Sneak Peek at BoA’s “I Did It For Love”

February 3, 2009 at 12:49 am | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

As the date for BoA’s first U.S. album draws nearer, here’s a preview of the first track, “I Did It For Love,” a song completely written and produced by Sean Garrett.

It’s kinda digitized, but for the most part I really like what I’m hearing!



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  1. oooh~~ thanks for sharing
    i really like the song

    don’t really big fan of the digitalized voice either
    i mean.. her voice is beautiful on it’s own.. why digitalize it?
    and the voice in the beginning is kinda scary too /:

    but the beat is really good and it’s catchy
    can’t wait for the whole album ^^

    btw who is the male voice (not the scary one XD)?
    not sean garrett right?

  2. i don’t like the digitalized voice either.
    it’s all about the natural voice and crazy really talented dance skills she has.

    anyways.. check some of this stuff out that i found!
    BoA: #1 Asian Pop Star Tackles the U.S., Part IV: Bday Party*

    BoA: #1 Asian Pop Star Tackles the U.S., Part II: Dance Rehearsal*

  3. It’s been removed because of a copyright claim by SME. :\

  4. check on youtube im sure you’ll find it^^

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