Hwayobi’s New Music Video Banned from KBS

February 13, 2009 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Music | 10 Comments
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Ballad diva Hwayobi’s music video for her new release, “Half,” was ruled inappropriate for broadcasting by the KBS review board, said the musician’s agency on Thursday.

Her representative said that the decision was rather unexpected, because all the questionable scenes were edited out. The music video supposedly contained some nudity and kissing scenes, which were cut out voluntarily prior to the review. The agency said it took special care to edit the video for public viewing, because KBS has already banned the music video of Seung-ri’s “Strong Baby” from public waves. KBS officials said that the music video’s overall ambience was the issue, not specific scenes. Video will be edited again and submitted for another round of ruling by KBS. Korea’s other two main TV stations, MBC and SBS, had given an okay to the same video.

Meanwhile, Hwayobi’s new title song, “Half,” was opened to the public on February 5. It is now steadily climbing up the music charts.

Source: KBS World
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Watch Hwayobi’s new music video for “Half” below with English subs:



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  1. omg kbs has banned almost everything soon they wont have sh** to show

  2. what?
    why are they going crazy?
    this is a good song and the mv isn’t that sexual at all…

  3. What? Again?Damn KBS

  4. Actually. I don’t blame them for banning or editing this mv this time. I love the song, but the mv not so much. Compared to most of the things you’d see on Western productions, this is pretty tamed but, I think Hwayobi’s mv could have done without the excessive makeout/ready-to-secks scenes and still have the concept get across. :\ It’s seems more like lust than love; and doesn’t help that it starts off with a ‘let’s shag NAO!’ scene.

  5. man, this mv … i dun kare y its banned … just wonder wat hwanhee will think about when he sees dis mv LOL…

  6. I understand cmplty why its banned.

    This is prbly one of the lustfuls mvs ive seen in Korea.

    Most people who dont understand why this mv sod get a grip of themslves. its obvi. Compared to American its not that bad but this is Korea,

  7. epic fail

  8. I loved it! There was nothing raunchy! In fact, the camera, lighting, and filtering effects used were stunning, it was a really high production vid, and the director knew what he was doing. The editors too. Pssh, KBS is dumb, they suck anyway, Mnet and SBS are way better. KBS will be left with nothing to play on their channel except crappy cutesey Kara videos.

  9. I change my mind I LOVE HwaYobi!!!!
    Her voice is AMAZING!

  10. noooooooooooo

    i love hwayobii!!!!!!!

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