Meet BoA at Forever21 in Pasadena, CA on March 22

March 17, 2009 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Music | 10 Comments

Come meet BOA at Forever 21 in Pasadena, this Sunday March 22nd from 3pm – 5pm! BOA will be taking photos and signing autographs AND you will receive 10% off your entire purchase from 2p-6p at the Pasadena location only! BOA Meet & Greet this Sunday at Forever 21 in Pasadena!

Forever 21
35 N De Lacey Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103
KIIS will be on-site 3pm-4:30pm

Credits: Danzo (Danny Truong) @Soompi + KIIS-FM

Remember that BoA’s U.S. debut album is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon! Check your local stores and call to see if it’s available there too.



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  1. I wish I could go, shame I cant!
    but I will most definitly check out BoA’s new album!!

  2. yay, i’m going

  3. Im very jealous
    i wish i lived in the area

  4. I wish I could go! >.<

  5. I wonder if they’ll sell her album at Forever 21. Any news? If so I’ll probably drop by lol.

  6. Man, I really wish that I lived there or at least in California!! I’m so jealous!!!!! lol

  7. it was pretty much lame…

    she came an hour late and left like… scheduled time

    so there were alot of disappointed fans that werent able to take pictures or get their cds signed even if they waited hours before scheduled start time

  8. Welllll. Despite what above said.. On the forever 21 site it said it was from 3:30-5 (not 3-5). She got there around 4.. and then (according to KIIS) she herself said she wanted to stay a little longer because of the big turnout (15 minutes haha)… and so she was signing and stuff from 4-5:15… So yeahh. I got there late (aka right when it was supposed to start) and hte line was wayyy long.. and thenn. Yeah. Although I couldn’t get stuff signed, I just went in and took pictures/recorded stuff of her.. What was totally =((( was at the end, after she left, I was near the little platform and they were giving out the extra posters.. and people pushed like crazy.. Despite being so close, I didn’t get any (not agressive enough) and it was very =__= being smushed against gross bodies of lifeeee. >__>;; But anyway. In the end, my friend and I got the advertisements (the ones that looked like what was on the forever 21 website).. Rawr. It was.. an experience though XD.

  9. went there 2 and half hours early hoping she will be there at exactly 3pm! but then she came at 4, what was disappointing is I didn’t even get to get her autograph and take a picture with her. I just took got some snapshots of her when she was signing. everyone was so disappointed when she life at 5:15 and what’s crazy is people were waiting in the back exit of Forever 21 where the car is waiting to pick her up. one fans came up and insist to get her to sign her poster, but she couldn’t (b/c it would be unfair right? but then I feel sorry for that girl) she practically ran after the car and some other people also…kind of wasted my whole day there. =(

  10. Ugh, my friend told me there were a bunch of people who cut in lines.
    There were a lot of immature asian teens. She was upset that she didn’t get anything signed but someone she knew was able to get her album signed! Her friend said that her manager was really mean and kept rushing BoA so BoA couldn’t even write out ” TO:~~” But she also over heard staff say to someone that Boa was sick and needed to go to the hospital.

    what’s crazy is that she was smiling and she looked pretty okay. she just looked tired as always. my friend said she couldn’t tell she was sick and kind of likes her more because of the fact that she kept on smiling and stayed a bitlonger because there were many fans.

    one last thing my friend said that is people went crazy and tore down the posters.

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