GALLERY: FT Island Shoots New Music Video

February 2, 2009 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Music, Pictures | 5 Comments

Seo Hyo Rim and FT Island member Choi Min Hwan act as lovers in FTI's new music video.

FT Island shot for their next music video on February 2 in GyeongGi-do Namyangdu Cubic Set with their new member Song Seung Hyun after Oh Won Bin left the group a couple days ago.

FT Island has announced their comeback will be in mid-February with the release of a mini album.

Source: Newsen
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Look behind the scenes by clicking the link below.

FT Island's newest member: Song Seung Hyun.



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  1. Aw, Seunghyun is cute.

    I’m looking forward to the mini-album!

  2. waaa haha xD jaejin hair is so…weird o.O
    but like that 🙂 SeungHyun look good!

  3. Wow Song Seung Hyun, looks pretty good up there, and though I love oh Won Bin, Song doesn’t look as girly in his facial features as Won Bin did. He looks like when he finally matures totally he will be one heck of a hot guy.

  4. ft island i’m waiting for your new songs…

  5. i like hongki’s new hair…and also minhwan, seung hyung is cute… jonghun is like a girl but cute…jaejin is sooooo cute in his hair…

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