2AM’s “180° Transformation” for 2nd Single

March 15, 2009 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Music | 16 Comments

2AM, who debuted in 2008 with “This Song” (이 노래), has turned 180 degrees for their second single according to the teaser picture.

The title song will be “Time for Confession,” and their second single will go on sale March 19.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. they look disgusting

  2. That dude has one crazy six pack! Are you girls into that? Or feel its “disgusting” per the comment above ?

  3. i prefer them look normal
    but whatever!
    just hope the song turn out good!

  4. they look so funny.
    but i believe Jo kwon can turn 180 degrees on stage..
    i hope they don’t just stand whole performance.
    it’s so boring

  5. OMG!
    What’s wrong with everyone?
    I could not stop thinking about this picture today at school…
    I’m super excited for their comeback…
    And Seul Ong is hot…why would it be disgusting?

  6. B/c the abs is so FAKE.
    And aside from the fake abs, nothing is new.

  7. heard of them and heard their songs
    the guys abs look really fake
    but the one all the way at the rite looks really cute
    anyone want to tell me his name?

  8. If im not mistake.he’s Jung Jinwoon born in 1991.
    his cyworld http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=52988059

  9. 😮
    Look at that six pack! >3

  10. ^
    hey, the point is the abs belong to some guy out there. XD

  11. I think that’s JYP’s abs and they PS it on 2Am. Urg..terribly fake and sucky PS skill…

  12. actually I’m pretty sure those abs r real even up kwon has pretty nice abs if u go on youtube and type in hotblood and c their documentary which was filmed a little before their debut

  13. If that’s his real abs…then ewwww… he’s disgusting

  14. lol. you guys talked aloud about your being disgusted as though people don’t feel disgusted reading your ignorant comments.

    if you’ve seen jokwon’s abs, i think you’d reserve your loud thinking.

    i don’t know what’s up with k-ent currently to make boys look like adult – probably to tackle rich, nuna fans – but these boys have talents so i hope they’ll continue to prove themselves.

  15. These boys are gayer than my gay horse …

  16. Faricsyung is right.
    They work hard, and they have talent.
    Unlike the ignorant morons bashing on them.

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