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With the date for her debut U.S. album drawing nearer every day (March 17), Avex has kindly provided us with previews of each of the songs. See if you can catch some familiar tunes! (“Did Ya” samples “Buddha’s Delight” from “Music and Lyrics,” “Scream” has parts of Anyband’s “Daydream,” and “Girls On Top” is the hit title song from her latest Korean album – in English!)

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. I did it for Love
Written by Sean Garrett, Melvin K. Watson Jr., Matthew I. Irby
2. Energetic
Written by Sean Garrett, Yirayah Garcia
3. Did Ya
Written by C.Karlsson, P.Winnberg, H.Jonback, N,Djafari
4. Look Who’s Talking
Written by C.Karlsson, P.Winnberg, H.Jonback, M.Bell, B.Spears
5. Eat You Up
Written by Sigvardt,Mikkel Remee / Thomas Troelsen
6. Obsessed
Written by Troy Verges, Brian Glenn Kennedy, Hillary Lee Lindsey
7. Touched
Written by C.Karlsson, P.Winnberg, M.Wallbert, Toby Gad, Arama Brown
8. Scream
Written by Charlie Masson, Sebastian Larsson, Karl-Johan Rasmark
9. Girls On Top
Written by Young Jin Yoo, Original Lyrics by Young Jin Yoo | English Lyrics by Young-Hu Kim, Lola Fair (Xperimental Music)
10. Dress Off
Written by Adrian Newman
11. Hypnotic Dancefloor
Written by Paolo Galgani , Lisa Rachelle Greene



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  1. Do I see a B.Spears under “Look Who’s Talking”? Is that who I think it is? o_O

  2. Is it just me or did the tone of her voice change?
    The song that I like on her album is “Look Who’s Talking”
    The others were not really music I enjoy…
    Some songs seem repetitive…Like the lyrics…
    I’m not sure how the American population is gonna see her…
    And she should’ve included a ballad to show off her voice…

  3. Wow. Is it just me or is 8. Scream sound exactly the same like Daydream (or one of the other songs, not entirely sure it’s Daydream) for the TalkPlayLove album???

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