Fly To The Sky, KCM Comeback On ‘Music Bank’

February 13, 2009 at 3:39 am | Posted in Music, Television | 2 Comments
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Fly To The Sky and KCM will feature their comeback stages on KBS ‘Music Bank’ due to broadcast on the 13th along with a surprise performance by group T-Max.

Following the sweet melody of, ‘Go Away’ featuring their signature sound, Fly To The Sky is their title track, ‘Possessiveness.’ Singer Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul receives the recognition for not only composing the lyrics to ‘Go Away’ among other tracks but also for participating as part of the chorus.

And, expressing the experience of love in his new album, ‘Espresso,’ singer KCM presents his title track, ‘Far Away.’ Furthermore, group T-MAX will reveal their song ‘Paradise’ from the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST in today’s ‘Music Bank.’ However, member Kim Joon who has been receiving much attention from fans due to his role as Song Woo Bin isn’t able to join them on stage.

Other artists include Girl’s Generation, Seung Ri, SS501, Jewlery-S, Lee Suk Hoon, Tae Goon, Jessica H.O, 2AM, Brand New Day, Tae.1, L.E.O Featuring Kim Hyung Joon of SS501, Blue Spring, U-Kiss and Wink among others.

Source: Break News
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“BOF” Kim Joon’s Popularity! T-Max Sings for “The Return of Iljimae” OST

January 30, 2009 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Music, Television | 17 Comments

KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” F4 Kim Joon’s group T-Max will sing for the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae” soundtrack.

T-Max member Shin Min Chul will sing for the soundtrack with the insert song “Last Hero” (마지막 영웅). Their agency said, “They didn’t ask for T-Max as a group, but Shin Min Chul himself alone. The song has not yet appeared in the drama, but is expected to release soon.”

T-Max also sings “Paradise,” from the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack. Through this, many have come to know T-Max’s name.

Their agency also said, “They will plan to appear on music programs in mid-February. Kim Joon is so busy now shooting for ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Kim Joon being cast in this drama is good for the other T-Max members as well.”

Source: Newsen
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Looks like more people are getting to know T-Max through Kim Joon and BOF! (And I have no idea why they decided to watermark Kim Joon’s face twice. T_T)

“Boys Over Flowers” Kim Joon’s High School Picture Revealed

January 28, 2009 at 2:13 am | Posted in Stars | 189 Comments
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The high school photos of Kim Joon, who plays F4 Song Woo Bin on KBS “Boys Over Flowers,” has gotten the attention of netizens.

After seeing the photos, some of them have surprisingly said, “He’s like a living mannequin,” “He has big deep eyes, and an unbelievably natural nose,” “He’s really pretty.”

Kim Joon has gotten over the controversy of having plastic surgery, and has proved that he is naturally handsome and more popular.

Source: Newsen
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“Boys Over Flowers” OST Sold Out

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Thanks to its soaring ratings, “Boys over Flowers” original soundtrack albums are also selling like hotcakes. Already 30 thousand pre-sale orders have been placed for the album. The OST production company had originally planned to sell only five thousand copies, but the drama’s explosive popularity has compelled the album maker to release many more than the initial plan.

Unlike other drama OST albums, which generally gain viewers’ attention only after the shows are over, “Boys over Flowers” OST is already hot among the show’s viewers. Especially popular are “Paradise” sung by Kim Jun, one of the cast, “Stand by Me” by SHINee, “I’m Stupid” by SS501, and “Lucky” by Ashily, but almost all the songs in the album are listed on the nation’s top music charts.

Source: KBS World

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