Koo Hye Sun’s Car Accident

February 27, 2009 at 11:56 am | Posted in Stars | 139 Comments

Koo Hye Sun who is currently starring in the KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flower’ was injured in a car accident.

On the 27th the star’s representative revealed, “She was filming for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ until dawn in Changwon and while heading to Seoul there was a minor collision when the car was changing lanes,” and “There isn’t serious injury but she is currently being examined and resting at a hospital in Seoul.”

Koo Hye Sun has no set filming scheduled for this afternoon, she will rest and after seeing how things turn out she will decide when to start filming again.

Source: Yonhap News
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. OMG!
    Is it just me or is this like a sign that some sorta power doesn’t like the drama?

  2. that’s like three car accidents now, isn’t it? 0_0

  3. OMG!!!!!!! Doesn’t people know how to drive…poor girl working until dawn and then to get into a car accident wow the Producers should be xtra careful with the main stars….and please give them some rest they all deserve it….NO MORE ACCIDENTS PLEASE….change drivers or stay overnight…that what they should have done….

  4. why so many accidents. this so so weird~

  5. I was in korean in august. I can tell you on things, the People in korean doesn’t know how drive a car. They driven really fast in the road it’s crazy. When you are on the Bus you have to be careful or you will fall when it’s stop.

  6. omg! why is this drama cursed with car accidents 😦 first kim bum and now hye sun! they need to learn how to drive safer!

  7. Was she driving ? If so, maybe someone should drive for her. I understand there has been long hours making this drama for all.

  8. 😦 why is it that there is so many car accident? it’s not good to know this news…i will just pray for their safety, cause they don’t deserve this especially when they’re just doing their jobs in order to make us (fans) happy…^^anyway, we all love you Noona Hye Sun so please take care of yourself always^^ GOD BLESS…

  9. 😦 why is it that there are so many, i mean 2 car accidents in the month of February all of a sudden? it’s not good for us to know this news…but i will just pray for their safety, cause they don’t deserve this…especially when they’re just doing their jobs in order to make us (fans) happy…^^anyway, we all love you Noona Hye Sun so please take care of yourself always^^ GOD BLESS…

  10. LOL OMG!! i saw want her to continue filming,, I LUV BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!

  11. she is Ok, i afraid for her.

  12. I hope Koo hye Sun will get better soon…. to continue the filming of boys before flowers because i really love it… and i’m loving it more
    I Love Boys before flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hey, I’m still confused.
    I thought the film Boys Before Flowers had been filmed, so they only have to air it.
    Or they’re still in the midst of filming it ? O_O

  14. Nope, not this show. Its filmed one by one, day by day. Pretty awesome huh?

  15. i hope she gets better

  16. what i cant beleive ooow shes my idol super with kim hyun joong

  17. sarangeyo koo im gwen

  18. what i cant beleive ooow shes my idol super with kim hyun joong im so sad

  19. is it true that koo hye sun commit suicide??? terrible

  20. Why so much accident….terrible….:D….

  21. Koo Hye Sun is my idol she is the best@ i like also Lee Min Hoo Wow the best yong match nila

  22. Awwww. Too bad. Wait, Its filmed one by one, day by day? Wow. When did Boys Over Flowers start to air on tv in Korea?

  23. ….♥♥LoL,,


    MY chaw!!

    …♥♥ eLoW!! KoO hYe suN …

    TC_gB.. 2 U!

    bY My ChAW…


    luv lOtZzz…

  24. OMG!!! is this true….
    is kyo hye is ok…..
    i pray that she a good health…..

  25. I hope you will be fine truly………….take care……………………………………………………God bless you…………………

  26. what is your name my friends

  27. i wish koo hye ssun so call sister will recover soon

  28. OMG!!!

  29. OMG!!im feeling very sad that this accident happened.
    i dont expext it.
    me and my family will pray prey for her.
    Glad that she didnt get any serious injury.
    thanks god she is alive..
    we love KOO HYE SUN.
    godbless you.
    god bless you All,especially the cast of my favorite korean movie.

  30. i hope u will becareful soon…..

  31. pls… becareful… bcause ur so super pretty face will be ugly. ok? just take care…..

  32. your so beATYfu………..

  33. hi jan di,,,you are my idol and i hopefully i cn see you in person that is my only one wish….i love f4 good luck and take care…we love you

  34. that was so sad thank god she is not hurt seriously

  35. hi koo hye sun aka jan di! you are so pretty! i love your character and jun puo’s.you look great together.hope you two will have another korean series and the part two of boys over flowers hehehe…. cant get enough of you two.hope you and lee min ho will end up as a couple in real life.

  36. hi koo hye sun aka jan di! you are so pretty! i love your character and (correction) jun pyo’s.you look great together.hope you two will have another korean series and the part two of boys over flowers hehehe…. cant get enough of you two.hope you and lee min ho will end up as a couple in real life.

  37. It’s just fortunate that I passed by to help her…I almost loose this Girl…shes now getting well…I love this Girl!

  38. your so beautiful koo hye sun

  39. i loove you all

  40. i love you all

  41. please be careful next time…so that i will not get nervous again… thank God your okay…

  42. oh that was bad………….hope she will be safe!!!!

  43. be careful koo hye sun

  44. hi geom Jan Di Koo Hye sun Ur my idol …..hope you are safe……. wish you all!!!!!! see you luv u all

    CAN I?

  46. i love koo hye sun

  47. hello…hope koo hye sun is fine now i will just pray you for your safety….muahhhh…luv yahhh

  48. i HoPe THAt YoUr CArEer wAS GoOD……

  49. hello boys over flawers was a top rating koreanovela here in philippines it was so beatiful more nice projects to come your my idol
    i wish you will visit san antonio quezon

  50. oh my god why is she accident i’m so worried about her “ghu ye sun anyaseyo good luck be careful and more power”

  51. elouw ghurl…”’ol i can zay about u is ///////.ur zouw pretty hah……tc..god blezz ‘nd gud health

  52. sana pumunta ka dito sa pilipinas nanlulungkot ako sa nangyari

  53. sana pumunta ka dito sa pilipinas nanlulungkot ako sa nangyari

  54. i hope that when you go in philppines,,,,i hope i can see you with lee min ho!!!tnx…

  55. hi Koo Hye Sun!!! Ur so beautiful.I love Boys Over Flowers!!! The F4 Are so handsome!!! Boys Over Flowers Is very popular here in the Philippines!!!

  56. hi…jan di.u know wat ur my idol……………
    i hope u will get soon
    tka cre always and god bless u.

  57. hey im jollymay.i love you yhe sun i wish soon we see in personal here in philipines.i think u will came here in philipines on august 2009.i cant wasit to see u friend i love you.

  58. 0mg i will always pray 4 u

  59. be safe always…….iuv u…………………..

  60. i luv u…..

  61. im ur bgzt fan ……try 2 call me at diz num 09089725730

  62. i hope that you will be fine take………………..care……….. and godbless


  63. koo hye sun is so cute, graveh. She has that tantalizing beauty. Para sa akin she is the most beautiful woman in the world coz I believe that “Simplicity is the Real Beauty” Charr. Yeaahh that’s true

  64. hope she allright &she is very cute

  65. hai…..how are u?i hope your okie after your accident……

  66. hi how are u u now ur so pretty on bots over flowers i wish someday u go to phillipines.take care ur self

  67. One time iwas watching shinee,a korean boy group,one of there members was injured but they said that it was a sign of googd luck.So maybe the accidents was a sign for “good luck” and maybe it was because here in the Philippines the Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers” IS SUCH A HUGE HIT even if it was only starting the first episode!

  68. oh my god.. sana gumaling na c jandi… ill pray for her..

  69. uhmm, jan di..i ll really pray for you!!

  70. I wish!!!
    that the cast of boys over flowers would come to the philippines!!!

  71. god bless hope your okay………. love yah….. hope for your many projectsssssssssssssssssssss…………………………….

  72. waht?????????????????????????
    annyeong geum jan jan a.k.a koo hye sun

  73. im sorry for hearing that news….

  74. annyoeong haseyo unni koo hye sun hope you will be all right now….
    you know im so very shock about the car accident happend to you……..
    hope minsunloveteam will have another korean drama…..
    hope that drama will be shown in the philippines again ….
    my inspiration now is minsunloveteam and boys over flowers even though boys over flowers is already finish i will still watch it…..
    hope you have another drama….mianhamnida FOR THE ACCIDENT….

  75. i hope that koo hye sun is ok now

  76. helo

  77. Hi Koo Hye Sun.You its my dream that you & Lee Min Ho will have a special feelings in each other. I want you to be Le Min Ho”s girlfriend.

  78. Hi Koo Hye Sun.You know !!! Its my dream that you & Lee Min Ho will have a special feelings in each other. I want you to be Lee Min Ho”s girlfriend in real life.

  79. OMG i’m so really inpress when i was reading it oh
    my gosh so really lee min ho is the one who save koo hye sun i love
    so much sranghae lee min ho and kim hyun joong

  80. what happen???
    where lee min ho?? lee min ho is not going to anywhere before you did not woke up????
    what do you feel now???
    are you feeling okay?

  81. take care koo hye sun

  82. lee min hoo have another boyfriend

  83. we love you sister koo hye sun sarange i hope and iwish i meet you my name is eunice c. pacite

  84. wt da hell iz hppnng 2 u

  85. koo hye sun be careful next time you don’t have a accident

    God bless!!

  86. why in the whole world there are always has a accident

    leeminho hoo have another boyfriend take care koo hye sun

    and i hope koo hye sun is ok now

  87. leeminho and koo hye sun kissing on the tree k i s s i n g

  88. thanx god she’s not badly hurt..
    go on gurl!

  89. hope you have a movie again with LEEMINHO…
    you guys are very good to see in the movie..

  90. annyung haseyo mianhamnida for the accident unnin koo hye hope you okay>>>>>>>>>>>>.


  92. hi ill hope we will see soon

  93. ill hope you go here in the philippines its so pretty here see yah

  94. youre so pretty adele of bulacan

  95. I’m so sad for you .
    And I love you so much.

  96. hi jandi

  97. WHAT….!!
    OMG!!!!!!!WOOOOHh..unbelievable..it happen already, but for her sad experience..she raise up again..kaya mo yan!!aja!!i know you can passed against that circumtances in your life….

    im your lovable fan here at philippines…

  98. ………………sad to hear that ,..but !m glad that Ur fine!!

  99. ….wish U can come Here in the philippines!!!!! 🙂

  100. Hi.., Koo Hye Sun (Jan Di)
    I Love u..so much

  101. hi koo hye sun!!!!!!!!! hope that u are always ok! pls. come here at philippines!!! take care and godbless!!!

  102. omg
    take care
    hye sun

  103. i love u sana makapunta ako sa korea gusto ako mag shobiz ipa translet nlang ni sandara……………..i miss u

  104. hi jan di sana maging kayo na ni lee min ho regards nalang ako sa kanya i miss u im michelle tanggo from phillippines

  105. SARANGHAMNIDA LOVE U SANA UR OK NOW U are my idol I am ur no.1 fan take care


  107. wish that you are fine !!!!!!!!! can u gave me the email of kim bum,lee min hoo and your”s thanks wish that u will see the beauty of the phillipines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you

  108. I LOVE U KOO HYE SUN . . . .

  109. KOO HYE SUN what ur email plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it

  110. Koo Hye Sun i love u soooo much plzzz add me in YM if u have (^_^) …


    hope ur okey

  111. omg also true gum jan di is accident

  112. hi hello he he he ………………………

  113. now ….i think ur ok now so be humble ok,,,,everythings happened ur still cute,and ugle cute girl and beautefull 4 me ur my i dol….here in philippines,,,always take care god blesss u ,,,,,,

  114. anyong haseyo koo hye sun …….anyong haskim nika?i hope you are ok

  115. shocking naman ang nangyari sa kanya
    flawless pa man din siya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. im hope u will be okey and always god bless anyonnghi kyeseyu go go korea

  117. i hope you and lee min ho go in the philippines i idolize you!!!!! ur so pretty!

  118. hi! I’m bernadeth from Philippines,I hope I can watch your up comig movie in korea “MAGIC”.TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF AND BE HAPPY.I hope you an f4 will visite the philippines……….bye!geum jan di

  119. i very very like you ku hye sun !!!!!!!!!your getting higher!!!!hope that in your busy busy life there,I hope you still remember the most high in heaven…iluvu!!

  120. hi goo hye sou i from iran i gave your film i saw it its perfekt i don not know you can smile very beautiful i love your film i will happy if i see another film of u good luck

  121. Koo hye sun annyong hasseyo saranghamnida chonun so watsumnida e kago shipsumnida Korea sup nee da
    Next time be careful
    one of your fans

  122. koo hye sun come in the philiphines in palawan with the cast of bof

  123. thank god it’s just an accident,, people ova here r spreading a rumor that c is dead

  124. im soo shock

  125. Hello im one of ur fance hope u will fine

  126. i ♥ khoo hye sun!

  127. she is beautiful..?!

    i’m the one of her fans

  128. i love koo hye sun so much…
    lee min-ho ….!!!<3

  129. hello! i mis u…
    i hope you and lee min ho have a movie.
    i love u all………



  131. i love you all the way of my life

  132. hi! koo hye sun.i am so sad when i read the news….please take care your self always….god bless u….im your fan forever…i miss u idol..

  133. hello! hye sun,you know what i am your fan…i love the way you act,the way you sing..i miss you the way you smile,you are so best actress and ofcourse you are so talented….keep it up the good work…take care always…love you idol…
    comment by richelle

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  136. nice day to all of you

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  139. koo hye sun i luv u fighting keep going forward (luv ur film){luv lee min ho,kim bum ,kim hyun joong,kim joon all handsome .luv BOF

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