Kim Hyun Joong, “I Would Pick First Love Min Seo Hyun”

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“I thought I would try to avoid criticism for my first acting role. But I’m getting some heat. People say my dialogue deliverance is still awkward. I didn’t understand when actors said the character must be internalized. I’m realizing the meaning and will gradually improve my acting.”

Kim Hyeon-jung (23) interviewed with KBS on the set of the hit KBS 2TV drama “Boys over Flower” while wearing the uniform of “Shinhwa High School,” where he is a student in the drama.

He was closely monitoring his shots despite the hectic filming schedule. He plays Yoon Ji-hu, one of the popular school foursome known as “F4” and the grandson of a former president. Tensions flared from the fifth episode as he created a love triangle with Gu Jun-pyo (played by Lee Min-ho) over heroine Geum Jan-di (Gu Hye-seon).

“I’m rather shy like Ji-hu and my actual facial expressions when I meet a stranger come out during acting. Ji-hu has many internal wounds so conveying facial expressions is, I think, more difficult than saying lines.”

“I thought we would shoot in the order of the storyline but we first shot the overseas scene in New Caledonia and Macao. My head was bursting from having to constantly show different emotions. On one film set, I changed into six different outfits. Waiting like for eight hours on set was also tough. We barely had time to eat. But memorizing the lines is not difficult at all. I can easily remember them by just reading them out loud a few times.”

He said his most memorable scene in the series so far was in episode 5, when Ji-hu confessed his feelings to Jan-di at their school hideout.

He also said he read the original Japanese comic and found the scene interesting when Ji-hu asks Jan-di to date him behind Gu Jun-pyo’s back. He said it’s not his opinion alone, and that many other readers also regard this scene as highly important in the plot development.

Until the sixth episode, Kim is “sandwiched” between the younger Jan-di and elder Min Seo-hyeon (Han Chae-young).

“I was never in a love triangle in real life. In real life, I would choose Min because she is the one whom Ji-hu liked first. I believe first love is more important. For me, when I’m dating, I make it a rule not to be distracted by any other person.”

“I used to like girls the same age as myself but I now know that age matters little in love.”

He must have felt uneasy about the kiss scenes in his first acting role. One famous anecdote is well known by now. He had a kiss scene during a brief appearance in the KBS 2TV sitcom “Can love be refilled?” Before the scene, he asked the staff if he needed to put his tongue in his partner’s mouth. He revealed the story only recently on an entertainment program.

“Kissing with Gu Hye-seon in New Caledonia was more nerve-racking than the scene with Han Chae-young later on, though the latter appears first in the drama. Now I joke around and am at ease with Gu. I’ve also become close with Lee Min-ho. We eat together and play billiards. Gu and Lee are both highly committed to their roles. I learn a lot from them.”

Due to his aristocratic character, Kim finds himself more polite in speech and behavior in real life. His longtime friends from the Songpa district in Seoul make fun of him.

“I live a high life on screen but drink soju in street stalls in real life. I feel I have a split personality (laugh).”

He is also proud of his group, SS501, who are currently missing two members, himself and Park Jeong-min, who is appearing in the musical “Grease.”

“Their success will lay the groundwork for our resumed activity in July when we release a new album and begin our Asia tour. I just want to thank the three active members.”

Source: KBS Global



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  1. i want him to be with hwangbo! >< *sigh* misses the lettuce couple a lot!

  2. me too! i miss ssangchu loads!

  3. “I used to like girls the same age as myself but I now know that age matters little in love.”
    makes me wonder.
    does it make you?

  4. I think he learned alot from Hwangbo, and he’s right age doesn’t matter in love.

  5. He’s so adorable – i had actually never heard that story about him asking whether he needs ot put his tongue in the actress’s mouth before. HILARIOUS!

    when i was reading this, it just made me curious : if they are sitting around waiting for up to 8 hours a day just to shoot their scene, then why can’t the studio let them eat during that time?? weird…

  6. hey,
    dude.u r most handsome guy i have ever seen.ur smile is so lovely.luv u n tc.n get well soon………….

  7. love youkim…

  8. Kim is so handsome yet so innocent and indeed very diligent in his task. i’m just getting to know him and i’m liking him. Hope he can visit and have a concert or movie here in the Philippines.

  9. love you kim i wish i see you in personal

  10. hyun joong, u r really cute! i really miss the time when u couple with hwang bo. could u be together in reality? lettuce cute!

  11. u r really brilliant twinkle fotever

  12. oops i did a mistake.its forever not fotever.

  13. i hope he choose the right gal. he is a great guy i supposed . as his fan, i can only wish him for the best . he has a long journey ahead.

  14. hi clam….!!!!!! kenal ya

  15. soo cute!!

  16. i love him he is cute lol i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much he has a cute ound to and he is the leader of SS501 leader who can find better man

  17. hi

  18. you’re really near to perfection ..i love u ♥♥♥saranghae.

  19. I just love Kim Hyun Joong and nowadays I flaunt it. Proud to love him. He is so worth it!

  20. Yoû r too gud.i wish to see u doing a concert in nepal

  21. imiss LETTUCE COUPLE hmm imiss the REAL ATTiTUDE OG KYJ imiss him and hwangbo 🙂 imiss her it makes me laugh always 🙂

  22. although iLove now is no min woo BUT STILL KYJ iS THE BEST 🙂 hahha imiss him now that his movie playyfullkiss will on channesl 7 even i watch it 10x irealy love it hahah 🙂 iM SORRY NOO MiN WOO haha but my first love ist kyj:0

  23. 정 그렇다 민과 함께 영화를했을 …….

  24. Hey…
    hyung joong oppa…..
    Diz 1s 4 u….
    * I HATE U LYK I LUV U*….

  25. I couldn’t understand why people criticize his acting, he has fewer lines but his role as Jihoo is more difficult than that of Lee Min Ho. It’s easier to throw or deliver lines than emotional acting. It take a lot of effort to internalize the character. Specially Hyun Joong’s real character is opposite to Ji hoo.
    I think he did great with BOF, his outlook matches that of ji Hoo’s character. Hyun Joong is very honest about his weaknesses & very humble about his strength and that makes him special to everyone even to his co artists.

  26. Kim sunbae, ur so handsome

  27. Khj u r so cute

  28. Intresting story

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  30. i was really impressed when i saw that kim hyun joong said first love is more important to him so he would choose min….i really love your opinion i respect it. i hope you will be happy and healthy forever.i won’t forget u,just remember that.

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  35. Hi

  36. u r really too cute and crazy guy y don’t u come to India just come u will definitely have a shock bcoz u rock and make many girls here also too became craze about u……

  37. kim hyue joong is such an amazing guy and any girl is lucky to have him, you are awsome hyue!!! keep on doing the good work,

  38. you are such a wonderful, talented and a cool guy. keep it up

  39. Kim hyun joong I love your character I know is very stressful character to play, but you play well you are very gentle love person I ever known every woman would love to have a handsome guy like to be in their life. You have no idea how many time I watch boy over flower, I should say thousand time but I still don’t get enough. Mr. Kim your smile are capture every woman’s heart in this world you have capture my heart. We’ll, any way I’m your biggest fan in this universe

  40. Hi!, Kim Hyun joong I am very sorry to comment to you, but I think whoever, the girl name seo hyun is not pretty at all she not suit in your style. The girl you choose should be suit with your feature n do you remember in playful kiss you say ha ni she only pretty occasionally, but believe me she a lot prettier than the girl you say you are going pick to your girl and she totally out of the equation. What I’m saying is this girl is out the picture. Believe me need to choose someone way better than her I would say seo hyun very ugly like a witch love you kim

  41. I don’t mean to bad mouth about seo hyun she just isn’t match you at all. If I am a guy I would never glance my eyes on her there are a lot of beautiful girl than her in Seoul Korea I’m sure just take your time to find someone actually suit into you. I wish I live south Seoul Korea and I might get to meeting you one day just to say hello. Remember the song that you play in the movie boy over flower. The song call because I’m stupid actually is not stupid is very sweet song I love the part that say Honja Dasi Tto she crying for you, Honja Dasi Tto she missing for you. Baby I love you, I’m still waiting for you this is the most touching n beautiful song I ever hear. Kim hyun joong you are my favorite character in the movie I just love every bit of it I will support every movies that you make you are so cute

    Your biggest fan

  42. Hi! Kim hyun joong I just want you know that I wish I live in south Seoul Korea then I might meeting you someday all I want it just say hello. You probably would not glance your eyes on me because I am not one of though beautiful girl that to keep your on all the time I don’t live in Korea I live in the other side the world I live in U.S. I am Chinese, but I don’t speak Chinese at all

  43. Hi! Kim hyun joong, how’s your busy life style treating you I hear that coming year 2014. You are making a new movie “Can’t to see it” I also know the name of the movies you are going to play the name of movies call “grateful generation” and is in China. Do you think their will be a second season of boy over flower I just hope that they will make second season to it. I very miss your smile if I don’t watch the show imagizing a person could having crush live in totally different country. My heart was got capture by the first day I watching your movie you have the most incrible personally you were so sweet, kind, the most perfect man every woman would dream to have. I love you kim….!


    You fans

  44. Hi, Kim is me again I’m here watching your show is esp 7 which you have a competition with jun pyo your are looking very handsome in your swimming suit and you swim like a dolphin you just look so cute I like your character in boy over flower better than playful kiss you were little bit too Rupp on ha ni, but she was totally in to you and you were try to avoiding her as much you can. But the true is deep inside your heart n you like her a lot. You were just afraid of falling for her instead you being mean to her I like your senative side you have a thousand way of smiling I wishing one day you have tour to Seattle, Wa which it in U.S. I would to meeting you in a person n taking a picture with you

    Your fans Shelly

  45. Hi! Kim I want to write something for you; Nae meorineun neomuna nap paseo….Neo Hanabakke Nan moreugo….Dareun Sarameur Bogoissneun Neon….Ireon Naemaeumdo moreugessji….Neoui Harue Naran Eobsggesji…Tto chueogjocha Eobsgesjiman……Neoman Bareman Bogoissneun Nan….Jakku Numuri heureugoisseo….Neoui Dwismoseubeur….Boneungeosdo Nan haengbogjya….Ajla Naui maeumeur morrado…..Kkeutnae Seuchideusi Gado….Niga Neomu Bogosipeun Naren….Neomu Gyeondigi himdeun Nareneun….Neoreur Saranghanda Ibgae Maemdora……Honja Dasi Tto she crying for you…..Honja Dasi Tto she missing for you….baby I love you, I’m still waiting for you….Neoui HaRae Nan Eobsgessji….Tto GieOgjocha Eobsgessjiman….Neoman Bareman Bogoissneun Na….Honja chueogeur Mandeurgo issfo….Naegen sarangiran…..Areunidaun sangcheogata…Neoui Yeggeun misoreur boada….Hankke Nan Usjido Motae….. Niga Neomu saenggagnaneun Naren…..Gaseun Sirigo seupeun Nareneun…..Nigo Bogosipda ibgaeMaemdora Honja Dasi Tto she crying for you…Honja Dasi Tto she missing for you….Baby I love you, I’m still waiting for you….Bye Bye never say goodbye….Ireohge Jabji Moshajiman…..I need smuMardo Moshae I want you Baraedo Dasi Baraedo ….Nigo Neomu Bogosipeun Naren….Nigo Bogosipda TbgaE Maemdora….Honja Dasi Tto she crying for you….Honja Dasi Tto she missing for you….Baby I love you, I’m still waiting for you…please don’t laugh at my Korea writing I might be a lot miss spelling beside I am just learning love you Kim

  46. Hi!, Kim now I personally like your show on playful kiss better because is happy ending. I hate sad ending I have read Jandi interview she you r just a friend to her not than a lover. I think she like jun pyo to give her crab all the time she doesn’t give you chance or she is really rude that avoiding you all the time every time whenever, you try to tell her how you feel for her. You treat her like princess you willing do anything to her, but she too stupid to know that it break my heart to see you be there for her whenever she crying her eyes ball out and you alway be there to make her feel better every time when I watch the show n it make me cry all the time, because it really being you being alone. Every time she said it over between her n joopyo n she didn’t know the concept or the meaning of over mean. I don’t jandi know what really love it. If their is second season then I hope the director find different girl in the movie not jandi someone who accept your love not just using you whenever, she want to go somewhere or doing something that’s make very upset I am sorry that you have to play this difficult character…….I love you my heart are go out for my cutie

  47. Hi!, Kim how are doing with your busy schedule, I am here sing your beautiful song is call because I’m stupid…..hey I have a question to ask you, do you like to date a girl beside korea’ girl or it have be korea’s girl only. Just the question please don’t take it as wrong way I miss your smile and the way you are. I think deep inside my heart if you see me you probably don’t look at me, someone like me. I listen to your interview you said something like you are not looking for a supermodel, but at least the girl good looking. Some time it good looking outside and probably ugly or beater inside have you though about that Mr. Kim

  48. Hi, Kim hyun joong how are you doing even you are having very busy life? I know I only see your image in the show the most thing that I miss it your sweet smile and your wariness personately I just wish that I could meeting you someday and say hi. And I don’t know how’s that going to happen, because I live in U.S. Your fan

  49. Hi hyun joong I just want you to know that it hurt my heart when I think about you liking this girl min seung hyun. I don’t know why I feel this way since you are live in the other side the country and it so far away I am no where near Seoul Korea. I had watch a lot of movies, but I never having this kind the feeling before and it pretty weird that I actually having this crazy feeling toward you. In this case, I do have a big crush on you “is it weird ha” I have feeling that even if you see me you probably don’t even glance your eyes at me. Hyun joong I really wish that one day I get to see you either shake your hand and say hi that’s would be wonderful is it. Their something that I really want to tell you I love to watch boy over flower, but I am so disappointed the ending part. The whole show I am watching I was hoping that would happy end between you and jandi, because you two were always happy and smile together whenever you guys are together. But sometime I realize that jandi don’t ever know herself like the way you know her I don’t think she deserve someone special like you she deserve someone like jun pyo that treat her like crab all the time I love you as my favorite actor and singer

  50. Kim hyun joong you always look so sad and heartache all the time you shouldn’t look so dramatic because I have at least five thing to say about you, you are so gentle loving person even though I don’t really know you personally. The more I watching you in the movies you are so diligent and you going be in someone very special heart. Whoever, have that opportunity to sharing special love with you and whoever that girl are very extremely lucky princess even though I live in U.S. But I still wish that I would have a chance at least for me to meet with you and say hi I am just fall for your image’s picture in the movies it that strange we’ll,

    Sincerely your,
    Biggest fans

  51. Dear Hyun joong kim

    How are you doing? How’s your busy life style, I’m sure you are very busy to reading your fan mail. I hope you taking sometime to go through your fans mail I really like playful kiss is a happy ending. I am so proud of Ha Ni finally win your heart with all the patience that she had you, your word that you say it was hurtful n painful I don’t how she could swallow it. But I would rip my heart into a thousand pieces I know you were denial your inter feeling, I know for sure that you are difinately care her a lot but you too afraid of showing it but in other hand that news girl you just knew her, but it look like you show more you effection to her and you didn’t the same effection to Ha Ni that’s wasn’t fair at all. You didn’t seem to have any problem with that yoon Ra Na and when you with her you never stop smiling you even being extremely nice to her and You always treat Ha Ni like she not even exist in your heart. Do you feel bad at all you having this kind personately toward her. Your fans

  52. Hi! Kim hyun joong here you go again I am siting here watching your show again I don’t know if you checking your fans common notice often enough, I have write to you a lot and I know you are very busy person and you don’t have time sitting around to answering people’s letter. But it mean to me a lot if you respond just one letter with your autograph on it. So, I could treasure it forever, you are my idol. Kim the character that you play in playful kiss and you were being little harsh on Ha Ni and you didn’t gave her a minute of day too get to know that how much she actually felt for you and you were little bit mean to her. But she try to be patience to win your heart n she did. All the crush that she have for you is worth it. I like playful kiss because is happy ending but boy over flower r great show n is not happy ending is disappointing. Is ok though no matter what I like it you are so cute your big fan Shelly.

  53. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I had been watching your show for last few week and I do miss it, I normally don’t skip this long to watching your show I could watch your show all day and every day. Beacuse I love to watch your show and your my favor actor I been watching your show Boy Over Flower and playful kiss. I like the playful kiss beacuse is happy ending, but I love Boy Over Flower you are so great and wonderful in that character. I have at least five or even more to say about you. You are very nice, kind, wonderful, gentleman, respectful person, special and very diligent person I ever watch as actor. Even though I don’t know you or I don’t know you personally I learned a lot thing about you by watching. Let me tell you little bit myself I am the kind the person that doesn’t like to judge or criticizing other people. I totally respect other people feeling, if you are successful and you earn it kim I love you as your fans please, please don’t listen to other because there are idiot and shellfish and childish please do what is best for you an your career

    Your big fans Shelly

  54. Hi! Kim hyun joong. What I trying to say it I haven’t been watching your show show for last two week and I really miss it lot. I was very sick and I was in the emergence for three day. Mr. Kim can I ask you a question do you ever think about dating a girl that are not Korea I am not Korea, but I live in America all my life the english is my first language. Because I hardly could speak my own language “is it very sad” that I could speak my own language my parent came here 1987 I was only two months old, I don’t date too much because I don’t really have time for having boyfriend I am so focused in my school. I know I am only year younger than you, but it mean nothing my major is Rn. I love you as your fan

  55. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I am very sorry that I has made a lot of mistake in the first five common that I wrote to you and it didn’t make any sense at all, I should have read it first before I post it. Please disregard on those common ok, I try to delete it, but it doesn’t work…how could you being so cute Mr. Kim, I know what a question to ask you ha! Hey, Kim you probably don’t go through your common list as often as should be ha! Because since you are so busy with your career I know all you could do is just focus on business and career, I also know that there are so many young lady out there absolutely gone crazy about you, the reason I say this the smile you have is drive every girl crazy, because it totally capturing my heart deeply. “I know it sound crazy” but I tell the true, I am shy person too and the feeling I have I must tell. Sometime I hide it pretty well and sometime I can’t. It way too hard to I can’t hide it, if I hide it and it hurt inside like my heart broken into trillion pieces. Mr. Kim “I don’t mean sound insane ok” huh, I respect you as my wonderful actor. When I watch the part that you look so sad and it brought a tears to my eyes, my heart is hurt too especially when you try to do everything to satisfied the person that you think you love or you like, but actually her heart and her eyes just looking toward the other way. I know she consider you as her soulmate or the heaven sending you down with extra bonus to comfort her and she will never forget that all she doesn’t looking as the way, but not the way you feel about her. Your character is very difficult and awkward to play, but you did it excellently and beautifully, don’t worry about your acting role or dialogue to me I don’t think their nothing wrong about with your acting or dialogue. People have nothing to do and all they do is criticize other person successful life, I think there are just jealous that’s all “leave Mr. Kim hyun joong alone” well, at least he set his goals and he follow through it that’s all matter Mr. Kim. Keep up with your perfect and excellent work I also heard that you a lot goodness for the people who needed and it will pay back to you triple more than you give away to help the people who need more than us. God will bless you with all your love Mr. Kim you have a great heart for that God will bless you with a beautiful family in your future.

    Love Sincerely your big fans,
    Shelly..!…love you….!!!!!!!

  56. Hi!, Mr. Kim hyun joong i don’t understand that when you like someone and you didn’t let her know that how you feel about her. This is the way how you could loose someone you actually deeply in love with. In ep 11 you have showing a lot of your feeling to miss geum jandi and you already told her that, you have to let her go because of jun pyo and you didn’t start to do anything with her is also because of goo jun pyo. But I think she have a listening problem to you. Is also in ep 14 you told her how much you like her, but all she ever think about it jun pyo no matter how jun pyo treat her or his mom was evil to her and she willing to face it. Mr. Kim no matter what you do I will supporting you with your music or your movies I will always be by your side even though I live in America no matter how far I live, but I feel like I’m close by you. But I have a big favor to ask you can you at least sending me your autograph please I will treasure it forever and ever. May be your music cd song, because I’m stupid, your story, one more time and something happen to your heart. Can you sign it all this four cd I would be very appreciate it a lot and it for my Christmas gift ok. I will love you forever as my special actor and singer you are the best.
    Sincerely your;
    Fans Shelly

  57. Hi!, Mr. Kim hyun joong, I know you are a very busy man, the most main thing you want to do right now is focus on your career and business. For you to reading your fans common notes would be the last thing you want it to do and you probably don’t have a time to do so. But your fans like you so much that there are willing to taking their time to write to you and it would be nice that if you at least spending few minute of your time to read it or at least respond some to them. It mean to them a lot more than they could ask for “don’t you think so Mr. Kim” especially the fans from over the world to think of you and write to you there are also trying their best to supporting you as there’s actor or singer well, good luck to your career and your future goals.

    Your fans

  58. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I have a question for you, what kind the woman would you like to sharing your life with. I know you want a beautiful wife and the person that you are getting marry with and she have to be very pretty to suit your handsome life style. And also I heared you don’t want to be with someone that who is materialic person. To be honest with you a pretty woman are materialic person, her job is to making herself looking pretty outside to be attractive to a extremely handsome guy like you. Maybe she probably having a bitter heart that she won’t show it to you when she first meet you, but after awhile when she get to know you then she might showing you her other side the weirdness of her. I have see a lot of pretty women that like to seducing a man for their money or their fortune, I just hope that you would reading your fans common list sometime I also wish you a lot of luck for everything like your ultimate goals in your future. Something like a beautiful wife that want to be with and whoever that person get to sharing her life with you are really extremely lucky person and is she going to be your princess forever she also the happier woman in the world. Again good luck Mr. Kim Hyun Joong,
    Sincerely yours;
    Big Fan

  59. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I am just watching your show on ep21 on boy over flower you are looking very handsome on groom suit and jandi looking very beautiful on that wedding dress. You both look awesome together you always having that cute and perfect smile, what can I say you are so perfect handsome man in the world they should name you the most sexiest man alive in Seoul, South Korea is a perfect name for you. Well, I just want you to know that Mr. Kim

    Your fans

  60. Hi! Mr. Kim hyun joong I just want you to know that your smile could melting every girls heart. Can you imagine just watching your image could making every women’s heart are beating for you. You have melting my heart into a thousand piece you have to put this heart together like you putting the puzzle together piece by piece.
    Mr. Kim I really like you before your surgery not after your surgery was is done it just not look like you at all. Your normal nose was perfectly looking great Mr. Kim I am not criticizing your new nose of course you do what feel comfortable with or it make you feel good for yourself. You don’t need to listen to other people say is your life

    Sincerely your;
    Biggest fans

  61. Hi! Mr. Kim please don’t think about dating this very ugly girl name yoon shin yoon she not your style she is totally out of your taste. I think you have better taste than about having that ugly girl in your life

  62. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I was hoping that someday I have a chance to meeting you in a person, all I want it to be in your concert because I really love your song my favorite song of yours is, because I’m stupid, one more time, let me be the one and last song is your story. All this song are my ultimately favorite song, I listen it every day on my iPad in YouTube. I am very interesting of learning Korea’s language I kind the know little by watching your show. The language is very difficult, but I’m willing to learn it, because is really interesting to learning different culture.
    Sincerely your;
    Big fan

  63. Hi! Mr. Kim hyun joong , it’s been three day now I didn’t watching your show and I really miss to your smile. Oh! My how rude I am now not ask you, how you doing with your lovely life. I’m sure you are wonderful as alway you probably don’t have any time at all to reading of your fans common’s list ha! If I were you at least taking few minute of your time it. I miss you, I love you, wishing you the best merry Christmas I hoping you having wonderful holiday happy New year.
    Your fans

  64. Dear Kim hyun joong,

    Hi! Mr. Kim how are you doing with your busy life style and I’m sure that you are very busy man with your career? Here you go again Mr. Kim I am sitting here in front of my big screen t.v and watching your show and you try very hard to make every thing right for that special person that you thought you were in love with. This girl is a joke she have no Crüe about how you fell for her, she only see her way or no way at all, I know is only show, but for the view people are see it different way. But no matter what is it I will always love you n cry for you every single time whenever, I’m watching your show. My heart are broken and fell sad every time when I watching you, because no matter how many time you try to tell her about your feeling and all she does it ignoring you. Mr. Kim you are always in my heart no matter what! That’s will never change my feeling for you since you are dearest and favorite actor, song writer and singer love, love you on and on.
    Sincerely your;
    Biggest fan

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  67. Hi! Kim hyun joong, I just want you to know that I am sitting here starting to watching your show is ep 15 the part that everyone is celebrate jun pyo birthday. You were so cute, adorable and very extremely handsome with your white suit on it, you were also very sweet, very gentleman I know this is really stupid question to ask you, but I just wander if you are more sweet, gentle, kind, special and with a perfect manner in real life. I’m sure you do as always ha! That’s why I felt for you deeply and also I wish that hoping someday I get to meet you in person you know kim every single time whenever, I watching your show and it put a smile on my face Mr. Kim you probably think that I am totally crazy person. I don’t denied I admit that I do have a heart for you like I said in last few letter that I sent it to you when you see me walking down the street and when you see me you probably don’t even glance your eyes at me. You probably just walk away from me ha! I don’t mean to doubt at you or even judge at you and you probably is a great, nice, sweet and a wonderful person with a perfectly personately. Love you sooooooooooooo much

  68. Mr. Kim did anyone telling you that you have a baby face I’m sure a lot of people telling you that ha! Oh! When I read your interview and you said that you did a surgery on your nose, because your nose broken right and I don’t know why but you do look a lot different than before you have your nose surgery may be you have your lip done too you a lot cuter and handsome with your full upper lip.

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  74. love your hard work, enjoying your new drama ‘inspiring generation’ right now..
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  121. I certainly dont knw wat 2 say. Bt all i wud say z ur a nyc guy n u acted something emotional tht makes u a grt actor. I just wish there z another season of that serie. If not would u pliz snd me other movies that u transpired in? Wel as I’m winding up, i wish u da best of luck n hope u remain the personality u transpired. LOL

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