SNSD Breaks Record for #1 on Music Bank

March 6, 2009 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Music | 5 Comments

On March 6, Girls’ Generation won the most consecutive wins on record on KBS 2TV “Music Bank.” They have won #1 for 8 weeks in a row for their hit song “Gee” (January 16, 23, 30; February 6, 13, 20, 27).

Girls’ Generation overcame the previous record of 7 weeks in a row on Music Bank by Jewelry for “One More Time.” Nowadays with the current music industry, the life expectancy of songs has been getting shorter, so it may be a while before another hit song can break this record of 8 weeks.

Upon winning, Girls’ Generation said, “We appreciate all the love from the fans.”

In addition to 8 wins on “Music Bank,” they also won 3 weeks in a row on SBS “Popular Song.”

Source: Newsen
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Congratulations, Girls’ Generation!



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  1. gahh I’m so proud of the girls for the breaking record
    i just hope they can win at least one more time next week for 9 wins~

    SOSHI jjang!

  2. wow~
    soshi onni is d’best !!
    congratz !!

    hope next week they can be #1 again !
    so.. 9 Weeks !
    haha .
    jigeumeun 9irls 9eneration . ^^

    proud to be so one.

    thx ..

  3. I don’t mean to bash them or anything now,
    but I think things have been going smoothly for them just because most of their “rivals” are not active right now. “Gee” is definitely a good and catchy song but you have to admit that postponing their comeback was a very good move by LSM.

  4. They really did good on their comeback. Well, GEE is a really catchy song that’s why it’s popular. But I have to agree that they don’t really have much competition now. Not to bash other artists but SNSD is really popular and SM did a good job in promoting them. They would probably get taken over by Super Junior now that they’re releasing a new album. And they are from SM too…

  5. gee is my favourite song. i hope u guys be #1. good luck.

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