Project Group “24/7” Music Video Features SNSD YoonA

February 25, 2009 at 5:27 pm | Posted in Music | 10 Comments
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SM Entertainment’s handsome project group “24/7” will feature Girls’ Generation YoonA in their music video. The group is made up of TRAX Noh Min Woo, Sidus HQ’s Hyun Woo, and young producer Lee Jang Woo. They are planned to release a digital single with three songs, with the title song “That Guy’s Girl (그 녀석의 여자),” at the end of February.

Hm, maybe they should name the group “The 3 Woo’s” instead?

Source: Newsen
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  1. WOW, they’re hot…
    …and I’ve never done this before, but…First?

  2. Thanks for this info! I’ll be looking forward to their album 🙂
    And it’s nice to see Noh Minwoo back in the music scene again.

  3. they are so ugly. Hot my ass!

  4. Rose ;_; I miss you. TRAX misses you too.

    Hmm, so that producer… what has he produced before? And he’s singing in the single?


  5. I thought Rose left Trax because he wanted to stick with the rock genre; why is he in this group? Anywho, it’s really nice to see him make a comeback but I wish he’d go back to Trax. I miss that group.

  6. They’re all kawaii and cool!
    I never listened to the TRAX! so I’m looking forward to listen to one of their ex-members.. Rose ^^

  7. […] the title song “That Guy’s Girl (그 녀석의 여자),” at the end of February. (Source: Seoulfull) Their song carries a pop-ballad […]

  8. I guess that’s not the real reason of him, quitting as a trax member, Noh Min Woo, doesnt really wanted to be in the music scene, he wants to be an actor, that’s what he really wanted to pursue.. i have read an article about it before.. He said, once that he is settled with his acting career, he might go back into singing.. ^^ Catch him on the Story of Wine and Frozen Flower..

  9. i hit you

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