[MV Preview] BoA – I Did It For Love

March 5, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Music | 6 Comments

At BoA’s first U.S. album release party at Zune in Los Angeles on March 3, a music video preview for “I Did It For Love” was released. She continues promoting her album as it drops on March 17, and on that day she’ll be signing at the Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles, and another signing on March 19 at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco (lucky Californians!).

Additionally, her official website has been updated to being promoting his debut album, “BoA.”



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  1. I wished her video had more of a story line…
    And her outfit makes her look like a dominatrix…
    Let’s see how this song goes..

  2. Darn, the signing is on a school day…
    I wish I could go…

  3. yehhhh dominatrix
    wts wif the leather all over
    dun like it

    damn i relli want her to focus on a ballad or two

  4. […] in their careers by trying to break into the American music market. With music video teasers of BoA’s “I Did It For Love” featuring Sea Garrett and Se7en’s “Girls” with Lil Kim, it’s easy to see that there is indeed […]

  5. woaw…she’s finally look like a slut….
    it’s so britney spears…
    why do she have to change her look , it’s so slutti and britney spears…?

  6. The America destroyed BoA, I loved the old her, I don’t really like the new one. Her old songs were a lot better, I want her to at least make one songs that’s like her old ones. And instead of dressing like that why not dress in normal clothes, it would look better than that weird outfit.

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