Davichi Beats Girls’ Generation to Take #1 on Mnet Chart

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After 8 weeks of being #1 on music portal Mnet, Girls’ Generation was overcome by Davichi for the second week of March. Their song “8282” became #1 while Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” moved down to #2.

“8282” rose 50 ranks in order to take #1. In addition, other songs from Davichi’s new mini album have done well in the Mnet charts. “I Made an Accident” (사고쳤어요) rose 93 ranks to #6, and “My Man,” “Love is Amusing” (사랑이 우습니), and “Orgel” (오르골) were at #56, #72, and #66 respectively.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” moved down to #2, and the duet between Girls’ Generation member SeoHyun and Ju Hyun Mi, “Jjarajajjan” (짜라자짠), is at #19.

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Davichi Return With ‘8282’ A Year Later

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Female duo Davichi return with a new mini album after a year.

Debuting with ‘Hate You Even Though I Love You’ in February of last year and continuing with hits such as ‘Sad Promise,’ ‘Love & War’ among others, Davichi kicks off 2009 activities with the title track ‘8282.’

Including the painful love song ‘Accident,’ a total of six tracks have been recorded and is expected to bring a new wave of hits with their release.

Davichi will begin promotional activites for ‘8282’ in March.

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Lee Min Ho & Kang Min Kyung In Love? “Since an early age, they share a close Oppa-dongsaeng relationship”

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Lee Min Ho who portrays the main character Goo Jun Pyo in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ and member of female duo Davichi, Kang Min Kyung have been wrapped up in rumors regarding the relationship between the two.

A self-shot photo of Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung who went to sing together in a karaoke room in the past and comfortably have their heads together spread quickly throughout the internet.

But, the agency representing Lee Min Ho made clear, “Since an early age, the two just know each other as Oppa-dongsaeng, not lovers.” And also, “Right now they both frequently meet each whenever there’s a reason to celebrate a good occasion.”

Kang Min Kyung’s agency also denied any romantic involvement between the two stating, “It’s absurd that they are involved.”

In the meantime, broadcasting it’s first episode on the 5th, Lee Min Ho has caught the interest of many as the leader of the F4, Goo Jun Pyo in ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung was recently busy with the project group she formed with VOS Park Ji Heon. Davichi plans to release a mini album in February.

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Singers Say No to Illegal Downloads

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Jewelry, SG Wannabe, Brown-eyed Girls and other top stars have come out to wipe out illegal song downloads. Fifteen musician groups have attended Wednesday morning a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the movement to eradicate illegal downloading. The movement has launched five rounds of massive campaigns to inform the public about the seriousness of illegal downloading as a crime. As a result, a number of ordinary citizens, some as young as elementary school students, have volunteered to keep their eyes out for illegal downloaders.

At the ceremony group Jewelry was given a plaque of appreciation for taking part in every campaign in 2008 and working to discourage illegal downloading. Song Dae-kwan, a noted singer and chairman of the Korea Singers Association, has been appointed the advisor of the movement, and Brown-eyed Girls, Davichi, and 2PM as honorary ambassadors. The movement’s executive committee thanked the musicians for eagerly leading the campaigns to protect music copyrights.

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Kang Min Kyung Becomes Big Bang’s Lover, Chosen as Uniform Model

November 26, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has become Big Bang’s lover when she was picked as the CF model for uniform brand Skoolooks. She has an exclusive contract for the next six months as the face of Skoolooks.

On the 23rd, Kang Min Kyung was on the CF set and brought a bright and cheerful atmosphere with her self-confidence.

Meanwhile, Kang Min Kyung together with VOS Park Ji Heon will release a project single “Happy Together” and are scheduled to begin broadcasting activities.

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VOS Ji Heon & Davichi Min Kyung Form Project Group

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VOS and Davichi unite. VOS who released their 3rd album this year with the popular tracks ‘Beautiful Life’ and ‘Half’ is one of Korea’s most loved vocal groups. Especially, Park Ji Heon who enjoyed immense popularity in 2008 when he went solo with ‘The Days I Miss You.’

As well as Davichi who debuted with ‘Hate You Even Though I Love You’ and went on to win the love of fans with ‘Sad Promise’ and ‘Love & War.’ Davichi also went on to win Best New Female Artist in the 2008 MKMF.

This time these two group join together. VOS Park Ji Heon and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung are releasing the digital single, ‘Happy Together.’ Composed by Cho Young Soo, the track is similar to a lighthearted Christmas carol.

Park Ji Heon & Min Kyung will begin promoting the song on KBS ‘Music Bank’ on December 5th.

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Dae Sung, G-Dragon, Jo Kwon, Min Kyung, Hong Ki, Gyu Ri Accepted to University

November 19, 2008 at 11:58 am | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments
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Two members of today’s hottest idol group Big Bang have been accepted at Kyunghee University. Daesung (real name: Kang Dae-sung) and G-Dragon (real name: Kwon Ji-yong) will start their college education next spring.

University authorities have said that they have admitted Daesung and G-Dragon, as well as Jo Kwon of 2AM and Kang Min-kyung of Davichi, to the department of postmodern music.

Kyunghee University has its share of young celebrities in its student body. In addition to Korean superstar Rain, Ye-eun of Wonder Girls, members of TVXQ (Micky Yoochun and Choikang Changmin), Park Hyo-shin, Lynn, and Kim Jin-ho of SG Wannabe attend the postmodern music department. Also Nam Gyu-ri and Lee Hong-ki of FT Island were admitted to the department of theater and film, where movie actresses Kim Sun-ah and Hahn Eun-jeong are currently registered.

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MKMF 2008 Highlights!

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MKMF 2008 is officially over! View the highlights in form of pictures below, then click the cut link to see the winners. Did your favorite artist win?

Big Bangs TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

Big Bang's TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

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Davichi, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls sing same song

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Popular female K-pop artists have concurrently released the same single to promote the debut of a new female artist. Once the song receives sufficient public recognition, the face of the new female will be unveiled.

Kim Eun-jeong, a member of the female vocal group Jewelry, [Narcia] of Brown Eyed Girls and Min Kyung of Davichi each recorded the same song entitled “Going to the Hospital.” The song was recently distributed through major music portals including Melon, MNet.com, Dosirak, Cyworld, Bugs Music and Soribada.

Chani Production, which launched the project, said it is highly unusual for more than one artist to release the same song simultaneously and expressed hope that the project will successfully promote the song to the public.

“Going the the hospital” was written by popular songwriter MINUKI. A different version of the song, performed by other artists, will be unveiled on October 31.

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MKMF nominations, TVXQ vs Big Bang!

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The final nominations of 2008 MKMF have been announced.

On November 15, popular music festival “2008 Mnet KM Music Festival” will take place. On November 17 after the awards are given, nominations will be announced on cable network Mnet “Wide Entertainment News.”

There are 7 sections for singer awards, 5 sections for genre awards, 13 sections for music video and other special awards, and 3 for DaeSang awards, to make 30 in total.

This year’s awards is especially expected to close with a fierce group of guys. For the first time in MKMF, TVXQ and Big Bang will face-off.

Source: Go News
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Who will win? You can cast your votes here at MKMF. View the full list of nominees by clicking the link below!

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