SNSD Tiffany Takes Kara Seung Yeon’s Place in Nassun’s Song

March 15, 2009 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Music | 21 Comments
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For some reason, Girls’ Generation Tiffany has been performing with Nassun on his song “Come To Play” (놀러와) even though it’s really Kara’s Seung Yeon who was featured in the original recording. Anyone know why this is?…

Watch the March 13th performance on KBS “Music Bank” below. Who do you think does a better job in the part?



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  1. def tiff!
    shes way prettier and such a better dancer
    theres way more s<3nes than kamilias
    so its better for nassun

  2. forgot to add that shes a way better singer

  3. Maybe Nassun is trying to gain more popularity by featuring popular female idols? Jewelry S (in his MV) ..Kara…SNSD.

    Anyways, Tiffany makes the song less annoying.

  4. lolll its funny to see so many ppl hating on kara
    i actually think both of them fit the song
    but anyways
    i also guess its a popularity thing

  5. tbh i think Tiffany has a good voice for the song however i think Seungr Yeon looks cuter in the perf.

    lol i agree with Orange

    but i dont get why they are performing with him in the song since all they are singing is the chorus .o.

  6. of course tiffany!
    she’s much more talented and a much better singer!

    seungyeon can’t even sing for crap

  7. Tiffany hands down.

  8. you guys make s<3nes look bad.. shame on you.
    Probably SungYeon had a problem.
    we never know

  9. I can’t stand Nassun’s voice, so its hard to concentrate on the girls.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Seung Yeon but I’m a little biased against Tiffany–she’s not very nice in person -_-

  10. personally i like sy voice better…it seems to suit this song more, no matter how annoying other ppl think it is ^^
    plus tiffany’s voice is deeper and huskier…so i wonder why it sounds ridiculously high here -______- it doesnt even sound like tiffany is singing for reals

    but as said above…it’s a popularity thing. snsd is more popular than kara therefore ur bound to hear more of tiffany’s fans than sy’s

    last comment…i swear lol
    this song is kinda stupid…sry to all nassun fans but half the song is just “놀러와~ 놀러와~”

  11. ^ totally have to agree with you. SY’s voice suits it more, since she sang the song they made it fit her voice. Tiffany’s voice is much more lower. it looked to me like she was having a hard time singing it very high.

    the reason why he changed girls, is to gain more popularity. From what I heard he’s going to be changing different girls.

  12. Urm… let me get to the point. I think Tiffany is better. Yeah, maybe I AM a S>3ne than a Kamilia but I still like Kara though. (especially when their new song is out ^^)
    Well, the reason I think like that ’cause Fany has a cute and bubbly character, you know. And hell yeah, I have to admit that Fany’s voice and dancing skill is better than Seung Hyun.
    No offense though. I still like both of them.

  13. tiffany ofc 🙂

  14. as long as the song remains ear candy for me, i dont really care if its tiffany or Seung Yeon singing since they both sound exceptionally good to me! `course, OMO

  15. yay tiffany 🙂

    snsd fighting…

    forget kara…kekeke!!

  16. hmmm yea i reckon seung yeon suits the song more…

  17. Seungyeon hands down. this song is made for her voice. tiffany’s voice sounds awkward high-pitched. the sones are just pushing kara aside because, well, they’re sones, haha.

  18. i don’t like kara..
    their dance where so weird…

  19. tiffany all the way!
    sure…. she altered her looks drastically.
    she cant sing high pitch without killing everyone who’s listening
    she cant be cute w/o making people puke

    but its okay.none of that matters.SNSD all the way~ there are NINE others so its easy not to notice how bad you are.

  20. I have to say that Tiffany has very good singing skills and nice voice. And she can dance very well. She’s an all-rounder and that a fact. Seung Yeon’s nice too… But in comparison I think Tiffany’s better.I like both SNSD and KARA. So it’s fair and square here.

  21. I think Tiffany did a better job. Seungyeon’s not bad actually, but too be compared Tiffany did it better.

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