Oh Won Bin Says Goodbye to FT Island, New Member On the Way

January 27, 2009 at 10:20 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 72 Comments

On January 28, F&C Music announced that guitarist Oh Won Bin suddenly left the band FT Island.

He started as a member of the group, but said that there were long time differences with the other members and the music personally, and stopped activities with them.

FT Island’s agency F&C Music said, “The fans knew about these rumors coming out. But Oh Won Bin is the one who made the final decision. And at the end of the discussion, it was the team’s final decision.

“Oh Won Bin will not leave FT Island a four-member band. A new member will come along with their new mini-album in February.”

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com
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  1. omg~
    i never heard of any rumors but..
    holy crap
    aww i’ll miss him even though he was initially my least favorite

  2. aww even though im not to familiar with ft island …but im so sad to hear this….well..its his decision and if its best for the group….then i guess go right a head good luck!

  3. You’re joking!

    I mean, I’m not a huge fan of FTI (occasional listener), but this is really… unexpected.

  4. omg serious!!!!
    i like wonbin!!. i luv Ft island!!!<333
    but why wonbin why T_T

  5. WHAT?!?!?!?! I totally did NOT see this coming!!! =(! awww… i wish him well…still wish all the best to FT!

  6. plis..
    i hope wonbin change his mind..
    all primadonnas will support u oppa!!
    even when ur solo or actor..
    won bin..dont left

  7. OMG. Tell me this is a dream. T_____T
    Wonbin!! T^T
    He’s my fav member in FTI. Oh gosh. T________T

    But, I wished him good luck for anything he’ll do. T^T

  8. this is really unexpected…
    im not a primadonna, but i cry when i heard the news..ft island is incomplete without wonbin!!!but if he thinks is the best decision, we just have to let him go….HWAITING OPPA!!!

  9. i don’t want to believe it.
    i never think this.

    good luck for Wonbin. always here and love prims,please…
    thank you..

    *i’ll always hope u can come back..sing with hongki again..!

    thanks for sharing

  10. jonghoon, minhwan, jaejin always bullied him…

  11. Binnie_sshi
    I don’t knw wht do u think…
    But,certainly ur decidement is the best matter 4 ur life…
    Just keep in touch…
    I hope u’ll never give up!!! It’s gonna be hard 4 us(primadona)…
    We’ll never forget u^_^!

  12. i still can’t believe this happened..
    i never thought of this thing before, not even for a second.. it’s so sudden & really shocking..
    Wonbin, i’m sad.. i cried the whole last night,
    and i still feel like crying even more now..
    but your happiness is the one that’s matter!!
    if by this way, you can reach your dreams and be happy, then i will be happy too..
    good look with your new life, HWAITING!, hope to see you more in the future..^ ^
    if you ever decide to join back with FT Island,
    don’t worry, you are surely welcomed..
    coz you’re always in our hearts no matter what!!

  13. wow..talk bout suprise
    at first i thought it wasd ajoke but…
    hes my favaorate =(
    lets hope we can still see him on screen in the future .

  14. i just know about won bin out of ft yesterday..I was so surprised that won bin look comfortable with all ft’s members..but still i wish for the best for won bin as maybe he has a tough reason to go out of this band.i’ll always support ft with their soon new member…won bin,AJA!!!

  15. OMG
    Oh won bin ;((

  16. Wonbin………..is it true? if u r not match anymore with ur friends in ft island? is it?


  18. yah.. why???

  19. uh-OH!! i’m really shocked..
    i never thought this to happen..
    ft-island wouldn’t be the same w/out won bin. 😦
    it’s not that i’m against the new member.. it’s just that won bin is won bin and no one can replace him. i’m upset!!

  20. ..but he is the best

  21. are you kidding me? just like that? mann, i just found out about this. and wonbin is like one of my favorites from FT. WAHHH ):

  22. […] Reports on Wonbin’s leaving: Sookyeong’s “K-Bites 28-01-2009″ Seoulfull: “Oh Won Bin says goodbye to FT Island, New Member on the Way” Shenyuepop: “One Less Treasure Island” Allkpop: “Oh Wonbin Quits FT Island” […]

  23. Won bin oppa i gonna miss ya but gud luck and all d best in ur future career.

  24. watt?!
    omg!!are you kidding?i just knew this 5mins ago and i feel the tears in my eyes right away!
    imiss Won bin!!!!
    ftisland will not be the same anymore without him):
    but it’s your dream so Hwaiting!!!
    you will never be replace..

  25. why oh wonbin out from Ft island?I very sad about it.i don’t like if Wonbin out,i like wonbin T.T

  26. so sad!!!

  27. ””””””’TEARS N RAIN”””””””
    that’s shocking…
    He’s my MOST favourate among the group……..
    I never thought this could
    WELL Everybody has choices and i hope you made your choice….
    i’ll truely miss you….

  28. aaaaaaaa won binaa yaj bgaan be oodgui za gomdloo bi chamaig sanah bhdaa

  29. wtf r u saying if u wanna speak a language pls speak english or korean.

  30. oh gosh!!!oppa….why u leave ft island.plez change ur mind..we support u laaa…soooo sad…plezz!!!! i like u….big fan loh…….

  31. so sad =[ , we’ll miss you.

  32. i like u
    Why you leave from your group?
    i ma so sad for you
    i want to tell you something
    that is, ‘Try… Try … Try…
    i always hope your massage…..
    Yours loving,
    su san thu

  33. At the beginning I didn’t even knew that F.T. Island excisted, but I already knew Hongki oppa, so I’ve a friend that is fan of F.T. Island & se told me about it, so I get more & more pulled into liking F.T. Island & than Wonbin wasn’t even my fav & I already knew that Wonbin oppa was gone (out of F.T. Island) and still get sad when I hear Wonbin oppa’s voice when I hear songs of their 1st two full-length albums, but the songs r 2 good 2B erased, so I couldn’t get it over my heart 2 erase them … Then I wanted 2 know more about the members so I go on various sites & the 1st thing I noticed was that Wonbin oppa was so much fun & everything, so in the end Wonbin oppa turned out 2B my fav of all the 5 members!

    F.T. Island isn’t the same without u *sad,crying*

    Wonbin oppa saranghaeyo | I miss u so much hope 2 hear from u soon w/ a single of the musicgenre u like and ur raps were the best of the 5!!!<3

  34. O.O

    -breaks into tears-

    …not really. but still. i had a thing for them for a week-ish a while ago, so today i was like, hm, i think i’ll go listen to them again and look up some pictures and… won bin’s gone.


    no matter what everyone says, he was adorable =]

    and… i dun really like the new guy =[

    oh well. life goes on.

  35. Waaaahhh i mizz him already man i wish he would just stay well hope he still stays famous
    i love him sooo much he was such a good singer

  36. I listened to FT Island because I like Wonbin’s voice. D: even though he rarely sings but when he does, it sounds so soothing. now that he’s leaving the group, there’s not really a reason to listen to FT island. I don’t like their new single, ‘bad woman’ but i’m always wondering ‘what’s with all these emo songs and their mvs?’: bad woman, love sick, until you return, because i don’t know how to love, after love, heaven(sort of)? there’s always someone dying, or someone getting beat up and crap.
    I hope Wonbin debuts soon D: I’ll miss you for the time being.

  37. wonbinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………….napa u kuar arrrrr??????????????im from malaysia always support uuuuu

  38. Don’t freak out peoples CC:
    I was too but I mean there are rumors
    saying he will be going solo but he
    will still be singing ! ! CC:

  39. I don’t get it :/ well well Im still gonna listen to their songs even if my favo are out ^^,

  40. omg! hope oh won bin stays in that sexy band!!

  41. Wonbin.. plzz come back!
    it dosn’t matter if youre not ft island i just want you back!
    well i just hate song seung hyun .. why did he have to come???

  42. i feel that sunny lee is a faggot.

  43. omg.. he is the hottest man alive.. i miss him bunches..

  44. hi wonbin whayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,plzzzzz come back in ft island plz

  45. really? OMG!
    i love him as much as hell
    and how came i didnt know bout this?

  46. Hi won Bin ……..
    oh my god i cant belive this. its such a huge shock.
    I like him in FT Island . he is one of my favorite member
    i cant believe this no way . why is leaving the band . does anyone no

    it was my first time to fall for a person like him

    I love him very much and no matter what if he is still in band or not
    i will still love him i just wish if he returns back……….
    He really fit in the group . i mean if another member joins it would be a bit different ………… i always remember him………

  47. this sucks..
    i’ll definitely miss him..

  48. that’s terrible!!
    i can’t believe this!
    i like won bin so much!
    it will be really different not see him in ft island,
    won bin, i will muss u…

  49. i miss won bin, please return!!-is it possible??


  51. hElloW!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’am ur newest fun,but I really appreciate and love your type of music
    that you are sing,,,,,,

    sarang hae——–(philippines)

  52. im so sad but what can we do i wish him the best thats all 😦

  53. really oh wonbin will leave the band?????????????????????????
    oh my god!!!!!i wish that he will stay in the band !

  54. shit………..i already nw hes gone cuz itz like already April 2010, but i jus wanted 2 ryt…..

  55. where he did go???
    why did he left the band?
    just cuz the defferences between the members?
    i wish that he will change his mind!

  56. huuhu, i really really miss him, their name ft island can change into sixe treasure island, so that they can work again togather with seunghyun!! pleaase wombin go back to ft island now,,

  57. won bin please go back to ft island now,.,>

  58. won bin knp sich u hrs keluar w bener2 g rela!!!hiks..hiks…hiks..

  59. wonbin w g percaya u keluar???

  60. wooooooowwwwwwwwwww………………..
    it’s big news , i can’t believe about this . if i can say ft island …
    very perfect if you in that group . won bin ..but you will be my favorit idol ……

  61. yeah you guys have to admit that he left and we just have to support him and his decisions….we can’t bring him back do we?
    so just admit it and support him that’s all we can do..musch love to you Oh Won Bin forever..i’m not really a fan of ft island but i just love won bin Oppa….we always love you wish you all the best…Thanks for comming back as a Solo…

  62. wHy he want t0 out fr0m the band??!!
    that was s0o..sad………..T,T…

  63. i love you

  64. oppaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    knp atuh kau kluar dri FTi??
    padahal suaramu setara dgn my prince HONGKI
    huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonpaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    please come back to FT ISLAND
    please please please please please! 😦

    I NEED U
    I MISS U

    I LOVE U 🙂 saranghae ~

  65. plese…jgn tinggalkhan FT ISLAND dunx,,,,
    gx cru tuch gx da wo opha,,,
    ksian jga ma hongki ophaa ditinggalin ber3…..
    aku jdi sdih hixzhixzzzzzz….
    come back dunx please….

  66. oh won bin pls stay

  67. honestly, if wonbin didn’t leaves ft island, i wouldn’t get to know seunghyun, so if i do not know seunghyun i will not love ft island this muchhhh!! well, thanks to wonbin anyway.. no offence 🙂

  68. OMG!!!! ur so handsome won bin..,,,
    keep up the goog work!!!

  69. ah ilove you oh won bin
    i am abig fans ..

  70. won bin I’m lee jonghyun do you best

  71. she also unfortunate but do not worry you

  72. Have you people heard the new member and he’s hot. I will miss you wonbin.

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