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You may have noticed that updates have slowed down considerably here at Seoulfull. We both apologize for not keeping the blog updated, but we have been busy. As of now, we’re still thinking about the future of Seoulfull so we aren’t sure what will happen to the blog.

For now, we’d like to redirect you to our Blogroll, which includes some wonderful sources of the latest KPop news. Additionally, Vanessa (heygingersnap) has recently been spending some time in the Music section at Ningin, so you can find her there as well.

Seoulfull Team
(Nat & Vanessa)


SEOULFULL Update: Holiday Greetings!

December 20, 2008 at 5:36 am | Posted in Seoulfull | 7 Comments

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to our readers!

We hope your holidays are going well. Recently, you may have noticed our lack of updates. Much slower than usual isn’t it? The both of us are in the midst of wrapping up school, traveling, and family obligations and we’re sincerely sorry we haven’t had the time to update much. We hope you will all understand and bear with us for a little while longer?

We will do our best to update when we can. As we head into the new year, expect Seoulfull to be back in full force and better than ever!

Enjoy your holidays and thank you very much for the support!

Seoulfull Op/Ed: When Words Kill

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The suicide of actress Choi Jin Shil has become such a cause for concern that it has also garnered the attention of the English speaking media. Newsweek, an American weekly news magazine which is America’s second largest magazine ran an article in the beginning of October entitled, “When Words Kill: Suicide spurs bid to regulate the net in South Korea” bringing to attention the state of a country seemingly lost in cyberspace stating, “Korea’s growing Internet problems stem from its strength in information technology. Local portal sites such as Daum and Naver exert enormous influence on society as they nearly monopolize forums for public debates.”

Where opinion can turn into fact within a few seconds and where any individual — a CEO of a multi million dollar company with a grudge or a bored high school freshman — can express their opinion, where do we draw the line between free-speech and libel?

Seoulfull readers are citizens of the net as well, what’s your take regarding your fellow netizens? Be sure to check out the full Newsweek article HERE.

Thank you gypsy_sonata for the forward!

ATTN: To All Seoulfull Readers

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How are we doing so far readers?
Please let us know by providing some feedback! That is the only way we know how we’re doing and what more we can do for you. To better understand what you’d like to see here at SeoulFull please either vote in the poll or leave a comment (or both!). It will be highly appreciated!

Also, if you have any articles you’d like translated please email us via seoulfullkpop@gmail.com or just comment on any of our posts here. And finally, if you’d like to help the SeoulFull team please contact us via email (seoulfullkpop@gmail.com).

SEOULFULL hits BOTD again!

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Wow, SEOULFULL has made it to the Blogs of the Day again, this time at #50! It’s incredible! Thanks so much, everyone, for visiting and giving us your support. However we can’t help but notice so many hits and so little comments? 😦 Even though our posts are not snarky (or may not even be that funny XD), it still takes time and work to keep this blog alive. Please give us your input to keep us going! We would appreciate it so much.

(Nat & Vanessa)

SEOULFULL says thank you! :)

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SEOULFULL was featured on WordPress’s Blogs of the Day. According to WP, “The most popular WordPress.com blogs are ranked here according to a special formula.” We are honored to possess the 72nd spot for the day! Thanks to everyone for your support and visits. Please take time to comment on any of the articles if you can; we would definitely appreciate it! Keep on KPopping right here at SEOULFULL.

(Nat & Vanessa)


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Like what you see here so far? Please support us in your comments and spreading the word! We would appreciate it so much, as we hope to stay open but can only do so with your support. Comment and tell us what you think of the blog and the news and articles posted here! Fyi, you don’t need to join WP in order to post a comment. 🙂


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