Yoon Eun Hye Appears At Kim Jong Kook’s Concert

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Connected as a couple since the ‘X-Man’ days, Yoon Eun Hye suddenly turns up at Kim Jong Kook’s first concert in 5 years.

Yoon Eun Hye enjoyed the concert in full with her visit on the 21st at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul. Kim Jong Kook delighted the 3000 fans with recent hit tracks as well as hits from his Mikey and Turbo days.

Yoon Eun Hye attended the concert as one of Kim Jong Kook’s fans along with her manager for three hours. At the end of the concert, Yoon Eun Hye delightfully greeted Kim Jong Kook and then left with her manager.

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Top Singers Gather For 2008 ‘Music Bank’ Year-End Special

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This week, the top singers of 2008 will gather for a year-end special for ‘Music Bank.’

Firstly, a chance to see World Star Rain is included in the event. Rain will feature ‘I Do’ paired with ‘Rainism’ on stage.

Kim Jong Kook and Baek Ji Young will unite on stage singing to the beautiful harmony of ‘Like Being Hit By A Bullet’ and ‘Today More Than Yesterday’. Also, Girl’s Generation Tae Yeon, SeeYa’s Nam Gyuri, Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In and Wonder Girls Sun Ye who have come together and prepared a special stage.

Also, the new stars that conquered 2008, SHINee and JYP’s new group 2PM will reproduce Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’ and Rain’s ‘Instead Of Saying Goodbye.’

Special stages presented by the hosts Seo In Young and Yoo Se Yoon also lies ahead. With her sexy charm, Seo In Young will lead with ‘Lady Marmalade’ and Yoo Se Yoon prepared a special stage not as a comedian but as singer ‘Doctor Fish.’

Broadcasting for the last time this year on December 26th, ‘Music Bank’ features performances from Rain, Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Baek Ji Young, Kim Jong Kook, MC Mong, Jewelry, Girl’s Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, Nam Gyuri, Davichi, SHINee, 2PM, K.Will and others.

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Winter Special ‘Music Bank,’ The Top Male Performers Gather

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Performances by the best male singers plan to grab the attention of viewers in the next broadcast of ‘Music Bank’ on December 5th.

World star Rain’s ‘Only You’ and Asia’s Star Dong Bang Shin Gi’s ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ stage performances plan to make the hearts of their female fans flutter.

Kim Jong Kook and Mighty Mouth will reveal a new remix version of Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Today More Than Yesterday’ and there will also be performances of SS501’s ‘U r MAN’, SHINee’s ‘AMIGO,’ Lee Min Woo’s ‘Beautiful Life’ also ‘Dangerous’ by Eun Ji Won, 2PM’s ‘Only You (Remix Ver.), and Tei’s ‘Story Like A Miracle’ among other male singers.

Popular female idol group, KARA will also make their comeback. The ‘Winter Special’ will include performances by Baek Ji Young, Nell, Park Ji Heon & Kang Min Kyung, Hwang Project with Park Hyo Shin, Goofy, Miss S, MIRU & Narcia, Typhoon, Smash, Norazo, Memory, Zudy and others.

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Kim Jong Kook, Hwanhee & Brian: First Joint Concert

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Singer Kim Jong Kook and Fly To The Sky’s Hwanhee and Brian will stand on one stage. Fans will end the year together with Kim Jong Kook, Hwanhee & Brian. The three singers armed with their own charm plan to make a warm and lively presentation on stage.

Recently, Kim Jong Kook released his 5th album with the tracks ‘Today More Than Yesterday’ and ‘Thank You’ heating up both online and offline music charts, and he is also enjoying high ratings on SBS ‘Family Outing.’

Part of the classic boom, Hwanhee’s ‘My Love’ featured on the ‘Beethoven Virus OST’ swept online charts after his role on MBC ‘We Got Married’ where he displays his unique and charming characteristics.

Currently, Brian has discontinued broadcast activities and travels between America and Korea working on composing music and redefining himself as a musician.

The three plan to heat up the year end concert with performances of hit tracks from ‘Turbo’ and ‘Fly To The Sky.’ The first joint performance will be held on December 27th and 28th at the Coex Convention Hall.

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MKMF 2008 Highlights!

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MKMF 2008 is officially over! View the highlights in form of pictures below, then click the cut link to see the winners. Did your favorite artist win?

Big Bangs TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

Big Bang's TOP and Lee Hyori lock lips in a surprising kiss (for the performance).

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Men and Female Singers Alike Return to Fans

November 11, 2008 at 2:30 pm | Posted in Events, Music | 3 Comments
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Autumn is considered “men’s season” here, with the cool fall breeze blowing jackets open and solitude flowing in the air. But this year, the local pop scene will be crowded with both male and female singers. Singers like Jo Sung-mo, Wheesung, Kim Jong-kook and Rain have returned to the pop scene, while Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Soo-young and Baek Ji-young are also following closely behind.

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Park Myung Soo Parodies Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Today More Than Yesterday’

November 7, 2008 at 1:48 am | Posted in Television | 2 Comments
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Comedian Park Myung Soo parodies Kim Jong Kook’s new song, ‘Today More Than Yesterday.’

On the KBS ‘Happy Together Season 3 – Challenge! Memorize The Song ‘ segment that was broadcast on November 6th, Park Myung Soo performed Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Today More Than Yesterday’ with perfection.

In order to imitate Kim Jong Kook’s build, Park Myung Soo placed shoulders pads to imitate muscles, made his eyes smaller with heavy eyes and substituted an ash tray stand for a weight lifting barbell.

Upon seeing this parody, Kim Jong Kook felt embarrassed. “To save Kim Jong Kook, I became like this” said Park Myung Soo making everyone burst with laughter.

On the other hand, Comedian Shin Bong Sun performed Rain’s ‘Rainism.’

Source: Review Star
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Love Sharing Concert, “War of the Stars” TVXQ, Big Bang, Rain, Wonder Girls, SHINee

November 6, 2008 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Events, Music | 7 Comments
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TVXQ, Big Bang, Rain, Wonder Girls, Kim Jong Kook, SHINee and other popular singers will gather in one place.

The “2008 NongShim Love Sharing Concert” will take place on November 9 at 4pm at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. This will be the 9th anniverary of the event and the fans have great expectations for the star singers lineup.

Ths “2008 NongShim Love Sharing Concert” is conducted by NongShim for young people to give a social contribution in the form of a donation, and to share the experience and love. In sharing the love, this is a free concert to those who participate by donating two packages of NongShim ramen. If the visitors donate, NongShim is expecting to give 1000 boxes to the Red Cross as a donation.

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Stars Who Love Stars, “From Fans To Collegues”

November 4, 2008 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments
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Stars also love stars. Famous stars that are now entertainers, once themselves worshiped and were the fans of a famous star.

These stars long for and dream of being stars and entertainers, and after making their debut they meet their colleagues and form new connections.

Wonder Girls recently revealed suddenly that she was a die-hard fan of Eun Ji Won. On MBC’s broadcast of ‘Come To Play’ on the 3rd, Yoo Bin revealed, “During my childhood, I was a passionate Sechskies Fans” and drew attention when she stated that, “Specially Eun Ji Won who I liked the most.”

Yoo Bin suprised those around her when she revealed that, “My Mother was against joining fan clubs but I followed everything on Sechkies schedule.”

It also has become known that Lee Hyo Ri was a passionate fan of HOT member, Tony. In the 2006 broadcast of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ Lee Hyo Ri revealed that “During High School I was a fan of Tony.” During that episode she also revealed that he “possessed the quality of a star in my heart and that I pulled out Tony’s diary from his bag.”

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Who Was The Heroine Of Kim Jong Kook’s Music Video?

October 30, 2008 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Music | 2 Comments

The heroine, Kim Chae Eun starring in Kim Jong Kook’s 5th album title track music video, ‘Today More Than Yesterday’ has become a popular interest among netizens.

‘Today More Than Yesterday’ combines Kim Jong Kook’s sweet and skilled voice with a medium tempo and sweet melody. The music video contains a calm and warm atmosphere while at the center of it all, heroine Kim Chae Eun who receives unlimited amounts of love has ignited the curiously of many.

Kim Chae Eun displays her charm in the music video with Kim Jong Kook where they plays lovers who are quarreling and ultimately return to each other in a shy embrace. Kim Chae Eun has received comments regarding her clear and pretty facial features comparing it to actresses Kim Tae Hee and Ha Ga In.

Kim Chae Eun previously won the ‘Miss Beaming Face Cup’ due to various advertisements and worked as a radio DJ on the program, ‘Good Morning Korea.’

“In the future, Kim Chae Eun has shown an interest to broaden her horizons and will be active in many fields such as movies, dramas, advertisements and more. Please look forward to it,” stated her representative.

Source: Newsen
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