Police Invesitgate Authenticity Of Jang Ja Yeon’s Letters

March 14, 2009 at 9:43 pm | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments

The police have started an investigation into the contents of the documents left behind by the deceased actress Jang Ja Yeon.

The contents of the letters that Jang Ja Yeon wrote and sent to her former manager were obtained and revealed by KBS Nine O’Clock News on the 13th.

Writen by her own hand, Jang Ja Yeon’s letter confesses, “The Director would drink when he would play golf and demand entertainment,” “Until the demand to sleep together were met, there was force to play host,” “In the room, locked in his grip, bottles were thrown at my head countless times and threatening letters were also sent” among many other revelations.

The Police revealed, “An additional investigation is underway for the circumstances of Jang Ja Yeon’s inevitable suicide” and “Confirming the authenticity of the letters written by Jang Ja Yeon revealed by the press takes precedence. We intend to seize the documents to authenticate it’s contents, and the remaining family members and the management company are subject to an investigation.”

On the 14th, the police will first take a statement from the family and plan to investigate the Director of the management company and verify the allegations of abuse and extortion.

Source: Break News
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. Why is the manager trying to complicate things?
    I would like to get to the bottom of her death but why is the manager just being so dang….UGH!!

  2. ^ How is the manager trying to complicate things? JJY wanted these letters to be revealed.

  3. I am disgusted and disheartened by the Director of Jung Jayeon’s management company.
    He is a cruel, selfish, immoral, and depraved man using his money to take advantage of young, naive girls who possibly have low self-esteem or are poor.
    And to top it off, he uses violence? I’m sorry to say this, but I wouldn’t mourn his death. Such people are useless to society.
    His greedy actions caused Jayeon to hate her life so much that she committed suicide.
    I hope he never gets past this shame. I know I won’t forget this.

  4. To the people on so called pleasures, excessive money, powers to build stars and starlets. TO the Koreans was so called producers of all lights camera actions. May THE LORD GOD visits you!.
    God Bless…….

  5. poor poor think…

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