SHINee Says Farewell on 23rd and 24th

January 23, 2009 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Music, Polls | 6 Comments

Are you ready to say goodbye to SHINee? (Don’t worry, it’s not permanent.) After 9 months of activities promoting their first album, SHINee will start to work on their next album. They will perform their farewell stage on January 23 and 24, on the broadcasting of KBS 2TV “Music Bank” and MBC “Show! Music Core.”

SHINee debuted in April of last year and has since been doing activities for their three hit songs, “Noona is So Pretty,” “You’re Like Oxygen,” and “Amigo.” Last year they were also awarded the rookie award.

In a telephone conversation with a SHINee SM Entertainment agent on January 23, they said, “On the 23rd and 24th, their first album activities will end. They’ll take a little break and then work on their next album.”

Will you miss SHINee until then?

Source: Newsen
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  1. NOOO~
    But I’m glad that they’re gonna record a new album!
    I’m so excited for that…

  2. I’m excited that they’re going to be recording a new album! Plus, they’re not gonna be gone for long…(i hope) ^-^ but i’ll still miss them a little i guess. Used to watching amigo every week.

    Shinee, work hard on your 2nd album! Hwaiting!

  3. I’ll definitely miss them, but they deserve a vacation.

    Excited for their new album!

  4. Aw.
    Oh well, at least its for the 2nd album!
    Totally love them!

  5. OMG!!!..
    i don’t want them to go on a break~~
    I will miss them soo much~ T_T
    at least they are coming back with their new album~
    SHINee Fighting~~~~~

  6. I’m so gonna miss Jong Hyun XD
    and all the members I hope
    they make a good 2nd album 😀

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