Meet FT Island’s Newest Member, Song Seung Hyun

January 28, 2009 at 11:16 pm | Posted in Music | 77 Comments

After Oh Won Bin left, FT Island once again has five members.

FT Island’s new member is Song Seung Hyun (age 18), at 180cm and 60kg. He will fill in Oh Won Bin’s spot as a guitarist and vocalist, and also plans to add some rap.

Song Seung Hyun said, “I’m working hard not to fall behind the other members, and I will do my best to help prepare for the next album.”

FT Island is expected to resume activities in mid-February with a mini-album.

Source: Newsen
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  1. ooh. he actually reminds me of He Jun Xiang, somehow. lol.

  2. for some reason, i like him already? haha, it’s a weird feeling. i think he’ll do a good job.

  3. He’s really skinny at 180cm and 60 kg ;_;
    Hope the fans don’t anti-him ;_;
    All the best of luck to SeungHyun~

  4. well, looking forward to this new guy~~

  5. Well,i hope FT ISLAND will be the same? uhhh T,T its cant be the same without won bin
    but i still support ft island,

  6. ohh god..atually,i cant accept the news..about won bin is seceded..i’m so shocked after i heard this was very bad news for so just a singer very love with them..

    anyway..yeah..myb..primadonna’s fans and i will not accpet this guy for the first look..myb,primadonna’s fans will try to accept this guy after he do a performance with FT ISLAND..anyway..good luck Seung Hyun..i’m glad to know you..anyway..i have something to tell you..and everyone lah!!!i’m still support 100% with won bin..AND..FT ISLAND..myb seunghyun less than that..but i’ll try to love you..okeh~!!

  7. I’m so pissed!
    WonBin can’t be replaced this easily..
    Come on it’s been like 2 days since Wonbin officially left and the company comes out with this news…
    It’s like they’re putting salt on the wound…
    I’m not even over the fact that FT Island is moving on w/o WonBin!

  8. O my god……..I have no ideo of this news..but, hey anyone…
    hav u heard all rumors why wonbin is leaving?
    news says taht he was being bullied by Jonghun and Jaejin and Minhwan..tell me if that’s not true
    That’s all not true rite?

  9. he is fit for the new member of f.t. island i hope to meet ……..

  10. … I wouldn’t judge him yet, cause I haven’t heard him play or sing yet so yeah.

    But still, I’m use to WonBin ever since they debuted. WONBIN THE PRETTY BOY 🙂 WHOOO

    LOL You’ll be missed.

    FT ISLAND 🙂 stay strong

  11. I’m shocked!
    I never imagine that won bin will leave the group,hope this new guy can work hard for FT Island like Won bin does..

  12. Good luck to him!

  13. hwaiting seung hyun~~~!!!!

    hope FT.I’s color won’t be change after wonbin left

  14. Oh well~ Won Bin shouldn’t have left but eh did so oh well
    I hope Song Seung Hyun can sing as well as Won Bin 😀

  15. he is really cute ^^ well just have to see how the new fti is
    cant wait to hear how he sings

  16. no coment.. hope they will stay success.. FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  17. well…i wonder y oh wonbin left ft island && y he is kalled da former member…
    y didnt oh wonbin tell da reason y he left ft island…da new member is goodlooking && sumume…s

  18. well i dont like him at first look ..
    i hope hell change my mind after the mini album comes out : |
    im still shouked … its been like only 2 days since wonbin left !

    but HEY ! ~


    wolud like him to stay with F.T island better then for him to go solo ..
    but thats good news too isnt it ? i glad hes not giving up music and that we will still see him around ^_^
    that really cheard me up : )

  19. […] for their next music video on February 2 in GyeongGi-do Namyangdu Cubic Set with their new member Song Seung Hyun after Oh Won Bin left the group a couple days […]

  20. ._.
    I w<;;]

  21. i still don’t believe if oh won bin left ft.island….
    i think it will be different on ft if won bin gone, because there’s no more giving sensation on it…..

    but i’ll always support won bin’s decision,,,
    i hope won bin will be more success….

    jarhaebwa won bin….

  22. They didnt waste time replacing Binnie did they 😦
    i’m still shock that he has left >..<

  23. omg, i still can’t believe wonbinnie has left… :”(

    but i hope this new guy will do an amazing job because ft island is always the best!

    wonbinnie, AJA! seung hyun…GOOD LUCK!

  24. wow! i was so not aware that WonBin had dropped out! i’m shocked!
    the new guys is cute too! XD~ hmmm… it’s kinda weird though. withouth WonBin and all… but i hope SeungHyun does fine with the start of his career! =]~

    (dude! he has the same name as TOP and Seungri from Big Bang! XD~ hahaha! SeungHyun is a popular name, huh? *dies*~ 8P)

  25. go hongki

  26. hehehe nice one ft island

  27. omy i was shocked when i heard the news,i never NEVER and when i say NEVER i mean NEVER expected one of the ftisland members to leave one day:( but u know ( dont hate me guys:$ ) but i already like this new guy:$ he seems nice.. but i’ll miss wonbinnnnn:( wish u luck wonbinnie..much love to ftislanddddd:D

  28. gosh!!

    won bin will still be part of ft island no matter what!!

  29. just noticed he looks like lee seunggi

  30. Oh he’s okay looking but i still do prefer Wonbin. although its his desicion to leave.
    but looking forward to see seung-hyun LIVE!

  31. Im so happy for them ^-^

  32. Im so happy for them ^-^

  33. isnt he 16 alot of people are telling me he is 16.

  34. yea i was right he is 16 he was born in 1992

  35. OMG…
    at first i heard i felt very sad…
    I hope WonBIn oppa will be back soon…
    oh… maybe I became one of Song SeungHyun anti’s…
    I love WonbIn too much…
    and its hurting me so much……..

  36. I am so happy for them that they got new member but so sad becuz wonbin left and i hope the anti-fans wont anti him i mean u gotta give him a chance ya know

  37. i like this guy .
    i dunno why, but i think seunghyun is a great guy .
    keep fighting for f.t island !!

    f.t island jjang !!!

  38. Song Seung Hyun is actually 16, not 18

  39. seung hyun looks cute..
    whatever it is, i love them..
    ft island, saranghae.. hong gi oppa is always in my heart…

  40. In my opinion only…. I guess he’s quite great… I hope everyone would support him… coz he’s not the reason why Wonbin left… He left coz of his own decision and also other member’s… I’m sure Seunghyun would do a great job… He’s new… so I really can guess that he might feel upset with the amount of anti fans… so please dnt hate him!!! and he’s not 18… he’s only 17…

  41. i cant help telling myself “his hot his hot”

  42. i hope this wouldnt happen to 2pm.
    if they replace him with someone,
    i’m so gonna jump over the cliff.
    anyway, i miss wonbin!
    but this seunghyun’s hot.
    so cheers!

  43. Wish you all the best Song Seung Hyun ^_^
    I’m still sad Won Bin left FT Island…
    Aja-aja Hwaiting Won Bin…
    Hong Ki keep up the good work…

  44. seunghyun my cute hubby. im so in love with you , not LOL. don’t want to seem like a freak and saying all of these thing making a fool of my self , it just some little fan crush. Looking at your face make me admire you that all.

  45. song seung quran book the best yourgag and my gad the best ilove my gad

  46. your gad song

  47. inhate song seung yun because oh won bin very handsome

  48. i believed that everything will be fine as the time pass…so wish ft island all the best in the years to come…^_^

  49. ohh god..atually,i cant accept the news..about won bin is seceded..i’m so shocked after i heard this was very bad news for so just a singer so in love with him…… i mean he is soooo cute and i miss him soooo much
    (i wish he could come back to endure the pain just incase)
    but still i wont give up on won bin …… but won bin is won bin and there is no fun without him but still i’ll try hard to think of
    Song Seung Hyun of FT Island member ……..

    i believed that everything will be fine as the time pass…so wish ft island all the best in the years to come…^_^

  50. actually, I’ve come to like FTI after Seunghyunnie joined. His smile is really heartstopping and he has this soft spoken charisma.. puhahaha, I’m actually kind of obbsessed with him.. but he is NOT photogenic at all 😉 He’s really attractive I think<3

  51. your know quran book

  52. i love him !!

  53. i love him ! they performed today in SHOWTIME and he did great =D

  54. Well, i just wanna saw his perfom..
    Would he can replace wonbin??
    I think wonbin never be replace by others becaus it like another ft. Island…
    So different.
    But what ever iz that… I hope lee jae jin never be like won bin…
    Saranghae opaa jae jin ^^

  55. i think he cant replace wonbin….i really like wonbin voice

    jonghun oppa lets met in korea tonight….

  56. kawaiiiiii……!!!!

  57. i must really thanks won bin for leaving the band.
    In order for Seung hyun to join.

  58. i miss won binnie! but hell seung hyun is rocking. He’s got great voice in moonlight angel 🙂

  59. hes really handsome and talented also love his personality

  60. though won bin left, i’m glad seunghyun joined the team. lol.

    plus.. love his bubbly personality 😀

  61. hello

    my new page


  62. hello i love him very much

  63. he is sooooo cute…i love his funny over confident personality ..ha ha lmao!!!i enthusiastically support u boy…

  64. love seung hyun so much…

  65. i think seung hyun is better than won bin.. Love u seung hyun! ^.^

  66. ..seung hyun is greater than won bin~
    …i think~
    ..and u know what?!
    ..he’s pretty popular(seung hyun)~
    ..dont u know?! d way love him so much!!!
    …i hate “anti seung hyun”!
    ..fighting seung hyun!!!!♥
    ….saranghae FT island♥
    ..i still love u won bin!!!♥

  67. ….won bin is greater than seung hyun~
    ….seung hyun is greater than won bin~
    …they are equal!♥
    ..but i really really want seung hyun oppa!!

  68. ahh seung hyun is soooo kawaii ❤ i love his bubbly and out there personality, especially in maknae rebellion HE IS SO OUTGOING! ❤ and oh and did i mention he was CUTEE…wait i did but ^^

  69. I love this guy! He is my favorite. I know I saw him somewhere, but can’t remember where.

    Top Favs: Super Junior, SHINee, Kara, MBLAQ, FT Island, Brown Eyed Girls.

  70. i still love FT Island eventhough Won Bin had been solo..
    don’t judge Seung Hyun like that!!we’ve to give him a chance…

  71. i can acept the new member because he is so wonderful and funny
    but oh won bin i like him and no way how is he ft island will be the same with oh won bin or not hong gi is the best of them lol

  72. yeah. i really like you.. actually i’m not really a ft. island fan because i thought that kpop is boring but when i watch he’s beautiful where lee hong ki played a role of jeremy i like him so much.. but still i am not an ultimate ft island fan that time.. also i don’t really know who is won bin and seung hyun…because when i watch ft island’s mv sometimes i see seung hyun and sometimes it’s won bin.. i’m so curious that time so i search just to find out that won bin left the group and seung hyun is a new member..and i think its because i don’t know who is won bin, i so love seung hyun..

  73. […] program Idol Maknae Rebellion bersama Song Seung Hyun (FT-Island), Dongho (U-Kiss), Park Yun Hwa (T-Max), Shorry J (Mighty […]

  74. SONG SEUNG HYUN… GO..!! GO..!! GO…!! ur the best

  75. Years passed by, good to see FTIsland with him. He is cute and i like him as much as other member of ftisland. But i love most Lee Hongki.:-)<3<3<3God Bless always FTIsland:-)<3<3<3

  76. many years has already passed, it’s already been 3 years since won bin left, FTIsland is now completely grown up! they even won for 5 consecutive weeks this february 2012, song seung hyun proved to primadonnas that he really deserve to be a part of a treasure island.. for oh won bin, he will always be a part of primadonnas’ treasures. there’s no such thing here in these world that can change it. I’m glad that wonbin stated that he still have the time to get along with FTisland (including seunghyun 🙂

  77. i think another good song seung hyun from oh won bin

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