“BOF” Kim Joon’s Popularity! T-Max Sings for “The Return of Iljimae” OST

January 30, 2009 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Music, Television | 17 Comments

KBS drama “Boys Over Flowers” F4 Kim Joon’s group T-Max will sing for the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae” soundtrack.

T-Max member Shin Min Chul will sing for the soundtrack with the insert song “Last Hero” (마지막 영웅). Their agency said, “They didn’t ask for T-Max as a group, but Shin Min Chul himself alone. The song has not yet appeared in the drama, but is expected to release soon.”

T-Max also sings “Paradise,” from the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack. Through this, many have come to know T-Max’s name.

Their agency also said, “They will plan to appear on music programs in mid-February. Kim Joon is so busy now shooting for ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Kim Joon being cast in this drama is good for the other T-Max members as well.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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Looks like more people are getting to know T-Max through Kim Joon and BOF! (And I have no idea why they decided to watermark Kim Joon’s face twice. T_T)



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  1. yep T-Max is my new addiction xD
    its a shame that I hadnt heard about them befor BoF 😡
    but I’m glad that they are doing success now on ^^
    cant wait to hear the song!! *-*

  2. hoho. good for them. i’m addicted to them now~Looking forward to hear the song^^

  3. LOL Newsen is … so strange o_o

  4. hi! just wanna to ask if kim joon has his own friendster or website?

    you could add me in friendster with my email: companero.reggie@yahoo.com

    i want to know more about kim joon im his no. 1 fan here in muñoz phillipines..

    😀 please comment back

  5. hi kim joon!
    I am one of your fans here in the Philippines..
    hope to see you soon in person.. i plan to go to Korea anytime soon..
    Take care and gudluck to your career!

  6. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’

  7. anyeonghaesayoo…
    i just wanna said..
    you soo cool and handsome guy..
    you look cool!!!
    i’am is you fan..
    from youre fans:hieda call ga eul..

  8. kimjoon im the of your funs in the philippines ijust wanna said that you ar so cool and handsome.ihope that you will be happy forever.smile always.

  9. kimjoon im the of your funs in the philippines ijust wanna said that you are so cool and handsome.ihope that you will be happy forever.smile always.

  10. hi,i realy like to know u more,but it’s imposible.i’m pne of your funs in iran.

  11. hello your very handsome,I’m your fan in Philippines.I hope you could visit Philippines

  12. Anyeonghaseyo.!…,
    kim joon!….
    I’m one of your fans!
    I Like you n your boy band,T-max.

  13. hi good in career

  14. lov it!!!!!!!!!!

  15. all the best 4 you all…….
    PARADISE and Kim Joon had put your team higher….

  16. Hi!

  17. wow….. t-max it is teribble

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