Cambodian Group Copies Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

March 14, 2009 at 12:04 am | Posted in Music | 33 Comments

The Cambodian version of “Nobody” is sparking a flurry of controversy. Cambodian female quartet RHM sang a Khmer version of Wonder Girls’ hit “Nobody” without JYP Entertainment’s permission. Dressed in the same outfits as the Korean girl group and dancing to the same choreography, RHM’s performance of “Nobdy” was posted on the online UCC site, YouTube, recording more than 500 thousand hits.

Wonder Girls’ spokesperson at JYP Entertainment said that the video is definitely illegal, although Wonder Girls and their agency understand that the posting reflects the group’s huge popularity overseas. It’s reportedly not that uncommon in Southeast Asia to find foreign hits sung in their respective languages. Other pirated versions were discovered in China and Thailand. JYP Entertainment is seeking legal actions together with Sony ATV overseeing the overseas copyrights of “Nobody.”

Until now Korean musicians have been powerless to stop illegal remakes or adaptations in foreign countries. One music industry insider says that a few years ago an Italian singer copied Lee Jung-hyun’s “Wa” in its entirety. Copyright violation has been rampant in Asia, but, starting with Wonder Girls’ “Nobody,” copyright holders are going to fight back and protect their intellectual properties.

Source: KBS World

It’s obvious that this group copied Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”… but some people should be careful. I can see how racist comments can arise from this incident. >_>



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  1. i dont know what to say but.. woww lol

  2. i got nothing to say except
    N O O O O O O O O O O O!

  3. ahahahahahahahahaa -__-

  4. Bull Shit

  5. Better call them to Internationl Court or teach them how to create their own Song, otherwise they dont need to open their own Production.

  6. Ew. The cambodian group can’t sing or dance. Or spell for that matter either.

  7. Ew. They can’t dance or sing.

  8. sorry to hear that!

  9. …. wtf was that? D:

  10. not only did the cambodians steal “nobody”, but they also took “tell me” and uhm jung hwa’s “festival.” they should be dealt with by the full extent of the law.

  11. that’s ound funny

  12. IRONY mal du andae,
    Korea is getting some of its own copyright medicine. Most of Korean pop is derived directly from US pop anyway.
    And the dancing is so poor I doubt whether you could even classify it as copying KKK

  13. so sorry to hear that! RHM copies the most hit songs, always!

  14. it not so strange to hear that because RHM alway copy:::::::::::

  15. LOL. omgosh how embarrassing.


  16. RHM Producer had no brain to create new song but clever to copy.

    Wish your company bankruptcy early.

  17. sorry to hear that 😦
    anyway, i also hate RHM production because RHM always copies the songs from the other countries……. they dnt kno how to write their own songs shit ! what RHM gonna do ?

  18. ខ្មាស់គេមែនទែន​ ចំពោះរឿងដ៏គួអោយអាមាស់នេះ​ Hi RHM friends, you did shit things so far. Please make up your identity or otherwise, get of Cambodia, a world wonders country with our owned creativeness.

  19. It is too bad….

    I also hate RHM since the begining…

    However, dont talk about my nation singers like that.. cos it shows that you yrsef hate yr own mother language pronunciation…

    Copy always happens in Asia n a round the world in MUSIC INDUSTRY… KoREA also copy drama “Boys Over FLowers” fr Japan also. Reconsider it!!!! will you???

    I dont mean RHM are right… it is just a minority and few ppl like to make our country ashamed to the world…

  20. I’m so sorry to heard that.
    I dont like RHM too.
    but it’s just normal for all country
    around the world would like to copy
    Coz it’s only sell in country not
    sell to another country
    and Khmer’s song not famous
    so, I think it’s nothing.

  21. I’m so embarrass to heard that.
    I dont like RHM too.
    but it’s just normal for all country
    around the world would like to copy
    Coz it’s only sell in country not
    sell to another country
    and Khmer’s song not famous
    so, I think it’s nothing.

  22. To what I think is that, I support RHM. You know it takes so much time to create a purely-new somg and the quality is not really good like the copied one. WHy not make copy becuase million of songs released out daily. Just copy and remakre it, that’s it. I like those RHM song that copied from Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The ones they create by themself is not as good as the copied ones 😀 believe me!

  23. ហេតុអីក៏ម្នាក់ៗ​ចាំបាច់ខ្វល់ខ្វាយពីចំរៀងប៉ុន្មានបទហ្នឹងម្លេះ?​គ្រាន់តែស្តាប់កំសាន្តទៅបានហើយ​យ៉ាប់ណាស់​។​ចង់អាណាចំលងអីក៏ចំលងទៅ​អោយតែពិរស់​ហា​ហា​


  24. Korea not only copied some Japanese drama, but there are some songs, dramas, or even some products Korean 100% copy from Japan but Korean people have never even noticed that. It is shameful that you Korean people only remember what other people copied from you but don`t remember what you have copied or stalled from other nations

  25. no no no no , it not only RHM , Pls see ReyMeas Production also copies, i’m so sad to hear that bcuz i’m khmer, have many production was copies from other country song, only ROCK PRODUCTION is not copy …
    i’m so sorry to all Korean people la 😀 ok ? but the owner of “Nobody” or JYP Should fine them this time to give them experience.

    ពងទា អើយកុំនិយាយចឹង វាមិនមែនដូងពងទានិយាយទេ នៅប្រទេសគេមានច្បាប់ណា កាលមុនចំលងបទគេ គេមិនប្តឹងតែពេលហ្នឹងវាដល់កហើយ ពងទាដឹងទេ បទហ្នឹងគឺ TOP AWARD IN 2009 ណា ហើយការនិពន្ធបទចំរៀងវាមិនងាយដូចចំលងទេ គេត្រូវការនិពន្ធ បទភេ្លង អត្ថបទចំរៀង………………

    អរគុណ សាមឺឌី

  26. c’mon !! let’s juz leav dis to wateva it’s gonna b.. even if u hate or not , u r not the 1 who’s gonna judge abt this! PEACE!

  27. wtf! omg i’m khmer too
    but dang
    do they have to go that far
    cause that is just way out of line
    they already copied the song
    why the dance and the style…..
    gosh……i i love wonder girls too…
    so sad….

  28. Actually i do love wonder girls. they the best girls bands in asia ever.But i also cambodian.So only sorry and the cambodian singer whose sang this song also my favourite too.

  29. I’m a Cambodian myself and I used to like a lot of RHM songs, but that was before I started to listen to Korean music and became a huge fan of Kpop. Now, I rarely listen to any Cambodian songs because they kind of suck compared to Korean; not only that they tend to copy songs from other Asian countries and the U.S. which irritates me so much because they just turned a song that was perfect and made it into such a horrible song.
    As for the Wonder Girls, I’m not much of a fan of them, but their song “Nobody” is definitely better than the Cambodian version produced by RHM or any other Cambodian versions of “Noboby” produced by other Cambodian productions (Reymeas also has that same song; in my opinion, they were even worse than RHM).

  30. Dear Pongthear,
    Hope you are well after you rejected on my request. Can you appriciate me?

  31. I am cambodian boy i’m sorry all of my country singer action and want jyp entertainment get this problem to international court cause this problem is Not have way to stop,in cambodia government is never care about this lot of cambodian too.please give some lesson for them wake up my heart near boom by this

  32. mi pong tea crazy

  33. I don’t really see anyone posting up that the Thai and the Chinese people have copied it too.
    Maybe they did though, I don’t know.
    I mean, yeahh they could’ve asked for permission.but even if they did, they’d still be called copycats.& they are and people would still be saying shit.
    @ original lab, nice, mann.
    Asians do copy other Asians and Americans.

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