Bae Yong Joon to Appear in Self-produced Drama “Dream High”

February 25, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Television | 1 Comment

Actor Bae Yong-jun (37) has been flying below the radar since the hit 2007 MBC TV drama series “The Legend” (Taewangsashingi). He is expected to appear in the tentatively-named drama “Dream High,” which he will produce with music mogal Park Jin-young. Keyeast says Bae will produce and plan the drama but is also mulling a screen appearance.

Dream High is the first collaboration between JYP Entertainment, whose largest shareholder is Park, and Keyeast, whose number one shareholder is Bae. It will be a coming-of-age school drama set in an entertainment and arts school. Set to air during next year’s first half, the story will feature a great deal of singing, dancing and acting and will also portray the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

JYP and Keyeast announced the project last month. Park will be in charge of the music production, lyrics, adaptation, vocal and dance training for the cast while Bae will be involved in the overall production and screenplay.

Bae earlier considered his next acting role to be the drama “One Drop” but, due to its delay, he could decide to appear in Dream High instead.

Keyeast says Bae is particularly passionate about the high profile Park-Bae collaboration and if there’s fitting role, he is willing to make an appearance.

The playwright will be chosen and serious preparations will kick off this month.

Keyeast says school teen dramas such as Disney’s “High School Musical” have been massive hits but that Dream High will be different from such existing dramas.

Source: KBS Global


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  1. its nice to hear again that BYJ going to make another film..How i wish he can make i more like Title: THE BACHELOR

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