Park Jin Young Ends Marriage After 10 Years

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On March 27th, JYP’s divorce was officially confirmed on JYP’s official homepage.

JYP states, “I was 20 years during the time I met my first love and we stayed together for 16 years. The time we had together was the most valuable and beautiful time of my life and I deeply loved her but a few years ago, little by little we started to drift apart. When I was 20 years old, we appeared very similar to many people but over the course of 16 years we slowly grew apart and we came to understand that we had become very different people. We worried and wandered for a few years, and finally decided to separate. To the people close to me, and my fans, forgive me for not being able to keep my promise. I wanted to show you that I was a good person but it seems I am lacking. After many worries and wandering, someday I’ll repay you looking better than I am.”

Park Jin Young and his wife, Seo Yun Jung were married in 1999 and the two do not have any children. Seo Yun Jung currently runs a flower shop in Seoul.

Source: Joong Ang


JYP Introduces Korean Music System at Cannes

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Singer and producer Park Jin-young (37) has delivered a keynote speech at the Music International Trade Fair, MIDEM, a gathering of music industry businesspeople.

He was among the speakers including the likes of Google vice president, MySpace chief vice president and Nokia’s executive director at Midem Net, the official conference of Midem held on a particular topic. The Midem fair opened in Cannes, France Sunday and will continue through Wednesday.

Midem Net, the tenth this year, was first established for talks on the future course of the music industry in the digital era.

Speaking on Saturday, Park was introduced as the founder of JYP Entertainment and the producer and creater of Korea’s world renowned pop stars/groups including Rain and Wonder Girls.

JYP Entertainment says Park spoke before some 800 music officials from around the globe about his expertise on creating and globalizing pop stars and his future plans to advance to the US and Europe. He stirred high interest and received a number of questions after the speech.

He also held interviews with worldwide media outlets from France, the UK, US, Germany, China, Japan, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

After the speech, Park said that interest in the Korean music management system–in regards to the global music industry and international entertainment companies–was astounding, and that he was honored to introduce JYP’s star management system on behalf of the Asian entertainment business.

Source: KBS Global

Park Jin Young Unveils The ‘Hammer Dance’ For His ‘Dirty Party’

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Singer Park Jin Young will reveal the ‘hammer dance’ in December’s concert [Dirty Party].

On KBS program ‘Entertainment Relay’ broadcast on the 6th, Park Jin Young conveyed his recent status stating, “I give my greetings after 1 year. Glad to meet you.” and “I’m finishing up a singer’s album that will debut in America next year and spent time producing TV programs.”

And on the topic of the performance of his new dance Park Jin Young revealed “I plan to dance the ‘hammer dance’ in this concert.” With a demonstration he said, “In this dance your body heaves and dance like hitting a hammer.”

For the ‘Dirty Party’ performance in December Park Jin Young “shaped the body for two months” and revealed that this is the “lowest body weight in 10 years.”

In this broadcast Park Jin Young also surprisingly confesses that “I raised Rain but truthfully Rain made me grow alot.”

Source: Newsen
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JYP Entertainment Opens in China

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Korea’s leading entertainment company JYP Entertainment held a launching ceremony for JYP China in Beijing on Monday, October 13. Led by producer/singer Park Jin-young, JYP China held a press conference to announce its plan to discover new stars in China.

At the press conference JYP China also presented a showcase of 24-year-old Liu Xin, JYP China’s first rising star. Liu Xin is the winner of the first audition hosted by JYP China and the Chinese corporation of Samsung Electronics. Since the audition, she underwent JYP Entertainment’s rigorous training program before making her debut with a single album.

JYP Entertainment official said that, with the establishment of JYP China in addition to JYP Korea and JYP USA, the company is ready to challenge the worldwide pop culture market. He added that the successful debut of Liu Xin has heightened Chinese youths’ interest in the JYP audition and brought a vast number of talented people to the second round of audition. Samsung Electronic official also said that Liu Xin will take active part in most of the Samsung promotions in China.

Picture Source: Herald Media

New JYP artist Liu Xin Debuts

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JYP Entertainment which has churned out stars like Wonder Girls, 2PM and JOO has founded local corporation in China, JYP China and they are coming out with it’s first new artist, Liu Xin.

Liu Xin makes her debut in the Chinese market with the digital single, Color ‘颜色(옌써)’ on the 22nd. In 2007 JYP Entertainment in cooperation with Sam Sung held an UCC Audition in China and out of 15, 000 Liu Xin emerged the winner. And for about 1 year she stayed in Korea with JYP artists such as the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and JOO while training on her vocals and dance.

If Liu Xin does well in China then she may target the global audience following in Wonder Girl’s footsteps revealed JYP.

Source: Newsen
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