[GALLERY] Super Junior – 3rd Album Promos

March 9, 2009 at 10:54 pm | Posted in Music, Pictures | 18 Comments

Super Junior keeps it clean and simple for their 3rd album promotional images. How do you like this concept?



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  1. I love it. 😀

  2. Oh good lord, look at Heechul’s hair. -sigh-

    Eeteuk leader-shii is looking good though. -nods- I just don’t understand the album concept all that well.

  3. Holy crap. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or did Shindong lose tons of weight? o__o

  4. ” they’re all grown ups ” concept
    i heard the concept was something like ” from boy to man ”
    nice !

  5. kyuhyun….♥ *drools*

  6. OMGee!!!!
    my boys..
    ahh.. i really miss them..
    i like the concept..
    and i can’t wait for their new album.. ^^

  7. aaaaah I love it !!
    I can’t wait for the MV

  8. It’s such a strange clothing concept for their recent song, “Sorry Sorry” (which is great by the way). It feels like a intense, techno song and they’re walking out in suits…don’t get it. But they’re still amazing and can pull anything off!!

  9. from “cute” to “edgy” to “manly”….. =)

    They all look dashing in those suits and yeah, the song has a techno feel to it….. I just notice…. Shiwon’s the tallest… ^^

  10. new shindong is so cute……..hehehehehe….
    he already start a drama , right???

  11. Sungmin and Kangin stands out the most to me…but that’s just cause they’re my faves lol

  12. Like it so much..New concept Rocks!!
    Aigoo uri Kyu Hyun has grown up!!!

  13. omg!!!
    now i remember why they own my heart…

    super junior!!!

  14. kyaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    finally they back,,,

    totally new look,,,
    i just shock with KI new hair cut,,,what a funny,,,

    my luv SJ hwaiting!!!!

  15. okayyyyy….download mv suju in youtube..sorry2yeahhh

  16. 1 word..
    fan girl scream.. \(>o<)/

  17. awesome pics

  18. OMG !!! !!! !!! HeeChul is SOOOO SMEXY with the suit !!! It really fits him and it really looked good on him !!!
    I love Kim HeeChul !!! LOVE SUJU ! ! ! FIGHTING !!!

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