Fashion Poll: Dresses At The Baeksang Awards

February 27, 2009 at 9:29 am | Posted in Fashion | 3 Comments

Off-The-Shoulder dresses were definitely the trend of the night. Who do you think pulled theirs off the best?



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  1. the way moon geun young and han ye won looked in their dresses as well as how the dresses looked were the best ones. the rest… meh. i expected something better from shinae and yoon eun hye since they’re models, but the dresses sucked 😡

  2. i lllooovvveeeee the color of park shiyeon’s dress! & she picked the perfect belt to go along. gorgeous & daring, she pulled it off really well~

    shinae’s dress was okay, but just wasn’t very impressive, yoon eunhye’s dress made her boobs look weird & choi yuhjin spoilt what could have been a great dress with the worst necklace/choker i’ve ever seen >_>

  3. i think Moon Geun Young dresses looks really nice.simple but nice and really suits her..but the dress that i like the most is park shi yeon dress..and im tottaly agree with bro bout eun hye dress..

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