Se7en Will Attend Graduate School of Sport Industry

January 23, 2009 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Music, Stars | 2 Comments
Does the S in Se7en secretly stand for sports?

Does the "S" in "Se7en" secretly stand for "sports"?

Se7en is enrolled in the Kookmin University Graduate School of Sport Industry.

In a phone call conversation with Se7en’s YG Entertainment agent on the 23rd, they said, “Se7en submitted an application in December of last year, and he has been accepted.”

Se7en graduates from Gukje Digital University in February and plans to study for graduate school beginning in March.

The agent said, “He is also planning to study hard for his American debut.”

Se7en is currently in the United States working on his new album. The agency said, “The album will be released in June, but the exact time is not decided yet.”

Source: Newsen
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  1. WTF!!
    I’m so freaking angry now!
    First they say July
    Then they say January then they say the first half of ’09 and now June?
    WTF!! I’m so dang angry…

  2. I’m not going to wait for his debut anymore!!!!!!!! Stupid YG and RQM!!! They must be feeling very happy to play around with fans’feeling?! I used to anticipate se7en’s debut but NOT anymore after reading this article. 3 yrs for one debut, r u kidding me? Damn I feel so betrayed right now.

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