Accidents & Now Suicide: ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Weighed Down By Trouble

March 7, 2009 at 11:59 pm | Posted in Television | 14 Comments

Enjoying larger than life popularity, even in the midst of accidents, KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is constantly weighed down by trouble.

‘Boys Over Flower’s first began it’s broadcast in January and gained popularity as it began recording a 20% program rating after the 3rd episode. The popularity of Lee Min Ho including the F4 also soared, not only in the entertainment world but general society itself became part of the ‘Boys Over Flower Syndrome.’

However, tough schedules and filming overnight, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Koo Hye Sun and other actors playing be it large or small roles were constantly involved in car accidents and ultimately on the 7th, rising actress Jang Ja Yeon took her life amplifying the anxiety among viewers.

Regarding this issue, a persons concerned said, “So many bad things develop continuously that it’s distressing. Why things like this constantly happen, I don’t know,” and “(With the death of Jang Ja Yeon) the actors and staff all fell into shock. I sincerely hope that until we’re finished there are no more different accidents.”

As well as the viewers of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ online, who pray that the deceased may rest in peace and wish for the filming to progress without any negative incidents.

Source: Joy News
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  1. soo sad and she was a rising actress..

    RIP to Jung Jayeon and my condolences to her family and loved ones..

  2. I really pray that nothing bad happens anymore to the cast and crew of BOF…
    …I think it’s like a balance, since BOF has earned fast success from the start…but maybe not too.
    I really don’t want to believe that this drama is “cursed”, as other people say…

    My condolences to her loved ones and the cast and crew…

    I hope these celebrity suicides stop in Korea…it’s too depressing sometimes to hear this kind of thing happen often there…

  3. Rest in peace to Jung Jayeon, and my prayers and condolences go out to her loved ones and relatives.
    Also praying, hoping and wishing for the rest of filming for the cast and crew of Boys Over Flowers to go as smoothly as possible.

  4. 7 Accidents and A Funeral

    Now that is what the title of BBF. So sad that it happened. She was so beautiful, don’t understand why she did that. Hope and pray her families and friends are well. Rest in peace~

  5. Jang JaYeon was such a good actress. I loved how everyone hated her part in BOF, not because I hated her, but because it shows how hard she works at her part and how talented she is.
    I hope that she can rest in peace and be free from her past troubles, and love sent to her adored and loved ones.

  6. is that a cursed ?
    freakin’ scary…
    minho is the only guy who didn’t get the accident
    careful !

  7. minho had an accident too….

  8. is the show jinxed? these thing that happened,this is too much coincedence..i guess,all the cast of BBF should take extra precautions..

  9. so shocking…her sister is lonely now…..

  10. hiiiiiii
    im worried about you



  12. nanuen mianheyo 4 her gajok

  13. rest in peace jang ja yeon
    we love you

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