Female Big Bang to be Unveiled

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Long mysterious female group is to be unveiled this weekend. Tentatively named “Female Big Bang,” the four-member female band has been preparing for its debut for the past four years. YG Entertainment, the management company for both male and female Big Bang, says the group will release its long-awaited single “Lollipop” on all online music sites on Friday and make the first TV appearance on a LG Cyon commercial due to air on Saturday. The final version of the “Lollipop” music video will be released some time between late March and early April. The group’s official debut is scheduled to take place in early May.

The four members of Female Big Bang are known to be exceptionally talented and appealing. Some have already made their appearances on TV, like Sandara Park, who rose to fame in the Philippines before coming to Korea, and Park Bom, who appeared on a commercial with super diva Lee Hyo-ri. Also included in the band are Kong Min-ji, a granddaughter of legendary Korean traditional dancer Kong Ok-jin, and C L, known to speak four languages and excel in rap, dance, and singing.

Source: KBS World


Love Is In The Air For Epik High

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It seems that all three Epik High members are enveloped in happiness as Tukutz reveals the truth about his own relationship.

Epik High with members Tablo, Mithra Jin and Tukutz banded together to form a hip hop group and debuting in 2003, they have soared with popularity with numerous hit tracks like “One,” “Umbrella,” and “Love Love Love” among others.

Recently, Tablo revealed his relationship with actress Kang Hye Jung and became the envy of the world.

Mithra Jin also revealed that he has a longtime girlfriend whom he’s associating with.

And final member, Tukutz revealed in a fashion magazine interview, “I actually do have a girlfriend,” and “I speak out the name of the person I love when I’m alone.”

Source: Ibtimes
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Girls’ Generation Tiffany Debuts Solo

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Girls’ Generation member, Tiffany is debuting with a solo track.

Tiffany participates in the soundtrack of current SBS drama, ‘Princess Ja Myung Go’ with the track, “I Alone.” This will be first time participating on a soundtrack with a solo track since her initial debut.

The work of popular composer, Lee Sang Jun, “I Alone” represents Princess Nak Rang’s sadness which is expressed through Tiffany’s very emotional and strong vocals, alongside a mysterious piano melody and an orchestra.

Tiffany’s solo track will be available online on the 26th on music sites such as Melon and Dosirak. The ‘Princess Ja Myung Go’ soundtrack will be available beginning in early April.

In the meantime, creating the ‘Gee’ craze this year, Girls’ Generation are planning to wrap up their mini album activities by the end of this month.

Source: My Daily
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Former Wonder Girl Appears Alongside New Artist

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Former member of Wonder Girls, Hyun Ah is making a surprise appearance in the music video of new and upcoming artist, AJ.

Starting afresh with a new group and under a new label, Hyun Ah became close friends with AJ and now is gladly willing to help him with his debut. Hyun Ah herself is currently preparing to debut in May.

Recently a music video teaser for AJ’s title track, “Dancing Shoes” featuring AJ’s superb dancing and cute smile was unveiled to netizens. Raising the curiosity of many, especially with the surprise appearance by Hyun Ah in the teaser video, netizens await the debut of AJ.

Source: Star News
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Just Released: Son Dambi – Saturday Night Music Video

March 24, 2009 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Releases | 1 Comment

Check out Son Dambi’s full music video!

New Actress Kim Min Ji Cast For ‘Boys Over Flowers’

March 24, 2009 at 11:34 am | Posted in Television | 22 Comments

New actress Kim Min Ji as been selected to play the character known as Umi in the original version of ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

The BOF production company revealed to the Asian Economic Daily news over the phone that, “Kim Min Ji has been decided upon to play the character known as Umi in the Japanese version and she will make her appearance on the 30th in Episode 24 uptil the 25th episode.”

Kim Min Ji was recently in the KBS drama, Empress Cheon Chu and now in BOF she will aid Goo Jun Pyo who loses his memory and ultimately cause a rift between him and Geum Jandi acting as the part of Umi.

In the meantime, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will end it’s run with the 25th episode to be broadcast on March 31st.

Source: Asia Economic Daily
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Police Tracing Sex Contacts of Jang Ja Yeon

March 23, 2009 at 1:37 am | Posted in Stars | 8 Comments

Police raided the late actress Jang Ja-yeon's management agency office in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul, Sunday and confiscated various documents and computer files. Curiously, the building has a bedroom and shower.

Police raided the office of the late actress Jang Ja-yeon’s management agency in Seoul amid growing allegations that the office had been used for years as a room for secret entertaining and sexual intercourse between show business VIPs and its actresses.

The Bundang Police Station said investigators arrived at the office in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul, at 1 a.m. They confiscated more than 200 documents, surveillance camera records and computer files in a three-hour search of the building. They confirmed the veiled three-story building had a bedroom and shower on the third floor and the first floor was remodeled like an upscale bar.

The raid was aimed at securing evidence backing the late actress’s claims in a suicide note that she was pressured to entertain and have sex with media and corporate executives in exchange for raising her media exposure through their influence, police said.

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Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub, Kim Rae Won: 2009 ‘New Troika’

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This year’s new threesome takes over the theaters. They are Kang Ji Hwan with ‘Seventh Grade Civil Servant,’ Kim Rae Won with ‘Insa-dong Scandal’ and So Ji Sub with ‘Sophie’s Revenge.’

Movie goers will first meet actor Kang Ji Hwan who returns with ‘Seventh Grade Civil Servant,’ which opens on April 23rd.

Kang Ji Hwan brings his killer charm to the screen as the character, Jae Joon. Romance and laughter await as Kang Ji Hwan and actress, Kim Ha Neul realize they had been hiding their true identities from each other only to become partners at the National Intelligence Service.

On the other hand, Kim Rae Won plans to showcase his intellectuality as well as charm in ‘Insa-dong Scandal’ which is about Lee Kang Joon who is Korea’s top arts specialist. The movie will open on April 30.

After starring alongside Kang Ji Hwan in ‘A Movie Is A Movie’ and making a succesful comeback with the current drama, ‘Cain & Abel,’ So Ji Sub also stars in the joint Korean & Chinese production, ‘Sophie’s Revenge.’

Escaping his usual portrayals, much interest is on So Ji Sub’s new role alongside his Chinese co-star, Zhang Zi Yi.

Source: Now News
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Yoon Eun Hye Appears At Kim Jong Kook’s Concert

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Connected as a couple since the ‘X-Man’ days, Yoon Eun Hye suddenly turns up at Kim Jong Kook’s first concert in 5 years.

Yoon Eun Hye enjoyed the concert in full with her visit on the 21st at the Ewha Womans University in Seoul. Kim Jong Kook delighted the 3000 fans with recent hit tracks as well as hits from his Mikey and Turbo days.

Yoon Eun Hye attended the concert as one of Kim Jong Kook’s fans along with her manager for three hours. At the end of the concert, Yoon Eun Hye delightfully greeted Kim Jong Kook and then left with her manager.

Source: Star News
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Daniel Henney, “Park Joon Hyung’s Entry Into Hollywood Is A Success”

March 21, 2009 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Movies, Stars | 1 Comment
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“It seems to be successful” said actor Daniel Henney as he commented on Park Joon Hyung’s recent entrance in Hollywood.

After screening the movie “Dragonball Evolution” which opened at the Coex Megabox in Seoul on the 20th, Daniel Henney said that “Park Joon Hyung played the character perfectly and his acting was highly impressive.”

Playing the character Yamcha, “Dragonball Evolution” is Park Joon Hyung’s Hollywood debut. Daniel Henney also stated, “I’ve never seen a Korean actor performing in English,” and “Park Joon Hyung’s entry into Hollywood seems like a very successful one.”

Source: SPN
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