Rain Settles Name Dispute, Becomes “The Rain”

February 11, 2009 at 12:33 am | Posted in Stars | 9 Comments

Korean superstar Rain agreed to a deal with an American album maker, Rain Corporation, over a trademark dispute. Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, reported that Rain will use “The Rain” for all his music activities in the United States. However, he will retain his name, “Rain,” for film credits. Also “The Rain,” will be used only in America, thus it’s not likely to confuse his fans in other regions. In accordance with the decision, Rain will release his debut album in America under the name, “The Rain.” The album release is scheduled for late this year.

Rain Corporation, a Las Vegas firm, had filed for damage compensation against Rain for using the name “Rain” for his Las Vegas concert in December 2006. The company also asked for an injunction to ban Rain from using his name in future concerts. The name dispute had forced Rain to cancel his concert in Hawaii in May 2006. Rain was sued by Click Entertainment, the local Hawaiian concert organizer, for 40 million dollars in damage compensation for canceling the concert.

Source: KBS World
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

“The Rain” sounds so funny, but I guess he doesn’t have a choice. D:



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  1. Wow.. THE Rain? Can you get anymore narcissistic T_T

    When his third album came out, all I complained about is how highly he thinks of himself. It’s so sickening now. Couldn’t come out with a better name?? I mean seriously, not even American artists have names like this. I understand if this was his title for the American album but the title for himself?


  2. re: narcissism

    well can’t really call him “a rain” right? that doesn’t really stick with people, or make him stand out. i don’t think it’s really narcissistic since he *has* to distinguish himself from rain corporation.

  3. ugh… The RAIN????? Why can’t it be just “Rain” sooo much better

  4. :/ This reminds me of how Brian Joo called his solo album The Brian.

  5. ugh…why won’t these random companies leave “Rain” alone?! I mean, the guy has been using this stage name for years and suddenly they attack him? unfair if you ask me.

  6. I just think it’s pathetic that nowadays a word or color can somehow be forbidden for use…just because a company wants to whine that they got their first. I mean honestly – we’re talking about a corporation and a music artist. It might be different if it was two music artists, or something…
    RAWR! copywrite = teh stupidity.

  7. @Slave: What? There are plenty of artists with the name “The” in front of it.

    The Strokes
    The Shins
    The Killers

    and so on..

  8. @wha
    but those bands are composed of more than one person.

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