Se7en’s Official U.S. Website Now Open

February 25, 2009 at 5:38 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

Singer Se7en opened up his official U.S. website on February 25 ( His first single “Girls” music video teaser will be revealed on March 4 (March 5 Korea time), and the full music video will be revealed on March 10 (March 11 Korea time).

Source: Newsen
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I think it’s kind of funny of Se7en’s official website is Se7en Worldwide and BoA’s is BoA America? Is YG trying to tell us something? XD



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  1. world wide, interesting XD

  2. See that’s where Se7en and BoA differ..
    SM is just really concentrated on the American public (and not her English accent)..
    Se7en and YG still remember that Se7en still has loyal fans every where…
    And plus I think YG wants Se7en to debut first…
    I think its a competition (but no one will admit it)…and Se7en will come out on top…

  3. I think that Se7en and BoA will both do well but Se7en will definitely excel!! He is just too darn cute!! His english is improving immensely and my oh my have you seen the music video for “girls’?? I just saw the preview and wow it is HOT!! I am so in love with Se7en!

  4. Se7en what the hell is his problem! Utada already released more songs on Imeem then him. He need to quit playing and release more songs. Yes we love that song you made with little kim. But you need to hurry up and release more! I’m catching rashes just waiting for you stuff to come out boo! (jk jk) When you gone release. I bet about time you release everything be sold! thanks a lot se7en but I still love you, and I’m rooting for my boo!

    ps. Eww boa. Don’t be tryna hit that ether..he don’t want you no more..I bet yo ass wished you would have stayed with him now XD (jk jk)

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