Rain Ordered to Pay $8 Million

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K-pop singer Rain and his managers were ordered to pay more than $8 million to Hawaii promoters for canceling a 2007 concert in Honolulu, the Associated Press reported, Thursday.

An American federal jury said the 26-year-old star, his agency at the time JYP Entertainment and two South Korean promotion companies breached a contract to perform, and defrauded Click Entertainment. Nearly $5 million was called for in punitive damages, with Rain and JYP each ordered to pay $2.4 million. An additional $1 million was awarded for damages related to the fraud and $2,286,000 was called for breach of contract. This amounts to about 11.27 billion won.

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Lee Juck’s “It’s Fortunate,” Top Love Confession Song

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Lee Juk’s “It’s fortunate” (above in video) has been named the best song to confess one’s love.

Ahead of White Day on Saturday, a day meant for men to confess their love to women, the music content firm Kumyoung surveyed men on the song they most want to sing to their girlfriends, and women on the song they most want to hear from their boyfriends. Both men and women chose “It’s fortunate.”

Both genders also chose the same song for second place: “May I Love You” by Glass Case, and then Kim Dong-ryul’s “Saying I Love You.”

The ten day survey from Feb. 25 was conducted on 873 (454 men, 419 women) members on http://www.feeltong.com, a Kumyoung portal, and on the online karaoke club “Nolbangpa.”

As for the song women want to sing to their men, and men most want to hear from their lovers, was Lee Eun-mi’s heartrending ballad “I have a lover.” Men also thought singer Sung Si-kyung had the best voice for a love confession love.

As for the best male star for a White Day love proposal, actor Kim Bum was chosen. He is playing a philanderer in the hit drama “Boys over Flowers.” Singer Rain ranked second and the main lead of “Boys,” Lee Min-ho, came in next.

Men chose Girls’ Generation, and women Big Bang, for the idol group they most want to spend White Day with.

Crying Nut’s “Let’s ride a horse” was named the song to be avoided most on White Day.

Rain’s Canceled Concert “Cost $1.5 Million”

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In a Wednesday trial at a Hawaii court, President Lee Seung-su of Click Entertainment, who is battling in court with the singer, said a Rain concert that was canceled cost his company $1.5 million.

He cited damage both financially and in regards to reputation, but that Rain and his aides did not apologize even once, calling such an attitude embarrassing and dishonest.

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Rain Sued in US Over Concert Cancellation

March 9, 2009 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Stars | 2 Comments

The civil trial against South Korean pop star and actor Rain is scheduled to begin Tuesday in U.S. District Court, The Associated Press reported.

Rain whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon and his producers are being sued over the performer’s abrupt cancellation of a June 2007 concert in Honolulu. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday and Rain could be called to testify as early as Wednesday, AP said.

“He will be appearing at some point in the litigation,” the performer’s Honolulu attorney Jennifer Lyons was quoted as saying.

Hawaii-based Click Entertainment Inc. alleges in the suit that Rain and his producers defrauded it of more than $500,000 paid in licensing fees. Also, it is seeking additional damages for the cost of staging the event, including rental of Aloha Stadium, stage production, travel, hotel accommodations, merchandising and advertising.

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Rain Chosen as Pizza Hut Korea Ambassador

March 8, 2009 at 2:09 am | Posted in Stars | 2 Comments

Rain has been selected as a model for Pizza Hut Korea, and as an ambassador for the company. He will promote with a concert and other social contribution activities such as providing pizza for low-income children and other pizza donations. Pizza Hut Korea expects him to participate in a wide range of activities for promotion.

Source: Newsen
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Rain Turns Into a Ballad Singer in “Rainism Recollection”

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Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) has transformed into a ballad singer.

On March 5, Rain released “Rainism Recollection” with ballad versions of his songs from his 5th album released last year. It has a total of 4 songs, acoustic versions of “9월12일” (September 12), “내 여자” (My Woman), and “사랑이란 건” (Thing Called Love), and a remix version of “Fresh Woman.”

A music video of “9월12일” is expected to release on March 5, when the album is released. “Rainism Recollection” is selling only 30,000 limited copies which includes a 35-minute version of the “Love Story” music video with Ha Ji Won.

Source: Newsen
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Rain Settles Name Dispute, Becomes “The Rain”

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Korean superstar Rain agreed to a deal with an American album maker, Rain Corporation, over a trademark dispute. Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, reported that Rain will use “The Rain” for all his music activities in the United States. However, he will retain his name, “Rain,” for film credits. Also “The Rain,” will be used only in America, thus it’s not likely to confuse his fans in other regions. In accordance with the decision, Rain will release his debut album in America under the name, “The Rain.” The album release is scheduled for late this year.

Rain Corporation, a Las Vegas firm, had filed for damage compensation against Rain for using the name “Rain” for his Las Vegas concert in December 2006. The company also asked for an injunction to ban Rain from using his name in future concerts. The name dispute had forced Rain to cancel his concert in Hawaii in May 2006. Rain was sued by Click Entertainment, the local Hawaiian concert organizer, for 40 million dollars in damage compensation for canceling the concert.

Source: KBS World
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“The Rain” sounds so funny, but I guess he doesn’t have a choice. D:

Rain to Be on Discovery Channel

January 30, 2009 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Stars | 6 Comments

World-class star Rain will be on the Discovery Channel, a channel specializing in documentaries, in its “Hip Korea” series. Rain’s agency announced that Rain’s episode will start airing in Australia and New Zealand on January 31, and then in Korea and the rest of the Asian region on February 23. Korea’s hot singer/actor is portrayed as a pioneer of Korean pop culture, someone who represents the nation’s dynamic growth.

The production team of “Hip Korea” followed Rain around for six months, capturing on film his everyday life and down-to-earth personality. The cameras show how he talks about his insecurities with his close friend, comedian Kim Je-dong, and still remembers his mother by visiting her gravesite. In addition, the documentary will contain interviews with Steven Colbert, who engaged Rain in a dance battle in his show, The Colbert Report, famed actress Susan Sarandon, Rain’s costar in “Speed Racer,” and director Park Chan-wook and actress Im Su-jeong from “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay.”

The Discovery Channel is aired in 170 countries around the world and its “Hip Korea” series looks at the rising status of Korean pop culture in the world stage.

Source: KBS World
Picture Source: Review Star
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Too bad this won’t be airing in North America… 😡

Will Rain Return to Drama After 4 Years?

January 30, 2009 at 9:57 pm | Posted in Television | 1 Comment

The possibility of Rain’s comeback to drama acting is growing. Perhaps even in the second half of this year.

A close source said, “Rain was going to be in a local drama last year, but it didn’t fit his schedule and so it was delayed. This year he’s likely to make his comeback in a drama.”

Rain’s last acting work in Korea was in 2006 with the movie “I’m a Cyborg, but It’s OK,” directed by Park Chan Wook. His last drama was four years ago in 2005 with the KBS 2TV drama “A Love To Kill.”

Writer Lee Kyung Hee, who worked on “A Love To Kill,” mentioned that he would work with Rain in his acting comeback last year, but it was delayed. “It’s yet to be determined,” he said.

Rain will consider domestic proposals for his next drama, and review scripts carefully.

This summer, his second Hollywood movie, “Ninja Assassin,” will be released.

Source: Newsen
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1,000 Japanese Fans Flock to Airport to See Rain

January 13, 2009 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Events, Music | 1 Comment

Singer Rain (Jeong Ji-hun, 27) flew to Japan Sunday for his first official schedule of the year. He was welcomed by 1,000 Japanese fans at the airport.

He released the Asia edition of his 5th regular album “Rainism” (released in Korea in Oct.) in Japan last Wednesday. He will hold a concert/fan meeting four times during his stay, twice Monday in Tokyo and twice Wednesday in Osaka.

He arrived late Sunday night at Narita International Airport to be greeted by 1,200 fans.

He will hold a press conference Monday morning at Hotel Okura Tokyo before the local media. His management agency J.Tune Entertainment says 200 Japanese reporters will attend the conference.

Upon its release last Wednesday, Rainism placed fifth on the Oricon charts. He will debut his new songs in the Japanese version during his 90 minute long concerts.

Source: KBS Global
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

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