‘Boys Over Flowers’ Will Have 2nd Soundtrack

March 2, 2009 at 12:46 am | Posted in Music, Television | 39 Comments

It looks like the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack will have a Volume 2, due to popular demand (and probably just another way to make more money). In a phone call with Newsen on March 1, officials said that the second soundtrack for the highly successful KBS drama will be released in early March.

In addition, SS501 member and actor for Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, has sung his own acoustic version of “Because I’m Stupid,” which has appeared in episodes 15 and 16 already. That version will be included in the Volume 2 soundtrack, along with Kara and A’st1 (who has a member that plays Yoon Ji Hoo’s friend in the drama). The soundtrack will be available online in early March.

Looks like DSP Entertainment has gained quite a bit of promotion with this series!

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. thank goodness because im’ getting sick of the songs they play over and over again as if on loop in every single episode

    darn only if snsd was featured in this soundtrack

  2. As long as I don’t have to hear “almost paaaaaaaaaarrradise!!!!” one more time!

  3. kara a’st1?
    are we going to get some bubbly pop
    rather have snsd and groups that actually sing ballads
    and i agree
    the dramas use of the music is really annoying and disgusting

  4. yay!!
    im just looking forward to songs by SS501

  5. helo,,, iwant 2 say tnx to all…

  6. i love the soundtrack of boys over flowers………

    i am so crazy in love with the lyrics………

    i just want 2 say

    hie to handsome Korean F4……i love all of them and the one who sang the soundtrack

  7. they are my ultimate crash and idols…….yohooooooooo

    i want to m8 you in personal guys…….

  8. a

  9. come to philippines…we all dying to see you all f4 korean!

  10. joeboy And me febbie are the ultimate fan of them especially to jun pyo

  11. always longing to dream the f4….joebz and febbie

  12. their so cute and 100% handsome…..
    febi and joebz…..go here in samal,,,lol

  13. hi ji hoo….i love you…

  14. I love JIHO in F4.I like hin so much.:)


  16. ji hoo
    i love you

  17. helloW!!!!!!!! i loVe you goo JuN pyo HOPE THAT YOU AND F4 WILL COME HERE IN DAVAO DAVAWENUES TRULY LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE WE WILL MEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by;ANGIE!!

  18. haii ji hoo and jun pyo i love you ,,,mwuahx

  19. ang gwapo mo

  20. mahirap mag mahal ng lubos

  21. alam mo paulo mahal kita pero tarantado kalang mamatay kana


  22. .’hi gUys! here in camarines norte, visitors are give muCh appreciation.

    ….camarines norte, especially laboeños and laboeñas are very hospitaBle.


  23. hi jihoo alam mo mahal na mahal kita

  24. mag kakaroon ba talaga ng boys over flowers season 2 at totoo ba na may boys over flowers all season

  25. am a fan of jihoo. he really makes me go crazy…its like seeing an angel in a dream. so cute so cool and so handsome..n mo ova he’s character in boys over….so manly. i wish to see him very much….

  26. hi ji hoo I want to SEE u in PERSONAL u reallY Hve A baBY or just u change the hair of babY????

  27. estas muy guapo

  28. ur so cute nie ke ai !!!

  29. hi your soooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee you know your the ultimate crush ng Philippines ever………………. tsaka ng whole campus……. mwah mwah mwah

  30. by the power vested upon me as the Princess of the color of pink I name you Kim hyun joong

    over ka sa ka gwapo (you so so so so so handsome more than more than the others) hope you’ll come her in the Philippines…..

  31. u is guapo

  32. JIHOO!!!!idol n idol kta !ang galing u,tlaga sna makita kta as in s personal u lov u jihoo!!sheryl 2 taga batangas mhal ko kau..sna mu season 2 p!1!!11

  33. I’d like the “Boys Over Flowers” and thier 4 friends. Thanks!!! Altynay.

  34. da uroy!!!!! mag unsa man ang gwapo nga dli man na inyu………. masakit lng mu ug handom ana .. hahay!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. i need girlfriend.. ds s my no. 09302240163

  36. can we b friends?

  37. hola me llamo esmeralda kisiera jk ustedes boys over flaver sean mi amigos para mis kince años y kisiera trabajar en su programa pork es genial sigan asi es muy bonito ojala me den la oportunidad dios les bendiga

  38. wl

  39. I love jo

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