Park Ji Yoon Returns After 6 Years

February 27, 2009 at 11:48 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

Singer Park Ji-yoon returns to the music scene after six years with a new acoustic ballad album. Having debuted in 1997 with the album “Sky Blue Dream” produced by Park Jin-young, Park Ji-yoon was propelled into stardom with such hits as “I Fell in Love” “I Am a Man,” and “Coming of Age.” Bu she went into semi-retirement in 2003 after the lyrics in her sixth album were considered too obscene.

Since then, Park has turned to acting, appearing in TV dramas and musicals. She has even published a photo essay titled, “Park Ji-yoon’s Secret Garden.”

Park’s new album features mainly sweet acoustic ballads. Some noted musicians like Kim Jong-wan of the band Nell, guitarist Yong-rin of Dear Cloud, and composer Bae Jin-ryeol, who wrote Rain’s “Rainism,” took part in the making of the album. The album also includes some song written by Park herself.

Source: KBS World



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  1. i love her song adult ceremony

  2. I’ll keep an eye out for her new album…
    She has talented people helping her…

  3. Ilikeyourmovieyouknowiamyourgreatestfaniwanttosayhitogoojunpyoandtellhimthatwhenactingheshouldactwithguemjandigoodbuy

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