’ and ‘The One,’ Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘My Style,’ Black Pearl’s ‘Bad Love’ and a duet performance by Baek Ji Young and Eun Ji Won among others.

Source: JKNEWS
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Popularity Status Is Good But … Eun Ji Won ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Dilemma

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As an actor he learns about the honesty of people but … his voice changes and it impedes on his activities as a singer.

“My voice changed because of 1 Night 2 Days.”

Eun Ji Won talked of his grief as an ‘entertainment singer.’ In a Sports Korea interview on the 11th, Eun Ji Won stated, “While recording this album, I knew my voice changed. Performing in 1 Night 2 Days is physically excessive.”

On this day. Eun Ji Won was on location at the Chong Dam Dong Restaurant in Seoul shooting for the new music video ‘Dangerous’ from his second mini album.

“Even though I barely managed to complete recording the album, it still remains a fact that shooting for ‘1 Night 2 Days’ does become a hindrance to album activities,” stated Eun Ji Won.

He revealed the reason why he can’t abandon ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and will sustain the difficulties to his music career. Looking back he confessed that he was touched by the sincerity of common people while active on ‘1 Night 2 Days.’ “You gain something and you lose something. It’s difficult to be active musically at the same time but an entertainer can experience difficulty.”

Eun Ji Won performs in KBS2TV’s entertainment program, ‘1 Night 2 Days’ where he had the whole country interested in his character as ‘Eun Cho Ding (Elementary Kid Eun).’

He recently announced the release of his second mini album and returned as a singer.

Source: Hankooki
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Stars Who Love Stars, “From Fans To Collegues”

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Stars also love stars. Famous stars that are now entertainers, once themselves worshiped and were the fans of a famous star.

These stars long for and dream of being stars and entertainers, and after making their debut they meet their colleagues and form new connections.

Wonder Girls recently revealed suddenly that she was a die-hard fan of Eun Ji Won. On MBC’s broadcast of ‘Come To Play’ on the 3rd, Yoo Bin revealed, “During my childhood, I was a passionate Sechskies Fans” and drew attention when she stated that, “Specially Eun Ji Won who I liked the most.”

Yoo Bin suprised those around her when she revealed that, “My Mother was against joining fan clubs but I followed everything on Sechkies schedule.”

It also has become known that Lee Hyo Ri was a passionate fan of HOT member, Tony. In the 2006 broadcast of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ Lee Hyo Ri revealed that “During High School I was a fan of Tony.” During that episode she also revealed that he “possessed the quality of a star in my heart and that I pulled out Tony’s diary from his bag.”

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Eun Ji Won Makes Comeback After A Year

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Eun Ji Won plans to cause a commotion in the entertainment world in October. Eun Ji Won announced that he is currently in the process of working on a new album which will be released in October. This marks the singer’s comeback a year after his last release, “Love, Death, Introspection (사랑死랑思랑)” last year.

Eun Ji Won is certain he will go ahead with the release in October even though the title track is still being decided on. He will be confronting fierce competition with top stars Dong Bang Shin Gi, Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation who are also making their comeback in October.

On the 23rd Eun Ji Won’s representative told Newsen that, “There are plans to make a comeback in October,” and that “this time he’ll certainly show that he can’t be pushed around even with Rain and Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

Source: Newsen
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