New Actress Kim Min Ji Cast For ‘Boys Over Flowers’

March 24, 2009 at 11:34 am | Posted in Television | 22 Comments

New actress Kim Min Ji as been selected to play the character known as Umi in the original version of ‘Boys Over Flowers.’

The BOF production company revealed to the Asian Economic Daily news over the phone that, “Kim Min Ji has been decided upon to play the character known as Umi in the Japanese version and she will make her appearance on the 30th in Episode 24 uptil the 25th episode.”

Kim Min Ji was recently in the KBS drama, Empress Cheon Chu and now in BOF she will aid Goo Jun Pyo who loses his memory and ultimately cause a rift between him and Geum Jandi acting as the part of Umi.

In the meantime, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will end it’s run with the 25th episode to be broadcast on March 31st.

Source: Asia Economic Daily



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  1. OMG
    I don’t like umi

  2. something about her reminds me of Kim Bum O_o

  3. yeah ure right..her face was like kim bum..i’m really curious abous the ending..

  4. yeah ure right..her face was like kim bum..i’m really curious about the ending..

  5. what?! im confused she will be in ep 24&25?

  6. OMG…so they are gonna throw in this person just like in the Japanese version….geez….

    I love Boys over Flowers…but the one thing I got soo irritated about….was how they made WooBin the useless character….THEY DIDN’T EVEN SHOW HIS SISTERS…. TT also…they only showed a brief scene of his emo side with YiJung… arg…

  7. though woobin is part of F4..he plays a small role that’s why he has a little exposure…don’t forget that the story is all about jandi and jun pyo…

  8. I haven’t even seen episode 24 & 25, but I’m already starting to hate her x[ We’ll see.

  9. yo~
    she really did a good job, becz almost every1 hate on her when she was pretend cryin said that F4 them bully her.. gonna puke -.-”

  10. i didn’t understand the article”In the MEANTIME, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will end it’s run with the 25th episode to be broadcast on March 31st.”

    it says MEANTYM so it means that theres continuation of boys over flower more than 25 episode????

    i hope so?!


  12. when did the filming of BOF start and end? They were filming ep 25 of BOF in march?

  13. Oh no. Jun Pyo will lose his memory and forgets everything about Jan Di. Then this girl will cause a rift between Jun Pyo and jan Di. I will definitely hate her.

  14. But no worries 🙂 I’ve seen the ending. Jun Pyo will marry jan Di. Therefore there’s a happy ending after all. Sorry if i spoil some of you. \m/

  15. She is the MOST ANNOYING character in the show. She’s even more annoying than President Kang. If I were Jan Di, I would’ve ripped off her hair. lol XD

  16. yah.. i don’t like her either.. she is so annoying… no if i were Jan Di, i would’ve ripped her head off.. ahahaha just kidding… fighting!!! i ♥ lee min-ho

  17. omg i cant believe that!!!!!!!

  18. DUH!!!…….i don’t like her because …….she’s feel beautiful but its not

  19. dangerous…….she is so very BAD because…….she’s not saying the truth from jun pyo

  20. I Hate Her

  21. i hate jang yu mi


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