Girls’ Generation VS Kara for #1 on Mnet “MCountdown”

March 4, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Music | 22 Comments
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Girl groups Girls’ Generation and Kara will be competing for the #1 spot at Mnet “MCountdown.”

Girls’ Generation, who has enjoyed major success so far this year with “Gee,” will have competition from Kara, whose “Honey” has quickly jumped up the charts since they released their special mini album.

Who are you rooting for?

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  1. No doubt it’s going to be Kara since SM artists are banned from Mnet.

  2. So sick of ‘Gee’ now … SO FREAKING ANNOYING
    besides KARA is so much better then SNSD no doubt.
    Go for the gold!

  3. I’ll go with SNSD. Their song “Gee” is way more addicting than Honey.

  4. personally, i hate honey.
    to me, the song really sucks.

    gee is much more addicting, and im still addicted x]

  5. SNSD’s Gee ftw!

  6. I think Gee is more addictive. ~~KARA is not strong enough T_T

  7. Ahaha KARA “honey” moooooree addictive than,,,, “GEE?” i hate GEE to me,,, GEE,,, yucks,,,,, bleh,,, GO KARA

  8. KARA FTW!!!! guys stop bashing each other 😛

  9. Omg. Wonder Girls. haha. JK. I like both songs. Gee is okay, Honey…I like the beat to it [they can’t sing live that good.
    “I want nobody, nobody but chu~”
    “Gee,gee,gee,gee, baby, baby~”
    “Honey, honey, honey~”
    Seriously where is Wonder Girls. They need to do a beat down.

  10. i like “gee” than “honey” …go girls generation

  11. stop bashing (kara) fans>>
    seriously how old are you?
    umm.. i like gee better than honey
    but i like kara´s mister more than gee

  12. ياملح البنات بس مره خقااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااق

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    في املح منهم مشاء الله

  14. i kinda go with Girls Generation because it depends on the audience if they see their favorite singers they really cheer out loud and i dont know with KARA if they had loud cheers

  15. girl generation is beauty girl

  16. i think snsd gee is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than kara honey

  17. geeeee of coruse honey is the most annoyning song i have ever heard

  18. booooooooo kara snsd jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. i have asks my freinds that who is better and they said snsd cause they love snsd and they said that kara sucks and i asks my older sister aand she said snsd and i love ssd too they are wayyyyyy better

  20. my vote goooooooooooos to the………………………………………. girls generation that because i hate kara snsd wayyyyyyyyyyyy better

  21. the girl generation is they are lovely girl

  22. I love girls generation are well simpaticas their expectaculares dance songs and brutal but not listened to Kara for # 1 on Mnet “MCountdown” but no change to Girls Generation Q q Keep Van Bien Asi…

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