Wonder Girls’ SoHee, Acting Debut 6 Years Ago?

January 28, 2009 at 1:57 am | Posted in Stars | 5 Comments

Fans of So-hee, the youngest member of K-pop group Wonder Girls, have found her debut film taken five years ago when she was just an elementary school student. So-hee played a minor role in a short film directed by Yu Dae-eol, twin brother of singer Na-eol, the vocal for Brown Eyed Soul.

So-hee’s fans dug up film archives to unearth her first film role, when director Yu posted a photo taken with So-hee on his personal homepage with his comments about being delighted that So-hee remembered him after all those years. People have believed that her first film debut was the 2008 release “I Like It Hot.”

In the footage disclosed on yoUeFO, an online site for short films, So-hee looked just like she is now, only smaller, with long straight hair and babyish face. Her part lasted only three minutes in the 21-minute film, but her portion has been circulated in a number of blogs and fan cafes. Meanwhile, Wonder Girls are currently getting ready for their concert slated for mid-March.

Source: KBS World
Picture Source: Asia Today
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com



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  1. so wouldn’t that make her…10-11? not 6? 😛

  2. @ mrs. kim: oops! i meant to put “6 years ago”. T_T

  3. ah ok haha

  4. Omo,. Thats good. I really like Soohe so much.. Hwaiting..

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