Jang Nara in New Film “Sky and Sea”

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Yoo Ah In, Junie, and Jang Nara for the film "Sky and Sea."

“I only had several acting roles in the early days of my career but my onscreen image became so fixed I was perplexed. But now, I’m not. I don’t choose drama roles for the sake of changing my image. More important is the quality of the script and whether I am able to do it.”

Jang Nara (28 ) returns to the big screen in the film “Sky and Sea,” her first movie role since her last 2003 film “Oh! Happy Day.” In a press conference at an Apgujeong club Thursday, she was responding to a question on whether she was wary of an image transformation.

Jang shot to stardom upon her debut with her cute and jovial image. She is now 29 in Korean age but still maintains the same adorable look. She plays a pure-hearted 23 year old in the new movie “Sky and Sea.”

“I turn 30 next year. I needed makeup to look younger in the film. Looking at my made-up appearance in the mirror was embarrassing (laugh). I think staying young at heart is most important. Staying away from excessive dieting is also a key to looking young.”

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Jang Nara Donates 8 Bil Won of Clothing to Quake-hit Sichuan

January 22, 2009 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Stars | 1 Comment

Singer Jang Nara (28), nicknamed “angel donator,” has donated 8 billion won worth of clothing to Sichuan province, China, which suffered a devastating earthquake in May.

Jang’s aides say the donation was conducted in cooperation with the parent firm of a Chinese down jumper manufacturer for which Jang is the PR model. The company donated 100,000 jumpers to Jang’s foundation, which delivered them to a charity agency in Sichuan.

The wholesale price of the 100,000 jumpers is 18 million yuan (3.6 billion won) but the retail price totals 40 million yuan (8 billion won).

In the delivery ceremony, Jang said she was happy to visit Sichuan and provide the quake victims with the clothing.

The charity agency will distribute the jumpers to the victims for emergency winter protection.

After the donation, Jang went to a makeshift elderly center at a Chengdu suburb and delivered some clothes herself.

Source: KBS Global
Picture Credit: IB Times
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Jang Na-ra to Become an Honorary Jinan Citizen

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Hallyu star Jang Na-ra will be appointed as an honorary citizen and honorary publicity ambassador of Jinan, Shandong Province coming Sunday. Jang has steadily done many charity works in China. Since 2005 this angelic singer has been involved in a program with local media and charity groups to help out young leukemia patients. The city of Jinan has decided to applaud Jang’s steady philanthropic work by granting her the honorary citizenship.

In response to the decision, Jang has said that she’s honored to be named an honorary citizen, especially as a foreigner working in China. Although honorary citizenship has been given to a number of businessmen and politicians who have done a lot of work for the city, she is the first Korean celebrity to receive such honor.

Jang is scheduled to visit Shandong, Sichuan and Ningsha Provinces from Saturday through Monday. She plans to distribute winter coats to the victims of Sichuan earthquake and make an appearance on the spring festival program of a Nishang satellite TV channel.

Source: KBS World
Picture Source: Hankooki
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Lee Jun Ki’s Smile Captivates Female Fans~

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The 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival was held on the afternoon of October 25th at the Seoul Jamsil Stadium.

The celebration opened with traditional folk performances followed by performances from artists such as Super Junior Happy, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Min Woo, Jang Nara, FT Island and other top stars.

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Jang Nara involved in copyright infringement dispute

September 11, 2008 at 9:49 am | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

Singer Jang Nara who very recently released her 6th album, Dream Of Asia is currently involved in a legal copyright infringement battle.

On the 11th The Korea Music Copyright Association received a message from an American singer’s management stating that the songs “If you ask me to” from her single and “Mirage (신기루)” from her 6th album were taken and distributed without proper permission.

The Korea Music Copyright Association was told that “the record company did not own the right to those compositions and that it’s distribution was only for private use. The American composer said that “It was used without permission” and that “the copyright infringement is clear.”

Also, if they continue to to sell those songs then they will have to face the consequences.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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