Promotion: BoA on Forever 21, Se7en on Myspace

March 13, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Music | 6 Comments
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It seems that both Korean popstars BoA and Se7en had gotten high publicity from Forever 21 and Myspace respectively. BoA is featured on the home page of Forever 21 with her song playing, and Se7en was featured on the home page of Myspace yesterday under the “Music” category (it seems to be gone today).

We are excited about these promotions and wish both of them the best of luck!



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  1. I’m kinda biased but w/e..I’m still gonna comment…
    I think it’s better to promote on Myspace than on a clothing website…
    Lots of good artists got discovered on Myspace…The only negative thing is the bad comments that Se7en’s bound to read…
    I don’t really see why SM would put BoA’s song on Forever 21, which is a CLOTHING site…IDK…just doesn’t make sense to me..
    But I am biased…

  2. I think it’s good promotion for both of them. Forever21 is a popular site, and it shows that SM is looking at a base that BoA’s music would appeal to. On, BoA’s image is huge and her song plays automatically.

    Myspace is good promotion too for Se7en, though, don’t get me wrong. But it just seems like he was only there for a day.

  3. @cindy–rox:

    I think it’s good publicity, because Forever 21 gets thousands of hits a day. The music is being heard by hundreds of thousands of impressionable girls who are always looking for new music to listen to. MySpace is good as well, but Forever 21 is just automatic while you have to try hard to promote yourself on MySpace.

  4. Forever 21 is a pretty popular brand too, so I think she is being promoted by one of the best clothing companies. 🙂

  5. Good move by BoA’s management, F21 is amazingly popular. If the track hits their in-store playlist I’m sure it’ll create a lot more buzz. Sorry to say but RQM needs to step it up for Se7en. As big of a fan as I am, I’m starting to lose interest.

  6. Yay for BoA and Se7en, although Se7en was for only one day. I was surprised to see BoA on there also, I was like OMG, IT’S BoA!
    I wish that Utada would get the same promotion though.

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